BTS Utilizes Green Waste Recycling in Utah to Contribute to the Movement for a Cleaner Environment

With fifty years of experience, their procedures and equipment support a stance for encouraging environmental recycling.

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West Bountiful, Ut -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- As the effort to preserve natural products and environments becomes a larger focal issue, companies everywhere are making an effort to utilize “green” equipment and products. BTS, a demolition company has refocused their land clearing to include green waste recycling in Utah among their tree trimming services in Salt Lake City. With their functional and efficient tub grinders, they clear out debris and trees for development, while making a “green” product in the process.

Land clearing is often time consuming and inconvenient. BTS utilizes efficient tub grinders to cut down on the time spent removing and recycling wood. Scraps from a tub grinder can be used for a variety of things, including lumber reuse, biomass fuel, manufacturing fibers, or animal bedding. As the need to be more environmentally conscious seems to be rising, companies like BTS are demonstrating the importance of using all the debris from a clearing site. Reusing the remnants, BTS uses them to contribute to their high quality mulch products and firewood.

As one of the leading tree trimming services in Salt Lake City, BTS also provides high quality topsoil, mulch, and firewood. BTS utilizes a long composting process to ensure their mulch is top quality and contains all the enriching nutrients necessary in gardening mulch. The company prides themselves on using high quality products and eradicating the need to use a fertilizer in conjunction with their mulch. Utilizing high temperatures while making their products allows the materials to break down while destroying any unwanted seeds or pathogens. They also use the materials from site clearings for high quality split firewood, which they sell for affordable prices. Their high quality products match the clearing and demolition efforts they put forth on the job site.

The company has made a name for themselves throughout the state for their quick service and quality equipment. Getting a job done quickly and efficiently is what keeps this company connected to their clients. With over fifty years in the industry, the professionals at BTS can handle any type of clearing or demolition. For more information about their products or services, visit their website at