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Global Wearable Medical Devices Market - Basis Science, Inc., Corventis, Inc., Draeger, Everist Genomics, Inc., Fitbit, Garmin, Nuubo

Wearable Medical Devices Market (Monitoring and Diagnostic Wearable Device, Wearable Vital Sign Monitors, Therapeutic Wearable Device, Wearable Rehabilitation Devices and Health & Fitness Devices) For Sports and Fitness, Remote Patient Monitoring, Home Healthcare Applications – Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2014 – 2020

Pedaling Towards Better Treatment: ImageFIRST Associates Commit to Excellence

Across the country, medical facilities turn to ImageFIRST, the healthcare laundry specialists, above all others. The national leader in medical laundry service has consistently innovated in three key areas: Quality of product, service and charitable action.

Pluristem Receives Clearance from Germany to Initiate Its Multinational Phase III Trial in Critical Limb Ischemia Targeting Early Conditional Marketing Approval

LogoPluristem Therapeutics Inc., a leading developer of placenta-based cell therapy products, today announced that Germany's health regulatory agency, the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), has cleared Pluristem to begin enrollment in Germany for its pivotal Phase III trial of PLX-PAD cells to treat Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) in patients who are unsuitable for revascularization. The trial was recently cleared by the United States' Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United Kingdom's Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

vShape Treatments Now Available at Advanced Aesthetics of Columbus

If your New Year's resolutions include minimizing wrinkles, contouring stubborn fat pockets, and rejuvenating your skin, then it's time to schedule a vShape Ultra treatment at Advanced Aesthetics of Columbus in Columbus, GA!

Working with Medicare Advisors from MyMedicareQuotes Proves Advantageous for Eligible People

People who are eligible for Medicare are encouraged to seek out MyMedicareQuotes for advice and assistance. As a life and health insurance agency, they have a team of Medicare advisors who can help someone find the right Medicare insurance plan for them. Working with these Medicare advisors and brokers in Bucks County, PA, and other local areas, has proven to be advantageous for senior citizens and other people who are eligible, like those who qualify for Medicare Disability.

The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery Is Now Offering Rejuvenating FemiLift Laser Treatments

The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia is thrilled to announce the arrival of the FemiLift laser treatment to their aesthetic practice. This versatile treatment is designed to treat multiple feminine concerns including vaginal laxity, dryness, itching, and painful intercourse.

Life Saving Colonoscopies in Los Angeles Offered by Renowned Gastrointestinal Surgeon

LogoDr. Berookim focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal conditions. He provides trusted colonoscopies in Los Angeles. He is a world-renowned doctor doctor that specializes in screening for colon cancer. Dr. Peyton Berookim uses his decades of education and experience in combination with advanced technology and equipment to perform safe and accurate colonoscopies in Los Angeles.

M Pharmaceutical Inc. Announces Plans to Actively Seek Partners to Distribute Its Recently Acquired Technologies for Diabetic Neuropathy Relief

LogoM Pharmaceutical Inc., (the "Company" or "M Pharma"), announced today as part of its planned acquisition of 40 J's, that it will immediately seek marketing and distribution partnerships for its topical products for the relief of Diabetic Neuropathy symptoms.

Dentists in Loma Linda, CA Offer Dental Bridges for Patients with Missing Permanent Teeth

LogoDental patients in Loma Linda, CA who have experienced the loss of a permanent tooth and who wish to restore aesthetics and function to their smile can find a solution at Dental Faculty Associates. Using dental bridges, the doctors at Dental Faculty Associates help patients find an affordable and functional solution to restoring the void left by their missing permanent tooth.

Top-Rated Pediatric Occupational Therapy Offered by Trusted Establishment

LogoFirmly rooted in the belief that all children can reach their potential with determination and the proper support, LA Speech Therapy Solutions utilizes exceptional methods and techniques to help their pediatric patients overcome developmental delays. As the leading provider of pediatric occupational therapy in Los Angeles services, LA Speech uses proven methods to build fine motor skills, sensory processing skills and cognitive skills.

