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Auto & Work Injury Center Welcomes Patients with No Insurance to Their Facility

Individuals injured in automobile accidents or on the job can seek physical therapy services from Auto & Work Injury Center now. The chiropractic care center in Portland, OR, provides various services to help patients deal with recent or lingering injuries. The center welcomes all including those without insurance to come to their facility to get their aches and pains cared for.

Bunion Surgery Cost - Main Reason for Choosing Bunion Surgery Abroad

Bunions are not only a problem of physical and emotional discomfort, they may also become painful which leads people to surgery. Because of the cost, many people living in the UK, USA, or Western Europe go abroad for bunion surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Cost - Main Reason for Choosing Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery Abroad

Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure where part of the stomach is removed to create a new, tube-shaped sleeve/stomach. Most overweight people go abroad for gastric sleeve surgery since the procedure is more affordable when compared to the cost in the UK or Scandinavian countries.

Derek J. Flores, R.N. Releases His New Book: An Easy Roadmap to the Best Hospice Care

LogoDerek J. Flores, a well-known Hospice nurse from Northern Colorado, has released a new book titled, "Seven Keys to a Peaceful Passing: A Hospice Nurse's Step-by-Step Guide to Hospice." This new guide will act as a roadmap to the decision makers who are in charge of hospice care of their beloved by equipping them with the best practical knowledge possible.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Amy Alderman Announces Launch of New Website with Sleek Design and Enhanced Functionality

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Amy Alderman is proud to announce the launch of her new website, which was designed with both aesthetics and function in mind. It features a sleek, modern design that is rich with content. With a responsive design, users can easily browse the website on a smart phone, tablet, or desktop without losing functionality.

Etre Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center Launches New Website

Etre Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center is proud to launch their new, modernized website to patients in their New Orleans community area to easily review their available aesthetic treatments and skin care procedures, which enhance appearance and promote skin health. This new website delivers a cutting-edge design to ensure a positive user experience. It offers seamless browsing for desktop, phone, or tablet platforms.

Dr. Bruce Genter from Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Announces His Retirement After 34 Years of Practice

Dr. Bruce Genter, M.D., F.A.C.S., plastic surgeon of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center, announces his retirement after 34 years of practice. Dr. Genter and the center will continue to operate through the end of June 2018 for those seeking facial surgery, breast and body surgery, and more. He will also follow up with patients through the end of September 2018.

El Paso Plastic Surgery Brings Exciting New Developments to 2018 and Beyond

In the first quarter of 2018, El Paso Plastic Surgery has continued their dedication to giving patients the results they want with the quality care they deserve. Dr. Sozer and his staff are excited to continue to excel at providing their clientele with an optimal experience from the moment they walk through the door and throughout their treatment process.

Signature Medicine Provides Member Benefits to Those Who Choose Their Concierge Medicine

LogoSignature Medicine, a primary care provider serving Newtown, PA, other local areas, is pleased to announce that they provide member benefits to those who choose their concierge medicine practice. Led by Dr. Ashish Sitapara, who has been selected as one of Pennsylvania's favorite physicians since 2010, Signature Medicine is available to help men and women accomplish their health goals in proactive as well as reactive ways.

Community Health & Dental Care Raises Awareness of the Effects of Stress

People who are experiencing unchecked levels of stress are encouraged to read this month's blog post dealing with the health effects of stress, available online from the team at Community Health & Dental Care.

Dr. Michael Epstein Earns Respected RealSelf 500 Award for Ongoing Commitment to Consumer Education and High Patient Ratings

Dr. Epstein of MAE Plastic Surgery has been announced as one of 500 board-certified doctors worldwide to receive the RealSelf 500 honor, an esteemed accolade recognizing the highest-rated and most active doctors on RealSelf, the world's largest online aesthetics community to learn about cosmetic treatments and connect with doctors and other clinicians. The RealSelf 500 honorees are selected based on a variety of criteria, including the quality and quantity of patient reviews, as well as engagement with the RealSelf community via questions and answers and the sharing of before and after treatment photos.

