Grow a Pair Smokers by Switching to E Cigarette Discusses says that a smoker should gather together and fight the many effects of smoking by switching to the better alternative known as electronic cigarette.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2012 -- The latest survey shows that there are around 3 million users of e cig today. The inception of e cig in the US happened in 2008. A traditional cigarette smoker has a limited options to choose from whereas an e cig smoker gets a variety to choose from the product range of different brands of e cig explains experts. talks about various brands which give the smoker a chance to improve the smoking habit. E cig brands which are soaring high with smokers are V2 Cigs, White Cigarettes, EverSmoke and several others.

There are various benefits which are associated with e cigs over the other contenders doing the rounds in the market. Smokers have merits like no irritation with smoke, no tar, no foul smell, and others. E cigs give the chance to a smoker to switch and get benefits like no second hand smoke because e cigs are made with the technology which produces vapor instead of smoke. Vapor does not affect the smoker or the people beside the smoker. An e cig smoker commented, “After spending a huge amount of my paychecks on smoking I reached my breaking point. Then my sister pointed out e cigs and since then my life has improved in leaps. I thank e cigs for bringing such change in my life”.

According to e cig reviews, a smoker can escape hundreds of bad affects by switching to e cigs. With e cigs there are various benefits which a smoker gets like the discounts and offers a particular brand gives to smokers. Free shipping, free chargers, discounts on cartridges, and other offers are some of the benefits that a smoker gets by purchasing e cigs. lists South Beach Smoke at the top of the reviews, counting the brand as offering best e cig and related products to smokers in the US.

About is the site that provides the information about the top ten brands of electronic cigarettes. According to the experts many reviews will help the customers to select the exact electronic cigarette. is flexible site that moves according to the conditions, based on results of electronic cigarettes that are changeable. The site gives a superior mode to gratify their customers.

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