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Covered Caregiver Receives Priority Renewal as Top Vendor in Goebel Adult Community Center, Thousand Oaks CA

Covered Caregiver, one of the leading local providers of senior home care services, just released a "Senior Health Problems" infographic focused on age-related complications. Covered Caregiver has also just received first rights to remain as top vendor on the vendor wall of the Goebel Adult Community Center in Thousand Oaks, CAon June 15th 2015. The renewal is effective until the next fiscal year. News of their priority renewal is owed to the loyalty and trust of the community towards Covered Caregiver.

Leading Care Home in Maidenhead Launches Award-Winning Services for Residents

In order to keep their loved ones safe and secure, individuals seek the best care home services. Individuals can get the highest quality care for family members from Forget Me Not Residential care home in Maidenhead at competitive rates. They provide genuine care to residents and are known for ensuring that residents maintain their independence as much as possible in their care home. Residents are given the chance to take part in regular activities and also encouraged to participate in running the house and other activities to keep them engaged. Individuals looking for a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere for their elderly family members can count on Forget Me Not Residential Home to provide optimum comfort.

Orange County Fertility Specialists Provide Male Fertility Treatments Nationwide

LogoVasectomy Reversal USA is the male fertility division of Orange County Urology Associates, a fertility treatment center located in Orange County, California. It is headed by board-certified urologist, Dr. Aaron Spitz, M.D., who is a licensed microsurgeon and has performed extensive vasectomy reversal procedures throughout Southern California. Right now, Dr. Aaron Spitz and Vasectomy Reversal USA are announcing their availability to provide male fertility treatments, procedures and diagnoses for patients nationwide.

California Urologist Serves the Community in Addition to His Patients

LogoDr. Aaron Spitz M.D. is a board-certified urologist serving as the lead practitioner at Vasectomy Reversal USA, the male fertility sub-division of Orange County Urology Associates. Vasectomy Reversal USA is well known for their vasectomy reversals and more throughout San Diego, CA. Vasectomy Reversal USA would like to take time to appreciate Dr. Aaron Spitz for his extensive contribution to the American community as well as for his deep level of care and respect for his patients throughout the United States.

Foot Clinic Offers Convenient Clinics in Brunswick and Sandringham

LogoThe Melbourne podiatrists at the Foot Clinic provides patients with comprehensive services in Brunswick and Sandringham to heal, rehabilitate and correct movement patterns that increase the risk of injuries. Practitioners combine extensive experience with advanced technology to address issues pertaining to the feet of adults and children.

Pilates Tokyo Features Sessions by Prima Ballerina Haruno Yamazaki-Shannon

LogoPilates Tokyo can take many forms to ease pain, rehabilitate injuries and improve performance. Tokyo Physio offers one of the most diverse and extensive range of physical therapy services and clients can avail themselves of the expertise of prima ballerina, Haruno Yamazaki-Shannon, who is also an expert in clinical Pilates and yoga.

Rehab Tampa Publishes New Guide to Selecting the Right Rehab Center for Drug and Alcohol Addicts

Addiction affects millions of people in America at any given time, and in Tampa, Florida, thousands of individuals are ruining their lives and the lives of those around them as they spiral uncontrollably into the hands of drug and alcohol dependence. Breaking this cycle can be difficult if not impossible alone, but the wrong kind of help can equally have disastrous effects and push people further. In order to help people find the right help for their needs, has produced a guide to selecting a rehab center that aims to help people make informed decisions about their future.

Dr. Bruce Genter Features Specials on Sientra Gummy Bear Implants

Dr. Bruce Genter, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving as the lead practitioner at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. Right now, Dr. Genter is featuring special offers on Sientra Gummy Bear Implants, for women looking to increase their breast size or augment their breast shape to their desired standards.

Special Care Offering Live-in Home Care Services

LogoWhen individuals are in need of senior care in Lancaster, PA, one place that they can turn to is Special Care. Special Care takes pride in the fact that they have referred thousands of caregivers to families throughout both Lancaster County and York County, PA. In fact, those who desire live-in home care services for their loved one will be pleased to know that they are currently taking new clients.

Dr. Jennifer Levine to Be Featured on NBC's Today Show, Monday, August 3

LogoRenowned New York City facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Levine, is set to be featured on NBC's Today Show on Monday, August 3, in the 8-8:30 AM time slot. The segment that Dr. Levine will be featured in is on plastic surgery trends. To acquire Dr. Levine's thoughts on this topic, a crew from the Today Show spent a few hours observing and filming Dr. Levine as she performed procedures on some of her patients. While she worked, Dr. Levine took the time to explain each procedure, and why her patients choose them.

