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Coronary Angiography Procedure Abroad - Simple and Inexpensive Way to Do Diagnostics

Coronary Angiography is a simple procedure that can take anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour - however, in many countries, the time people have to wait and the price they need to pay for it, makes them turn to hospitals in other countries to have the Coronary Angiography procedure performed. According to Andrius Jonutis, the General Deputy Manager at the General Private Hospital in Lithuania - Kardiolita: "We perform Coronary Angiography by inserting a catheter through the arm, and this makes a huge difference compared to having it inserted through the thigh artery - because this way the procedure becomes much easier for the patient and they can walk without any problems on the same day. We have patients coming to our hospital from different countries - not only do they save time by taking just one day off their schedule, but they pay at least 2-3 times less than in their home country."

Kiwi Plastic Surgery Releases Essential Information for Those Considering Procedures

Kiwi Plastic Surgery today announced its informative site that makes it easier for visitors to determine whether or not they should go ahead and get a surgical procedure done for cosmetic reasons. Well-informed patients are much more likely to be satisfied, so most surgeons like to have people know exactly what they're getting into and what they should expect.

mHealth Market

Currently, mobile penetration is more than 100% in developed markets and is rapidly increasing in developing markets such as Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa. Moreover, increasing exposure to smartphones along with 3G and 4G networks will further boost the adoption of mobile devices in most sectors, especially in healthcare systems. Furthermore, shift is observed from hospital-care to personal-care, as Mobile Healthcare systems are providing seamless support and care to patients irrespective of their locations.

Tropicalaser of Long Island Announces Arrival of Revolutionary New Cavi-Lipo System

Tropicalaser of Long Island today announced the arrival of Cavi-Lipo, a new, non-surgical liposuction method that promises to revolutionize this popular anti-fat treatment. It has set up a website at to explain the new process and make it easy for interested visitors to get more information. Tropicalaser's Cavi-Lipo clinic in Garden City, NY, is also offering an introductory 1 + 1 Special. With this offer, patients can buy one Cavi-Lipo session and get the next one free.

North Seattle Chiropractors Release Health Tips for Desk Job Workdays

LogoAbrams Chiropractic of Seattle has released a breakdown of helpful tips for improving posture, maintaining healthy circulation and keeping up metabolism during workdays for those who sit at a desk for extended periods of time. It’s well-known that remaining seated for long days at the office can have detrimental effects on a person’s overall health and well-being. Conditions caused by inferior chairs, long hours and lack of movement can include a decrease in healthy metabolism, blood flow and strain on the back, neck, shoulders and arms, as well as wrist and elbow pain, numbness in the legs and musculoskeletal soreness. Many people will suffer chronic back pain after months or years of sitting at work. This happens when the spine and nervous system suffer fatigue and injury after sitting for too long without getting up for periodical spells of movement. When the spinal joints don’t experience enough normal movement, the muscles and joints become tight, leading to soreness that lasts long after the workday is done, and can lead to restless sleep and pain during other activities.

Dallas Chiropractors at Trinity Mills Chiropractic Focus on Relieving Back and Neck Pain from Car Accidents

LogoTrinity Mills Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, develops specialized treatment programs for people who have been in auto accidents and now suffer from back or neck pain. They have found in many cases that permanent and lasting pain relief is possible through non-surgical means, even following a severe accident. The treatment of whiplash and other car crash–related injuries should be overseen by a chiropractor with experience in the field.

Ontario Chiropractor Offering Exclusive Laser Therapy Options for Area Patients

LogoHarwood Chiropractic in Ajax, Ontario is offering exclusive access to two advanced laser therapy systems offered nowhere else in the area. Patients setting appointments at Harwood can take advantage of these new technologies following an initial consultation to determine which system is the right fit for specific conditions. As with any procedure it’s imperative to first consult the specialists at Harwood before moving forward with any treatment. Their professional guidance is the first step towards achieving ultimate health goals and finding relief from irritating pain symptoms. Laser therapy is a contemporary way to treat a variety of symptoms, from sports injuries to soft tissue trauma as well as tears and skin conditions. Back pain, arthritis and some wounds are also excellent candidate scenarios for laser treatment.