Revolutionary Transgender Voice Training Offered to Trans Individuals

LogoBecause the voice is an important aspect of one's expression, transgender voice training is crucial for trans individuals who do not believe their current voice properly represents their true gender identity.  While transgender voice training can be completed at home with popular mobile apps, TG Voice Therapy's pioneering techniques and expertise accelerates and eases the process for their clients.   Additionally, those who seek out the help of a professional speech therapist report better results than those who use at-home methods alone.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Quality Natural Healthy Living Products

LogoRonald Halverson is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of natural healthy living products including sleep aids, nutritional supplements, antioxidants, multivitamins, homeopathic and alternative medicine, and sports supplements. Halverson was inspired by the amount of people looking to keep their minds and bodies functioning at their peaks to ensure they can tackle each fast-paced day with grace and keep their youthful glow alive. Through his online store, Halverson wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure they can shut off their worries and get a restful sleep or be ready for an intense and fulfilling workout after work.

K9 Supreme Probiotics Is the Ultimate Dog Probiotics Available for Purchase on Amazon

LogoPets Essential Products announced the availability of their K9 Supreme Probiotics for dogs for purchase on Amazon and Amazon Prime. K9 Supreme Probiotics for dogs is dog probiotics powder that prevents and treats digestive disturbances in dogs and can prevent many digestive issues from worsening like diarrhea, gas, itching, Inflammation of the gut, and allergy. As Katerina, the co-founder explains "Our dog probiotics is a custom formulation that contains dog probiotics with high number of colony-forming units (2 bill CFUs per serving, 360 billion per jar). Other ingredients in our product are digestive enzymes, nucleotides and powerful antioxidant Maqui Berry all aimed to provide maximum digestive support and noticeable overall health benefits to your dog." K9 Supreme Probiotics can be purchased on Amazon now.

North Carolina Chiropractor Provides Low-Force Adjustments to Help Patients Experience Comfortable, Pain Free Lives

LogoChiropractic care has been helping people experience optimal health and wellbeing for about 130 years. As an alternative to modern medicine and the side effects associated with masking symptoms, chiropractic care was designed to treat the human body at the source of the symptoms and thereby generating better health in all areas, such as improving the immune system and psychological health. Dr. Wanda Neville has been serving the Carrboro and Chapel Hill-area residents and helping them achieve great health by working with individuals and providing specific treatment plans to each of them.

NJ Piscataway Chiropractor Drives Home DOT Physical Exams to Carteret Trucking Companies

Long time respected Piscataway chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Campana, D.C. is now offering DOT physical examinations on site for Carteret and surrounding areas trucking and shipping companies.

AngioSoma's President and CEO, Kenneth Stevenson, Resigns from Position

AngioSoma, Inc., (OTCQB:SOAN) today announced Kenneth Stevenson, who previously had agreed to accept the position of President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has since withdrawn from his agreement and resigned all positions. This was a mutual decision and the company wishes him the best of luck. Additionally, the shareholder dividend which was erroneously stated as "forward stock split" announced on December 21, 2016, to become effective on January 16, 2017, has been indefinitely postponed. The company's management feels that any change in the total and outstanding shares might be disadvantageous to the company's shareholders now.

Mind to Body Yoga & Fitness Offers Holistic Services for a Better Lifestyle

LogoIn response to a growing awareness about holistic lifestyles, Mind to Body Yoga & Fitness is excited to announce its holistic lifestyle centre is dedicated to providing a wide range of services to help people improve their well-being and whole health.

The Tao Institute of Modern Wellness Helps Patients Cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder and Stress

LogoThe Tao Institute of Modern Wellness is ready to help patients this January who are experiencing depression or anxiety in Philadelphia during the winter months. When the weather turns dark, cold and gray for long periods of time, many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The depressed mood and lethargy that patients feel as a result of this condition can make it more difficult than usual to deal with other daily stressors.

