Guaranteed Car Loans for Bad Credit- Dream or Reality? Find Out

Although it may be easy and fast to qualify for guaranteed auto financing bad credit, borrower must do some advance homework by learning the lending criteria of auto finance company which specializes in providing guaranteed car loan approval. Knowing them in advance could help borrower meet lender’s expectations well and qualify for affordable rates too.

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Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- While guaranteed auto financing bad credit loans might provide the opportunity to get car loan without much hassle and also allow borrower to rebuild good credit history, there are some things which borrower should be aware of. Firstly, lenders may grant approval for guaranteed car loans for bad credit when they are assured of the fact that particular applicant is an able borrower who will be making regular payments. There are some expectations of these lenders which borrowers should fulfill in order to improve the possibilities of getting qualified for guaranteed car loans for bad credit.

Typically, a significant down payment is required in guaranteed car loans with bad credit. This down payment could be 15% to 20% of the purchase price of the vehicle; however the amount can very per lender to lender. Lenders consider themselves at a risk of monetary loss because guaranteed auto financing bad credit deal involves a borrower who has a record of not making payments on time. As a result lender might keep the amount of time within which borrower has to repay the loan shorter. This could ultimately lead to higher monthly payments and interest rates. But by providing a large amount of down payment, borrower could improve his chances of getting manageable monthly payments.

The interest rates on car loan for bad credit could be higher than the rates provided to people with good credit history. Borrower could be at a better position while negotiating rates in his favor if he provides collateral and brings cosigner as well. On the internet there may be few lenders who provide competitive rates for guaranteed car loans for bad credit. All that a borrower should do is to research his options online. It is also essential to compare different proposals including the rates as well as payment terms. By using online auto loan calculator, borrower can estimate his auto finance payments at different rates. However, to qualify for affordable guaranteed auto financing bad credit deal, it will be better if one takes help of an expert.

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