HAMP Tier 2 Loan Modification Program Guidelines - Read to Know More

Changes have been made in the HAMP tier 2 loan modification program guidelines to allow more number of struggling homeowners to qualify for a loan modification and reduce their mortgage payments. Before applying for it, it is essential to get well-versed with these changes. Read on.

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Madison, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- New rules that took or the changes made in eligibility guidelines for Obama’s Home Affordable Modification Program are giving more financially distressed homeowners a good opportunity to qualify for HAMP and reduce their mortgage payments to make them affordable. The program is also known as HAMP tier 2 loan modification program; it has made it possible for larger population of homeowners to get qualified for loan modification and bring their finances back on the right track. However, loan modification or qualifying for the HAMP tier 2 loan modification program is a prominent financial obligation of a struggling homeowner; hence enough information on the subject should be acquired prior to applying for it.

Changes made in the Home Affordable Modification Program ease restrictions on borrower’s debt limit to qualify for the program. The new HAMP tier 2 loan modification program guidelines allow homeowners to lower their monthly mortgage payments to as little as 25% of their monthly earnings. Importantly, the new guidelines also take into consideration more types of debts in assessing borrower’s financial burden. Interestingly, even those landlords who are struggling to manage their mortgage payments on rental properties may also be considered as per the HAMP tier 2 loan modification program guidelines. Under the new guidelines, borrowers who defaulted on their permanent or trial HAMP modification can also apply for the HAMP tier 2 program if they have been out of the program for 12 months at least.

There are many benefits such as reduction in interest rates, lower monthly payments, extension of the term of the loan, etc. which one could derive with the federal foreclosure prevention program. But, to get qualified for it, it may be important for a borrower to take guidance of a mortgage modification specialist. This is because there is particular process requirements, documentation and approval criteria that apply to the HAMP tier 2 which one must know. Besides, borrower might not know where to begin. It will be in his best interest to engage a specialist and find out the right mortgage modification program that best suits his financial situation. A specialist will also make borrower familiar with the HAMP tier 2 loan modification program guidelines and assist him throughout the process making it simple and less time-consuming. Such skilled, knowledgeable and experienced specialists are hired by online mortgage service provider firms.

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