Chinese Medicine Diuretic and Anti-Inflammation Pill Treats Epididymitis More Safely and Effectively Than Antibiotics

LogoThough the rise of drug-resistant bacterial superbugs have been a concern of public health officials for years, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported a worse-case scenario — a woman with a bacterial infection that was resistant to all FDA-approved treatments. A Nevada woman died in September after being infected with a drug-resistant bacterium, Klebsiella pneumonaiae, that was resistant to all antibiotics available in the U.S., the CDC reported on Friday.

Kavinace Ultra PM, Sold by Accutrition Nutritional Consultants, Promotes Healthy Sleep

LogoAccutrition Nutritional Consultants, an online natural nutritional supplement source, sells Kavinace Ultra PM to promote healthy sleep. This product from NeuroScience provides many benefits for people who are seeking a natural supplement that will help them sleep better at night. Not only does the supplement promote healthy sleep, but it also reduces stress and anxiety by helping one's body maintain proper levels of melatonin, GABA and serotonin.

Lipoma Removal in Los Angeles Offered by Reputable Surgeon

LogoDr. Kamrava is an expert in lipoma removal in Los Angeles services. His expert eye allow him to easily diagnose a patient's individual condition and offer the best options for treatment. Lipomas are a common type of soft tissue growth; typically, this growth is non-cancerous. It develops from fat cells growing in fibrous capsules just under the skin. Since they are not cancerous, lipoma removal in Los Angeles is not a necessary procedure, but may improve the quality of life for the patient. Patients can consult Dr. Kamrava for an expert opinion regarding their individual condition.

Studio City Compounding Pharmacy Provides High-Quality Customer Service

LogoABC Compounding Pharmacy, a Studio City compounding pharmacy, offers free delivery everyday.  If you find yourself having difficulties getting up from bed, this pharmacy is perfect for you as they offer delivery for those who are unable to make it into the pharmacy for pick-up.  Customers that are worried their insurance won't be accepted, the Studio City compounding pharmacy accepts all RX plans and even offers no-insurance cash or credit card payments.  One of the main goals of the staff at ABC Compounding Pharmacy is to accept and help every patient who enters their door.

Beraja Medical Institute Is Recruiting New Ophthalmologist and Optometrist in Puerto Rico

LogoBeraja Medical Institute (BMI) Beraja Medical Institute is the leader and innovator in healthcare solutions and services for Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery across the nation is looking for talented and passionate Ophthalmologists and Optometrists to join their team in South Florida.

Top-Rated Gastroenterologist Provides Life Saving Colonoscopies in Los Angeles

LogoThe colonoscopy in Los Angeles screening process offered by Dr. Berookim and his medical practice is a great way to reduce a patient's risk for cancer. Colon cancer is a very preventable disease if caught early, which is why the doctor recommends yearly screenings for anyone over the age of 50. Those who choose to visit a gastroenterologist for regular screenings reduce their risk of death by cancer 65%. His colonoscopy in Los Angeles services can help patients reduce their risk.

How to Find the Right Skin Moisturizer? Beauty Headlines Asks a Top Dermatologist

LogoAt Beauty Headlines we are passionate about cutting through the advertising and marketing noise while delivering clear simple info and advice on health and beauty matters in the 21st century. Check daily for the latest trends, tips, and honest advice without all the noise.

Dietitians Report the Top Seven Causes of Weight Gain

LogoAt Beauty Headlines we are passionate about cutting through the advertising and marketing noise while delivering clear simple info and advice on health and beauty matters in the 21st century. Check daily for the latest trends, tips, and honest advice without all the noise.

What You Need to Know About Collagen: Beauty Headlines Asks a Dermatologist

LogoAt Beauty Headlines we are passionate about cutting through the advertising and marketing noise while delivering clear simple info and advice on health and beauty matters in the 21st century. Check daily for the latest trends, tips, and honest advice without all the noise.