Greenville SC, PSandW, Inc. Is Your Source for Top Quality Window Replacements

Pickens Siding and Windows, Inc provides a variety of high quality, yet budget friendly replacement window options for area home owners. With 38 years of operation in the region, the firm relies on reputation earned with the best products and services.

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Greenville, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2013 -- Pickens Siding and Windows, Inc., is pleased to announce that the Greenville enclosed porches firm carries a number of high quality window replacements that are suitable when considering remodeling or repair projects. The Excaliber replacement windows offer options in styles and price ranges so that the best quality for the money is available. Quality windows not only add beauty to the home, but save money on heating and cooling costs.

A spokesperson for the Greenville enclosed porches company explained, "We replace existing windows with top quality units that permit rays of the sun to enter but block cold winds during inclement weather. The solar-warmed air from the enclosed space means that less fuel is required to heat the indoor areas. The sun serves as a heating unit through solar energy."

"Choosing the best windows" he continues, "supplies a level of insulation, especially with modern technology and materials. We help homeowners choose the best products for a particular application. We can also install those windows in a way that is least disruptive to your routine. We recognize that our continued business depends upon our reputation."

The quality of Excalibur vinyl frames is obvious, as they will never chip, peel, crack or warp, and will never need painting or caulking. The tilt-in sashes make cleaning simple. Homeowners will save money on energy bills because Excalibur's superior all-weather performance helps reduce heating and cooling costs. The ultimate choice for beauty, comfort and energy efficiency, Greenville replacement windows help to pay for themselves through lower energy costs, freedom from maintenance and increased property values.

During the seasons when the weather is warmer, the windows can be opened. This allows air to flow through the porch so that the space is cooled naturally. Using windows to enclose a previously outdoor space is not limited to porches. Other spaces include areas under a balcony, gazebos or patios.

Learn more about Greenville enclosed porches and replacement windows by going to the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have questions about the information in this press release are invited to contact the firm at the location described below.

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