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Health & Wellness Medical Clinic Makes It Easier to Connect with eVisit


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2016 -- Health & Wellness Medical Clinic, a leading medical marijuana practice in California, is now making it easier for patients to connect with eVisit.

Dr. Daniels, the founder of Health & Wellness Medical Clinic, can now help people who are suffering from different medical conditions with a handy app. The eVisit app allows patients to connect with Dr. Daniels and his staff by utilizing high-resolution, two-way video on a secure connection.

Patients can use the eVisit app to receive quick treatments and requests. This includes follow-up appointments, convenient electronic prescription refills, answers to any health-related questions and treatment for minor medical issues.

Dr. Daniels is also currently offering many great deals for his patients. The clinic's holiday discount sale on medical marijuana access recommendations is going on until December 26th. This includes a first-time recommendation for just $30. Patients who refer a friend only have to pay $25. People who need renewals can get one for $20.

As a practitioner of holistic medicine for over 30 years, Dr. Daniels possesses the valuable experience necessary to help people suffering from various ailments. He makes it simple to gain a California medical marijuana access card. He first conducts a quick and confidential evaluation, then provides a comprehensive medical recommendation and issues a card for a patient with a qualifying condition.

Patients can learn more about Health & Wellness Medical Clinic's holiday discount sale and schedule an appointment with the top medical marijuana doctor in California by using eVisit. Call 213-255-3038 or visit online at today.

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Health & Wellness Medical Clinic, founded by Dr. S. Paul Daniels, serves Los Angeles and the rest of California with alternative healing that works. Dr. S. Paul Daniels has practiced medicine since 1979, and has helped hundreds of patients heal through the power of medical marijuana for dozens of ailments. The mission of Dr. Daniels and his clinic to help people suffering from medical conditions access medical marijuana treatment as simply as possible.

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