Ecigscorner Supports Green Smoke's Tips on Getting the Most out of E Cigs

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Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2012 -- Green Smoke has released five tips for the e smoker on how to get the most in using their electronic cigarettes. Since the brand is widely famous for being durable and having the most reliable batteries in the industry of e cigarettes, they offer some useful advice on how e smokers can keep their kits working at their maximum capabilities.

“We love it that Green Smoke always its customers in mind. They do not just want to sell and sell their products, but they also want their clients to be able to enjoy the products that they buy. Quality has always been the priority of Green Smoke and we evidently see it every day, especially now that they have compiled this list. We are certain that Green Smoke electric cigarettes will go a long way because of this. Other brands do not offer this kind of love for their patrons,” says the smiling Michael Smith, Marketing Manager of Ecigscorner.

Green Smoke’s first tip is to make e cigs last longer is to prime the cartomizer. This means that the user has to take two long and slow puffs on the e cig so that it will be able to heat the atomizer and therefore prepares the device.

“That was what I usually do on tobacco cigarettes anyway, and it is good to know that it is useful on e cigarettes as well. The principle is simple, since the device is cold at the beginning, it needs that certain push and you just have to heat it up,” says a Green Smoke e cig user from Dallas, Texas.

Another Green Smoke tip is to never exhale into the electric cigarette. Some e smokers tend to exhale into the device and this can damage the battery because of the vapor. Since the vapor is somewhat a liquid substance, getting it into the battery will cause it to rust, and eventually damaged.

“Batteries are batteries. You make them in contact with fire or water, they will be busted. Since electronic cigarettes are battery-powered, then you have to take care of it. It’s what makes your device work,” says a Green Smoke representative.

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