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Handcuffs in the Sand: Compelling Novel Tells Story of Real-Life Florida Drug War, from Young Girl's Perspective

Poised to challenge readers’ thinking and question what they thought they knew, Katherine West-Penkwitz’s gripping new novel places a shockingly true twist on one of Florida’s most notorious real-life drug wars.


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2012 -- When people think of drugs wars, they often imagine that only the most hardened of criminals are implicated. However, as Katherine West-Penkwitz proves in her latest novel, the underground world of Southwest Florida’s real-life drug war often opens its doors to the most unlikely of participants.

‘Handcuffs in the Sand’ tells this story from the perspective of a bright young girl who finds herself caught up in a less-than-ideal adventure.


“Handcuffs in the Sand is an explosive adventure through time. Starting in the late sixties and seventies smart young kids were caught up in the Drug War. Good looking beach kids in Southwest Florida, they noticed the older population there was oblivious to their escapades. A few ounces here or there, they saw a way to make major cash selling marijuana and then cocaine.

The fast paced life was good for a while, but the DEA was hot after them, always watching. Life has a way of turning on a dime and upsetting their lifestyle. The DEA, Florida Marine Patrol and local sheriffs busted down the door and things took a turn they did not expect”

As the author explains, readers are thrust deep into the protagonist’s world.

“You will read about her life in the drug culture and how each experience shaped who she is today. Struggling with drug lords, the police, and the IRS is enough to drive you insane,” says Penkwitz, whose book is presented by GPPRO Digital Video productions.

She continues, “Read about how this young woman navigated a wide range of dangers. She worked hard to make money, and even harder to stay alive and out of jail. When you are living the life this young woman lived, it's only a matter of time before you end up in the justice system.”

While it contains many exciting occurrences, Penkwitz believes the book holds deep educational value, particularly for younger readers.

“This story needs to be seen by all ages. The young adults need to know how things can go wrong even when you attend the best schools. Addictions are very hard to stop as we all know and if this book can help just ONE person get over it or have a different outlook, then it works,” she adds.

Striving to take her book out to a mainstream audience and into the limelight, Penkwitz’s initial efforts have been more than fruitful.

‘Handcuffs in the Sand’, published by GPPRO Digital Video Productions, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/UWW0dU

For more information, please visit the book’s official website: http://www.handcuffsinthesand.com

About the Author: Katherine West-Penkwitz
Katherine West-Penkwitz was born in Lakeland, Florida June 21,1954. She spent most of her childhood on the West Coast of Florida and extended periods in Colombia, South America. Her academic upbringing never hinted at the wild times to come. After studies in Germany, life in Amsterdam, and a tumultuous period with her first husband, consequences came in waves. Hard lessons, including federal prison and facing her drug addictions reshaped her thinking.

Today Katherine enjoys a happy family life with her second husband and their daughter in Sarasota, Florida. More than anything she found being a wife, swim mom, writer and master yoga instructor makes her feel fulfilled.