Pennsylvania Chiropractor Publishes List of Foods That Combat Arthritis Pain

LogoJohnson Scalise Chiropractic in Pennsylvania has published a list of foods known to reduce the body’s natural tendency toward inflammation and improve overall health for those suffering from arthritis-related pain symptoms. The food people eat not only influences weight loss or weight gain, but it can deeply affect overall heath, increasing or decreasing the severity of symptoms for various conditions or ailments, including joint pain and rheumatic conditions. Johnson Scalise has provided a basic list of the good and the bad to take along to the grocery store when it’s time to start battling arthritis pain at home.

Neuromodulators for Treating Wrinkles Are Explained by Dr Barry Lycka in Latest Video

LogoNeuromodulators is the collective name given to a group of products which are used to get rid of wrinkles, and these products feature in this week’s short video review from Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Barry Lycka.

Foot & Ankle Center of Washington Increase Accessibility of Resources for Foot Problems

LogoSeattle's premier podiatry practice, The Foot and Ankle Center of Washington, announces the launch of an all-new client centric website. Visitors to will be treated to a mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, cleanly designed site that will make it simpler for existing and potential clients to interact with the practice, find free information on treating a variety of foot and ankle issues, make appointments and ask questions.

The Center for Facial and Body Rejuvenation Is Proud to Offer SmartLipo to Their Bay Area Patients

Double board-certified facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Jacqueline Cheng and Dr. Elbert Cheng are excited to announce they are now offering SmartLipo™ to their patients in Saratoga and the surrounding areas. SmartLipo™ is a non-surgical laser technology that was developed in Europe and approved in the United States by the FDA in November of 2006. SmartLipo™ uses medical grade lasers to provide patients a safe and effective treatment to achieve tighter skin and a contoured physique. The Center of Facial and Body Rejuvenation is thrilled to offer this new procedure to their Bay area patients.

Orange City Surgical Solutions to Offer New Dental Implant Surgery to Replace Dentures

Dentures have been used for centuries, and have been made from all kinds of materials from the sublime to the bizarre, from ivory to wood. Though dental technology has advanced dentures a great deal in this time, they still suffer from certain inherent disadvantages, needing to be glued to the roof and base of the mouth, regularly sanitized, and more. Dental implants are a new procedure now offered by Orange City Surgical Solutions to replace dentures with a more permanent, more advanced solution.

Dr. Nia Banks Named to the Daily Record VIP 2014 List

Dr. Nia Banks, owner and founder of Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery in Lanham, Maryland, has just been named to The Daily Record’s VIP 2014 List.

Sovereign Health Opens the Doors of a New Adolescent Program

LogoOn Monday, July 28th, 2014, Sovereign Health Group will be opening the doors of their new Rancho San Diego Adolescent Treatment Program, designed for both male and female adolescents between the ages of 12 to 17.

CollaborateMD Now Offering Affordable Medical Billing Service Pricing for Summer 2014

LogoCollaborateMD is now offering affordable medical billing service pricing. The medical office software company’s per-transaction pricing model provides a convenient way to keep costs down. No matter how big the billing services, CollaborateMD is able to help patients pay faster and allow doctor’s offices to more easily manage multiple accounts, set user permissions for individual customer accounts, file claims, and post accurate payments to shrink customer A/R. Features of medical billing service pricing include exclusive claim tracking, secure internal messaging, document management with local storage, unlimited user license, software updates and support included, and automatic claims transmission and report retrieval.

Spinal Rehab Network Now Offering Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression for Summer 2014

LogoSpinal Rehab Network is now offering Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression for summer 2014. This method is used throughout the world and was developed by physicians and medical engineers. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Surgery has shown excellent success rates in treating patients with lower back and sciatic pain, as well as bulging and herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, relapse, or failed back surgery. Patients trust the experienced doctors at the Spinal Rehab Network to relieve all manner of back pain in Philadelphia.

