Grow Lights Distributor Introduces New Products for Indoor Gardeners


West Richland, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- Grow Blu, a company which distributes and manufactures LED grow lights, has just recently released three new products that are sure to help indoor gardeners. These products are very affordable and are the primary choice for substituting the grow lights that are being used by indoor gardeners today.

Grow Blu has just released the Apollo, UFO, and “Cheap” LED grow lights. The Apollo grow lights are heavily marketed by the company because of the Intelligent Detection System or IDS that is found inside the lights. The IDS will indicate whether there are problems with the hardware and software of the LED lights. The Apollo grow lights also have 2 lenses compared to just one lens in standard grow lights. The addition of the 2nd lens magnifies the power of the 1st lens thus resulting for deeper penetration of the light. The Apollo lights are also very cost efficient because of the high efficiency chips used in their manufacturing. The UFO grow lights are perfect for use in small spaces wherein the light should be placed in the center of the growing area. The UFO grow lights do not emit much heat and can be placed near the plants without fear of burning them. The “cheap” grow lights give growers the opportunity to have a standard quality grow light without the additional cost. Grow Blu gives its assurance that their “cheap” grow lights do not sacrifice quality by giving a full 3 year warranty. They also possess the characteristics of the other grow lights sold by the company.

Grow Blu is an emerging company in the grow lights industry. They use state of the art technology to manufacture all of their products leading to one of the highest approval ratings ever recorded. They have received numerous testimonials which further add to their credibility and legitimacy.

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