Professional Chiropractors in Houston: Experts to Relieve Pain and Injuries of Accidents

Professional Chiropractors In Houston: Effective Treatment For Injuries During Accident

Uyen Nguyen, RN, Joins the Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Nia Banks - board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery – is pleased to announce that Uyen Nguyen, RN, is now a member of the Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery team.

Los Angeles Dermatologist Now Offering New Kybella Treatment for "Double Chins"

Dr. Annie Chiu, a Los Angeles dermatologist, is excited to offer Kybella™, the only FDA approved injectable drug to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fullness associated with submental fat, or "double chins", in adults. This first-in-class non-surgical treatment fills an unmet need in cosmetic treatments for women and men who have concern in this area and could only previously undergo invasive surgical procedures. As a leading expert in non-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation, Dr. Annie Chiu was chosen to be one of the first physicians to offer this treatment.

Medrelief Care Services: In Home Care and Companionship

MEDRelief Care Services: Giving our elders gift of companionship

Chiropractor of Columbus to Include Endermologie Services to Clientele

LogoDr. Overton has just announced that his chiropractic office, located in Columbus, GA will now be offering endermologie services to clients in addition to the current treatment methods which are being provided to treat pain.

Deborah Massey Wins 2015 NJHPCO's Spirit of Hospice Volunteer Award

Life Source Services hospice, a New Jersey hospice provider located within Bergen Regional Medical Center, was recently honored by receiving an annual award given by the New Jersey Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. Life Source Services hospice volunteer Deborah Massey was the recipient of the 2015 NJHPCO's Spirit of Hospice Volunteer Award.

Oklahoma Heart Hospital Is Hiring for Multiple Positions

LogoOklahoma Heart Hospital currently has a number of different positions open for those who are seeking employment. This hospital has positions open in cardiac rehab, emergency room, front office, pharmacy, surgery, cath lab, radiology, wound care clinic, critical care clinic, surgery, pharmacy, PCCU, registration, and many others.

Florida Plastic Surgery Practice Unveils New Responsive Website

To ensure users receive the best experience and service at home or on the go, Strax Rejuvenation, a plastic surgery practice in Florida, has collaborated with Aesthetic Brand Marketing, a medical marketing firm, to develop a customized responsive plastic surgery website. As a result, the newly launched website fulfills the ultimate goal of providing a comprehensive resource for visitors interested in cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures which can be reached from nearly any internet-compatible device, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Clancey Chiropractic Partners with BizIQ

Clancey Chiropractic, which has provided chiropractic, acupuncture and massage services to area patients for nearly three decades, has announced a partnership with BizIQ, a Phoenix-based digital marketing firm that works with North American small businesses.

4 Seasons Home Care, Inc. Announces New Team Member

Ottimo, the new Supervisor of Nursing Services brings over many years of experience in health care with special attention to assessing the care needs of individuals. She brings her expertise in providing in-depth clinical assessments for all of our clients and develops individual plans of care specific to each person to ensure their safety while promoting as much independence as possible. Stephanie possesses the character, heart, and desire to aid each individual in achieving and sustaining their highest level of health, activity, and independence.

Bad Cosmetic Surgery – The Tell-Tale Signs Identified by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Barry Weintraub

LogoBad cosmetic surgery has many tell-tale signs and these can be spotted with an experienced and educated eye. The issues around badly done or overdone cosmetic surgery are highlighted this week (20Jul2015) on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on, when show host, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka talks with Dr Barry Weintraub, board certified plastic surgeon from his practice on 5th Avenue, New York.

Dirty Equipment Found in Hospital Prompts Complaints About Its Cleaning

Following an inspection by the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate, it has emerged that Edinburgh Royal Infirmary have been told to improve their cleaning after inspectors found it was not up to standard. Birthing balls and half of cot bed mattresses were found to be contaminated and other dirty equipment was found leading to complaints and concerns about the hygiene standards in the hospital.

New York Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Nina Naidu, Hosts Body Contouring and Aesthetics Event

Dr. Nina Naidu invites you to her Body Contouring and Aesthetics Event occurring on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 from 4:00PM to 8:00PM. The event will take place at Dr. Naidu's practice in Manhattan, New York.

Podcast on Mommy Makeover Featuring Ohio Plastic Surgeon Now Available

A new podcast on the eHealth Radio Network featuring Dr. John Zavell is now available on

Get Reliable Treatment for Lung Diseases from Critical Care

LogoPatients suffering from any kind of lung disease, be it asthma, COPD, tuberculosis, infections such as pneumonia and influenza, or lung cancer need specialized care. To live a healthy life patients can get reliable treatment for lung diseases from Critical Care's Pulmonary Care Center in Denver. The well-known care center provides pulmonary consultations for patients in outpatient clinics as well as those hospitalized in metro Denver hospitals. Individuals can count on them for providing care in matters of lung diseases, especially patients that are short of breath or have low oxygen levels.