Austin Chiropractor Restores the Backbone of Texas

Family Health chiropractic has made its mark on the communities of Austin with its family chiropractic care that is not only gentle but also highly effective. Fear of pain and related bias is what drives many away from medical care especially when in dire need of it. This is perhaps why Dr. Gonzalez’s chiropractic treatment has rescued many not just in the physical sense but also in the mind. It is noteworthy that even those without a serious need for medical attention can undergo treatments for a healthy future as they provide chiropractic care for everyone.

Dr. Jonathan Sykes of Roseville Facial Plastic Surgery Co-Chairs the 11th Annual International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery in New York

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeons, Dr. David Kiener and Dr. Jonathan Skyes of Roseville Facial Plastic Surgery, attend the 11th International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery in New York.

Women's Hair Loss: Causes & Treatments Discussed by Dr Lycka & Dr Ablon

LogoHair loss in women is quite common, with around 30 million women in the US suffering from hair loss, and it is a problem that dermatologists are consulted about very frequently. However, excitingly for doctors and patients alike, there are now many treatment options available to help women deal with the problem of hair loss, and this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, on, two experienced cosmetic dermatologists review what is new in treatments for women’s hair loss. Show host, Dr Barry Lycka from Edmonton, welcomes Dr Glynis Ablon, Board Certified Dermatologist from Manhattan Beach, California, who specialises in treating hair loss in women.

Dr. Patricia Yugueros Welcomes New Permanent Make-Up Artist to Her Atlanta Plastic Surgery Practice

Dr. Patricia Yugueros of Luna Plastic Surgery is pleased to announce the addition of a permanent make-up artist, Janet Wix, to her plastic surgery practice in Atlanta, GA. Janet brings to the staff over 10 years of experience in the field of permanent makeup and paramedical micropigmentation. She is a Board Member of the Georgia Micropigmentation and Permanent Makeup Association, a member of the Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals and the American Academy of Micropigmentation.

An Important Notice from Your Anaheim Emergency Dentists

Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Although serious injuries are rare on the rides at Disneyland, any place with large crowds and a high percentage of children may pose an elevated risk for an accidental injury. So, if you or your friends will be enjoying one of the Disney parks this summer, it is good to know what to do and where to go should disaster strike.

Orchard Park Health Care Center Acquires New State-of-the-Art Rehab Equipment

Orchard Park Health Care Center announced recently the acquisition of all new state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment including two hydro therapy rehabilitation pools to benefit and accelerate patient healing and recovery goals. The center, widely known as the most luxurious as well as cutting edge rehabilitation center Centennial CO has to offer, provides innovative rehab and health care services in an attractive, comfortable and upscale environment. With over 70 private bedroom and bath combinations, Orchard Park's amenities are second to none.

Medical Answering Services Can Meet the Needs of Doctors and Patients

Medical answering services are the ideal solution for every medical professionals who receive large number of calls from their patients. For physicians, their patient’s health and wellbeing is the main priority; however, it is hard to attend each and every call they receive from their patient, mainly when they are busy with other patients. Therefore, to handle the call flow efficiently, doctors outsource their requirement to those firms that are dedicated in providing answering services. Whether it is a major ruin or a meek medical query, a medical answering service will ease the burden from one’s successful medical practice.

Woman Dies of Embolism After 12-Hour Flight

Due to a condition commonly caused by deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a New Zealand woman died following a long-haul flight.

Dr. Alan Farber Offers Attractive Solution for Gum Disease by Performing a New Type of Procedure, the LANAP Protocol

At Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants, Long Island, NY area patients can receive the latest in minimally invasive gum disease treatment with Dr. Alan Farber's use of the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®). Traditional treatments for periodontal infection remove some portions of healthy gum in addition to diseased tissue, however, the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) is able to target only the infected areas leaving healthy tissue, in most cases, untouched and intact.