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The CCGNJ Spreads Awareness of the Three Stages of Disordered Gambling

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ), a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about disordered gambling, spreads awareness of the work of medical pioneers like Dr. Robert Custer. The American Psychiatric Association classified disordered gambling as a psychological disorder in 1980 largely due to his efforts. In his study of the progression of a gambling disorder, he identified three phases: the winning phase, the losing phase, and the desperation phase.

Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa Offers Couple's Romantic Late-Night Spa Getaway

Valentine's Day may be over, but that doesn't mean the romance has to stop. Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa understands this, which is why they are offering the couple's romantic late night spa getaway. Significant others are free to indulge themselves and their loved ones in a late-night relaxation treatment, beginning at 7 p.m. The team at Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa also offers other treatments, such as hair removal in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Style Make Offering the Rogaine Foam Minoxidil Men Hair Loss Solution at Competitive Prices

LogoWhere passion meets professional competence is a place they call Style Make. Serving India from its base in Tamil Nadu, Style Make is an online marketplace passionate about the wellbeing of its patrons. Accordingly, it features weight management and hair re-growth products that blend nature and science to deliver safe and effective results. The professional competence of the online marketplace reflects in the way it sources products, fulfils orders, delivers customer support and guards buyer's sensitive information. Seemingly, the combination allows Style Make to deliver a level of assurance and convenience that discerning millennials deserve.

Advice on Lice Provides an Exceptional Lice Treatment Service in MD, DC, & VA

Advice on Lice was originally a personal mission for founder Karen Franco, popularly known as 'The Kensington Lice Lady'. Initially, she volunteered in many programs that screened school children for lice for years. Over time, she has developed an effective method and unique style of nit-picking that is sought after by many others. Today, Advice on Lice has earned great reputation in providing an exceptional lice treatment service in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Va., including both in-office appointments as well as house calls. They have developed a routine method for treating head lice that may include the application of Lice MD non-pesticidal oil treatment product followed by manually removing the parasites and nits. Call them today at 240-242-4267 to schedule an appointment.

Advice on Lice Now Offers Effective Head Lice Treatment to Clients in Falls Church Virginia

Advice on Lice, one of the renowned head lice treatment and lice removal service provider in the USA, is now offering safe and non-toxic head lice treatment services to clients in Falls Church Virginia. With their effective and discrete lice treatment services, they aim at educating schools, parents, and pediatricians on the topic of head lice and nits, further encouraging them to prevent head lice infestations in long run. People looking for one-of-a-kind lice treatment services can contact Advice on Lice to set up an appointment at their lice treatment center in Fall Church Virginia.

Professional Head Lice Treatment Center, Advice on Lice Provides Latest Lice Education to Parents in Need of It

As soon as parents know that their child has head lice, they need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Head lice can be removed by applying a variety of hair oils and conditioners to dry hair; however parents must understand that all chemicals are not safe to use. It can be done safely and successfully if parents learn a few useful facts on head lice before they start the removal process. Understanding the concerns of millions of parents, Advice on Lice provides updated lice education to parents in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Va. They educate parents and teach them how to remove lice from their child's head without using harmful chemicals. Every training session is organized under the supervision of a popular lice lady, Karen Franco.

Rejuvenate the Skin This Spring with Natural & Vitamin-Infused Products and Sugaring Services from Green City Beauty

LogoWhen it comes to all-natural pampering, sugaring, and affordable skincare in Philadelphia, women are turning to Green City Beauty for indulgent spa sessions and lush hair removal services this spring. Voted as one of the best ingredient-conscious skincare and natural hair removal establishments by Philadelphia Magazine Best of Philly two years in a row, there's a reason why Green City Beauty is preferred by women all over the Greater Philadelphia area.

Americas GERD & NERD Treatment Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth by 2023 published a Cooked research report on "Americas GERD & NERD Treatment Market Research Report - Forecast to 2023" – Market Analysis, Scope, Stake, Progress, Trends and Forecast to 2023.

Study Shows Anesthesia Machines Market to Be High on Demand in 2018

LogoAnesthesia machines is an apparatus used for administering anesthesia to patients undergoing medical procedures by trained personnel. These machines dispense varying proportions of a mixture of gases and vapors to control a patient's consciousness level, analgesia, or both during surgeries. These machines perform four essential functions, namely providing oxygen, accurately mixing anesthetic gases and vapors, facilitating patient ventilation, and minimizing anesthesia-related risks to patients and staff. Anesthesia monitors, anesthesia machines, anesthesia masks, and anesthesia accessories are some of the commonly used anesthesia equipment in the medical sector, especially ambulatory surgical centers, clinics, hospitals, and other nursing facilities.

Cancer Gene Therapy Industry – Treatment Analysis,Research,Review to 2023

LogoCancer gene therapy is a process that treats cancers by inserting therapeutic DNA into the patient. Cancer gene therapy is gaining popularity as a result of its success rate in preclinical and clinical trial stages. The most common technique for cancer gene therapy involves replacing a mutated gene that is causing cancer with a healthy copy of the gene. A new technique that is being introduced to cancer gene therapy market involves insertion of new genes into the body that would help to fight against tumor cells.

The CCGNJ Offers Insight Into Possible Consequences of Legal Sports Betting

As legislative developments continue to impact how Americans gamble, the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) spreads awareness of how such laws can affect the rate of disordered gambling. With an awareness of how disordered gambling arises, lawmakers may set certain rules or limitations that protect at-risk populations, like seniors gambling in Atlantic City, and encourage safe gambling.

The CCGNJ Helps Communities Understand Disordered Gambling

Through awareness campaigns and educational resources, the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) helps local communities understand the symptoms, risk factors, and public health consequences of disordered gambling, which affects millions of Americans annually. With a better understanding of issues relating to disordered gambling, such as so-called alcohol "addiction" (more accurately called alcohol use disorder), the Meadowlands area and other communities throughout New Jersey may be better equipped to help their residents recover.

