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Grow Light Central Expands Their Product Catalog to Include High-Quality Grow Tents

Good grow tents can increase indoor gardening yield by fifty percent. Grow Light Central has expanded their offerings to include high-quality tents. See them now at


Cheyenne, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2015 -- ArcView Market Research, an investor group gathering statistics on the cannabis industry, estimates that in five years the entire industry will be worth more than ten billion dollars. The legalization of cannabis for retail and personal use in places like Colorado and Washington has led to more tax revenue, more school funding, and a drop in both violent and non-violent crime rates. All published statistics point to the fact that these changes in cannabis laws have been beneficial for many.

With those benefits in mind, Grow Light Central, an online retailer providing indoor gardening supplies for growers, is expanding its product line at The Cheyenne, Wyoming-based company will now be offering high-quality grow tents to customers who want to get in on an industry that is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. In their continuous quest to provide indoor growers with everything they need for success, Grow Light Central believes that offering these new tents will help them fulfill that mission.

Henry Crespo, a spokesperson for Grow Light Central, stated "At Grow Light Central, we offer only the best tents on the market. Our Gorilla Grow Tents have a high thread density and won't allow light, odors, or water to leak. The tents are strong and durable, which means that their interlocking metal frames won't buckle from the weight of grow lights, hoods, and filters. When we say that offers only the best grow tents and products to our customers, we mean it."

Crespo goes on to say "The team at Grow Light Central has over ten years of experience with indoor gardening. The website was born out of the frustration of not being able to find quality grow lights and other accessories that were needed to grow successfully. Through our own trial and error, we have learned what will work for our customers and what will help them achieve their growing goals. The grow tents we offer are designed to create the highest possible yield and minimize any loss that a grower would have experienced with a lower quality tent."

"All of the grow tents we have in stock are covered by the same low-price guarantee as the other products at Grow Light Central. We are committed to offering our customers the best materials at the best price and will beat any competitor's price on the same product by five dollars. Want to be the ultimate resource for growers looking for better returns on their investment, and the addition of these high-quality grow tents allows us to do that."

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Grow Light Central is a Cheyenne, Wyoming-based online retailer on a mission to provide grow lights and growing accessories for the best prices. With a commitment to unmatched customer service and high-quality product offerings, Grow Light Central has become the go-to resource for all indoor growers. With over ten years of indoor gardening experience, the members of the Grow Light Central Team are true experts in their field and stand ready to pass that expertise on to their customers.