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Health & Wellness Medical Clinic Helps California Patients Access Medical Marijuana


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2016 -- Los Angeles, CA-based Health & Wellness Medical Clinic is dedicated to helping patients in California heal through the natural power of alternative medicine. Founded by Dr. S. Paul Daniels, a long-time practitioner and advocate of alternative healing methods, the clinic has helped hundreds of Californians manage and heal various conditions with medical marijuana. The clinic performs evaluations and provides recommendations for those in need of a medical marijuana card.

In 1981, Dr. S. Paul Daniels opened his first practice in Los Angeles. Today, after over 35 years of serving his community, Health & Wellness Medical Clinic is a leading provider of excellent alternative health solutions, including medical marijuana evaluations. Patients with qualified conditions can contact Health & Wellness Medical Clinic for an evaluation with a California licensed doctor at one of their two Los Angeles locations. These evaluations typically take no more than fifteen minutes.

If a patient's condition is found to be treatable with medical marijuana, Health & Wellness Medical Clinic will provide them with a medical marijuana recommendation and documentation. Medical marijuana recommendations take the form of a California Medical Marijuana Card, which will allow patients to access medical marijuana and related treatments. Those who think that their condition may be treatable with medical marijuana are encouraged to contact the Health & Wellness Medical Clinic and begin healing.

Health & Wellness Medical Clinic's evaluations and recommendations are offered in full compliance with California Proposition 215 and SB420. Health & Wellness Medical Clinic helps patients in the state of California only. To learn more, visit or call 213-255-3038.

About Health & Wellness Medical Clinic
Health & Wellness Medical Clinic, founded by Dr. S. Paul Daniels, serves Los Angeles and the rest of California with alternative healing that works. Dr. S. Paul Daniels has practiced medicine since 1979, and has helped hundreds of patients heal through the power of medical marijuana for dozens of ailments. The mission of Dr. Daniels and his clinic to help people suffering from medical conditions access medical marijuana treatment as simply as possible.

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