Muscle Joint Bone Clinic Announces Plan to Add Hyperbaric Chamber to Its Treatment Options

LogoDr. Jarrod Alivizatos and Dr. Nathan Katsanevakis, directors of the Muscle Joint Bone Clinic, announced that the medical facility will soon be adding a hyperbaric chamber for hyperbaric oxygen therapy that enhances the natural healing processes of the body.

Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz Celebrates 15 Years in Kansas City

Dr. Craig Schwartz is celebrating the 15th anniversary of his Kansas City vein center and laser aesthetic practice, which is located in Leawood, KS and serves the entire Kansas City metro area. Known for years as Kansas City's "Vein Guy," Dr. Schwartz has performed more than 12,000 vein procedures in the last 15 years alone is also now one of the busiest Kansas City surgeons providing in-office, minimally-invasive liposuction procedures.

The WAVE Lift Comes to San Francisco

WAVE Plastic Surgery is proud to announce our recent expansion to San Francisco. Patients in the Bay Area may now reach their aesthetic goals in a conveniently located and fully accredited surgical facility. They may also take advantage of our popular minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedure: The WAVE Lift. Specifically created by our founder and CEO Dr. Peter G. Lee, MD, FACS the WAVE Lift offers patients a middle ground treatment solution for early signs of aging in the mid and lower face.

Liposuction Abroad Benefits Convince More and More People to Go Abroad for Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction, commonly referred to as lipo, is a type of cosmetic surgery that breaks up and sucks fat from the abdomen, thighs, hips, arms and other parts of the body to change its shape. People choose to go abroad for liposuction because the substantial savings they get are worth the trip.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Abroad: Potential Savings and Medical Care Quality Abroad Help Patients Make a Choice

Tummy tuck surgery is a popular choice when it comes to removing excess fat and skin in the abdominal area. Nowadays, people go abroad for tummy tuck to enjoy the big savings this option offers.

Varicose Veins Linked to Increased Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis

A new study ties the apparently benign condition to far more serious health risks. Taiwanese researchers found that among those with varicose veins, higher rates of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism (PE) and peripheral artery disease (PAD) were present.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tim Sayed Launches New Website with Modern Features and Improved Browsing Experience

Dr. Tim Sayed, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is excited to announce the launch of his new website. The recently launched website features a number of improvements, including a sleek design, educational resources, and a stunning gallery of before-and-after photos.

Stoner Periodontic Specialist Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

LogoStoner Periodontic Specialist is pleased to announce its one year anniversary of opening the Chillicothe, Ohio office. The Chillicothe location serves area patients for all their periodontal service needs with minimally invasive procedures.

Reaves Chiropractic Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

LogoReaves Chiropractic is pleased to announce it is celebrating its first year in business serving the needs of area patients.

Union City Oral Surgery Group Announces Grand Opening of New Office

Union City Oral Surgery Group, one of the New Jersey's leading providers of oral surgery and maxillofacial services, is announcing the grand opening of their new office at 311 3rd St in Union City, NJ. The new office has more patient rooms, state-of-the-art equipment, convenient parking and a host of other amenities.

Breast Enlargement with Implants Surgery Abroad: Women Choose to Go Abroad for Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase the size of the breasts, reshape, or add fullness to them. At present, more women go abroad for breast enlargement with implants because the big savings they get are worth their time and travel.

Gastric Plication Surgery Abroad: Why So Many Patients Choose to Go Abroad for Gastric Plication

Gastric plication surgery is performed by making large folds in patient's stomach's lining thus shrinking its size. People go abroad for gastric plication since its popularity has made the procedure available at a lower cost.

The PA Vascular Institute Now Booking Appointments for Patients Interested in a Uterine Fibroid Embolization Procedure

The PA Vascular Institute would like to announce it is accepting patients interested in their minimally-invasive uterine fibroid embolization procedure in Philadelphia, PA. If a loved one has been diagnosed with fibroids and is in need of treatment, the trusted medical team at the PA Vascular Institute is willing to help.

NJ Holistic Doctor Michael Rothman Discusses Natural Prevention and Treatment of ADHD in Children

Dr. Rothman, New Jersey's leading holistic physician, in his article, Prevention and Natural Treatment of ADHD in Children, discusses the power of diet and other factors in the development of the disease.