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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets and Weight Loss Plans Announces Prescription hCG Diet Plans Aimed at Reducing the Risk for Osteoporosis in Aging Adults

Diet Doc tailors diet plans around patient’s nutritional needs, lifestyle and medical conditions. This innovative and personal approach has helped thousands lose unhealthy weight and reduce their risk for future bone fracture due to osteoporosis.

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Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- Many changes occur within the human body as it ages. The metabolism begins to slow and even those that have never been prone to unwanted weight gain may find themselves accumulating excess pounds and inches. Carrying this excess weight can leave one vulnerable to a number of diseases and conditions, including heart disease and heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and even some forms of cancer. Bones become thinner, more brittle and more fragile due to osteoporosis, or thinning of the bone, making one much more susceptible to fracture.

Postmenopausal women are more often diagnosed with osteoporosis due to the ovary’s inability to produce enough estrogen to make more bone. This risk increases in those that are overweight or obese due to the presence of hidden fat inside bone and increases the risk for fracture. Dr. Miriam Bredella of Harvard Medical School told Medimoon that “obesity was once thought to be protective against bone loss. This has been found to no longer be true.”

Diet Doc has helped thousands nationwide lose unhealthy excess weight and improve their health while reducing the risk of diseases, including osteoporosis, by tailoring diet plans around each patient’s individual nutritional, lifestyle and medical needs. By combining health and nutrition education with prescription hCG diet treatments, patients are able to make healthy food choices and still lose dangerous excess weight.

The professionals at Diet Doc are keenly aware of which food groups generate fast weight loss and which foods promote weight gain. By combining years of scientific research with the knowledge and expertise of the specially trained staff, Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet plans incorporate the most nutritious foods in an individually designed diet plan, tailored around each patient’s individual nutrition needs.

The powerful combination of the tailor made hCG diet plans and the medically supervised administration of Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet hCG diet treatments melt fat from the body, leaving patients looking and feeling better than ever before while reducing the risk for a host of weight related diseases and conditions, such as osteoporosis. The natural hCG contained within the hCG diet plans target stored fat in the stomach, thighs and underarms and mobilize that fat so that it is easily flushed from the body.

To assure the safest and most effective weight loss experience, Diet Doc’s expert and compassionate staff personally supervises each patient’s journey. Progress and comfort level are monitored with scheduled weekly checkup calls. This level of personal service enables the doctors to quickly identify weight loss plateaus and resolve any other weight loss hindrances by making medication adjustments.

Tailor made prescription hCG diet plans are designed for all shapes and sizes and for those who are struggling to lose that last difficult 10 pounds to those who must lose 100 pounds or more. Call the experts today to schedule a free and confidential consultation to begin the journey to better health and stronger bones by losing unwanted weight rapidly, safely and successfully.

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