Esmokehub Provides Tips on Finding the Perfect Green Smoke E-Cig

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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- As numerous consumers choose to get Green Smoke e-cigs, Esmokehub helps consumer find the best option coming from this brand with these tips.

Esmokehub ranked Green Smoke third among the recommended brands on the website. Considering its quality and customer satisfaction, the brand deserves to grab this ranking on the website. Aside from ranking this e-cig brand, Esmokehub also assists buyers get the perfect Green Smoke for their needs.

Green Smoke has a broad product line offers to clients. They have different battery size, flavors and kits that are made for specific users. One of the clients who Esmokehub interviewed about this product, Jun, said, “I like the fact that Green Smoke has numerous product options offered to customers like me. It leaves an impression that they have every consumer in mind as some of us are heavy smokers while others are social or casual smokers.”

Esmokehub informs clients that they can get two battery types upon checking their product offers. The long battery lasts up to 400 puffs while the shorter one lasts around 250 puffs, both when fully charged. Consumers can get either of these batteries for their electronic cigarettes.

As Jun mentioned on his interview, consumers are different when it comes to smoking habit. Green Smoke also considered this fact as they present different e-cigarette kits to suit consumers. For instance, social or light smokers can buy the Express Kit, which are deemed suitable for this type of smokers. Heavy smokers, however, would find it beneficial to use the Ultimate kit.

Aside from the type of e-cig kits to use, consumers are also educated when it comes to chargers that will suit their lifestyle. Green Smoke various charger types that are ideal for every customer. For instance, individuals who spend their time in front of their computers can get a USB charger while those who always travel can find a car charger perfect item to keep their e-cig batteries charged.

Esmokehub helps customers find the perfect kit for them. Individuals who plan to buy e-cigs can also read their reviews to see how this brand will fit their needs.

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