Dr. Siavashi Arani's New Upcoming Book Reveals Assured Ways of Genital Warts Treatment

Dr. Siavash Arani, M.D is a renown medical doctor and publisher who has written the book "Condyloma Acuminatum, Cutting the Epidemic". His book discusses successful treatment methods of genital warts and anal warts, which can benefit many infected by the HPV virus. He already has tens of thousands of patients in America and internationally in the treatment of the HPV virus infection, and this book will prove very useful in adopting the treatment method that he has discovered.

Style N Scissors Offer Salon and Spa Solutions as Well as Skin Treatment Services

LogoStyle N Scissors is the leading salon and spa in India offering the best relaxation and rejuvenation services available in the region. With years of experience in their various realms of expertise, the company's staff boasts the best professionals in the business. Their reputation has progressed over the years as a result of their dedication to customer satisfaction, and the maintenance of high-quality standards in all of their provisions. Their makeup services are quite popular with celebrities that fly into the country, as well as many other public personalities in the area.

DS Healing Arts Announces Two New Flower Essence Therapy Healing Courses in California

Based in Santa Cruz, DS Healing Arts is a coaching and healing company that has just announced two exciting new courses being held in Santa Cruz and Berkeley. Both courses teach the healing powers of flower energetics and the therapeutic process to restore balance to life for yourself and in your work with others. By utilizing the healing energies that lie within flower and plant extracts, Dina teaches how students can relieve stress, reduce fatigue, and cope with fears. Details for both courses are as follows:

Joint Replacement Market Objectives and Detailed Study 2018

LogoReplacement arthroplasty, or joint replacement surgery, is a procedure of orthopedic surgery in which an arthritic or dysfunctional joint surface is replaced with an orthopedic prosthesis. Joint replacement is considered as a treatment when severe joint pain or dysfunction is not alleviated by less-invasive therapies. It is a form of arthroplasty, and is often indicated from various joint diseases, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Abroad - Study Reveals Why Women Go Abroad for Breast Augmentation

Breast surgery abroad is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to enhancing the breast size and shape. The reconstructive procedure involves the placement of silicone or saline breast implants for aesthetic purposes.

The CCGNJ Advises March Madness Gamblers to Play Responsibly

Soon, millions of basketball fans across the country will enjoy the annual tournament known as March Madness. Every year, 68 NCAA teams compete for the national championship. Many of these fans will also participate in the popular betting activities that accompany this phenomenon. These activities may pose some challenges to those struggling with disordered gambling and alcohol dependency or "addiction" in Monmouth County and the surrounding areas. With that in mind, the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) warns of the risks of disordered gambling and advises people to gamble responsibly.

RR Aesthetics Anticipates New Line of Dermal Fillers from Allergan

RR Aesthetics, the premier aesthetic center located in Beverly Hills, has recently learned that pharmaceutical giant Allergan will be releasing a brand-new series of dermal fillers for their popular Juvéderm line. As a cosmetic center renowned for their work with dermal fillers, RR Aesthetics is excited at the prospect of an entirely new line produced by a novel technique.

The Opulence Skin Launches Time to Glow Face Brightening Set

LogoThe Opulence has earned a reputation in the skin care industry for quality products that work. The co-owner of The Opulence Skin announced that the firm has launched its newest skin whitening formula, a five-item Time To Glow Face Brightening Set.

Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates Provides Patients with Linear Gravity Plate Therapy

LogoPatients who are suffering from musculoskeletal pains associated with certain injuries or disorders and are in need of unique and effective chiropractic services in Philadelphia are encouraged to contact Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates.

Skin Deep Aesthetics Attracts a Number of New Customers at Hervey Bay

With how hectic and busy the lives of modern day people can be, they often forget to take some time out to care for their own selves. Without proper time taken out for self-care some people can become quite depressed and some may even find difficulty adjusting and properly functioning and carrying out their daily activities.

Dr. Siavashi Arani's Releases New Book "Condyloma Acuminata, Cutting the Quiet Epidemic" for Treatment of Genital Anal Warts

Dr. Siavash Arani, M.D is a renowned physician and publisher who has dedicated his life and passions to combating sexually transmitted diseases especially strains of the Human papillomavirus, an epidemic disease which has affected millions of lives. He is a pioneer in the discovery of successful treatment method of the different forms of the HPV virus. He was an instructor and assistant clinical professor of Loma Linda University, School of Medicine. He has since then helped millions of lives in America and other areas in the world with his successful and renowned BCR method of treatment different strains of the HPV virus. He is a firm and strong believer that patients knowledge is of utmost priority and importance in preventing and controlling of diseases and illnesses caused by the epidemic Human papilloma virus; this is why he published his first book "HPV, the Silent Intruder" in which he shared insights on the developmental stages, symptoms and the best treatment for HPV.

SV Massage Offers a Variety of Massage Therapy Treatments

SV Massage, a private practice located in Mt. Laurel, NJ, is pleased to announce that licensed massage therapist and owner Sharon Villa offers a variety of massage therapy treatments. Men and women seeking therapeutic massage in Mount Laurel, NJ, or one of the surrounding areas, can turn to SV Massage to relax, renew, and unwind.

CCGNJ Advised Gamblers to Enjoy the Chinese New Year Responsibly

February 16th marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year, an important economic and social Chinese festival. The celebrations, which can go on for over 23 days in some countries, are characterized by symbolic practices intended to bring about good fortune for the following year. With that in mind, festivities often involve gambling and games of chance. The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) urged those prone to disordered gambling to celebrate the Year of the Dog safely.