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Critical Care Offers Sleep Disorder Treatment to Improve Sleep Cycle

LogoCritical Care, a sleep specialist doctor in Denver, is offering best-in-class sleep disorder treatment to improve their patients' sleep cycle. With the use of advanced therapeutic, monitoring and diagnostic technology, the critical care team helps patients enhance their organ system function. This ultimately results in improving the individual's sleep cycle. Critical Care recognizes that the treatment of the patient's underlying injury or illness is a priority. They manage sleep disorder treatments with the help of highly-experienced doctors who analyze the individual's complex conditions, keeping family members involved when necessary. People who are looking for sleep disorder treatments can make an appointment through their official website:

Beverly Hills CoolSculpting Provider Offers Amazing Results

LogoBeverly Hills CoolSculpting provider, The Spa on Rodeo, offers unbelievable results for patients that use this state-of-the-art procedure. CoolSculpting is the only FDA approved fat freezing treatment available on the market. IT is a non-invasive procedure that aims to eliminate stubborn fat areas all over the body. There is no surgery, no downtime and no recovery. Beverly Hills CoolSculpting is so easy and painless that many patients will read a book or even sleep while they are undergoing the treatment.

Higher Demand for Vaginal Suppository After Results of Faster Action in Patients

Latest statistics show that 9 out of 10 women suffer from severe menstrual cramps. After multiple tests on a wide range of patients, it has been confirmed that any condition that gives pelvic pain responds effectively well to foria suppositories. For this reason, it is extensively used today for painful period cramps.

Regenera Prolotherapy Reveals New Mobile Device Friendly Website Design

LogoRegenera Prolotherapy is pleased to announce it recently launched a completely redesigned mobile device friendly website. The prolotherapy clinic in Mississauga focuses on providing regenerative therapies that include cellular and non cellular prolotherapy treatments, hyperbaric oxygen and IV nutrition for people suffering from painful conditions and alternative to pain medications, surgery, steroid injections, and anti-inflammatory treatments.

Belle Vie Now Offering IV Nutritional Therapy

Belle Vie Wellness & Medical Aesthetics is pleased to announce the arrival of IV nutritional therapy to its Cerritos, CA location!

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions Introduces Equine Assisted Therapy to Its Vast Array of Addiction Treatment Modalities

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions, a South Florida leading addiction treatment center, is proud to announce today that they have added Equine Assisted Psychotherapy amongst their already extensive list of therapy programs.

Top Stockton-Based Plastic Surgeon Featured in November Issue of HerLife Magazine

Dr. John Silverton and his professional team are excited to announce that HerLife Magazine, a premier lifestyle magazine for women, has featured Dr. Silverton and Club BEAUTY in their November edition. Created exclusively for Dr. Silverton's practice, Club BEAUTY is a reward system that allows patients to earn generous reward points for every product purchased as well as for each procedure performed at Dr. Silverton's office.

Renowned Plastic Surgeon Receives 2016 Best of Stockton Award

Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. John S. Silverton recently won the 2016 Best of Stockton Award in the Plastic Surgeon category. Dr. Silverton is known to combine artistry and medical proficiency when performing cosmetic procedures. This allows him to produce aesthetically pleasing results that optimally satisfy his patients. He provides complete details to patients to help them make well-informed decisions about achieving their cosmetic goals, making him one of the most considerate and empathic surgeons in the area.

TBI Therapy Set to Take a Major Role in the Growing Concussion Treatment Industry

TBI Therapy, a subsidiary of Aspen Integrative Medicine, an established leader in concussion related healing therapies, has set the foundation to become a leader in the treatment of concussion related and traumatic brain injuries. They have developed a patented protocol, utilizing different treatment modalities, which provide more effective long-term results for brain healing. The protocol process ultimately creates conditions within the brain where it can begin its own self-repair process - thus producing more regenerative healing on a permanent basis, in a shorter period of time than the more common industry standards.

Anti-Neurofibromatosis Revival Campaign Launched; "From My Loved Ones to Yours"

After going through his mother's battle with breast cancer and later with brain metastasis, Mohamed A. Elsherif made his mission to find a cure for neurofibromatosis to restore familes and restore hopes. To raise support and funds for his cause, Elsherif has set up the a crowdfunding campaign for research that is useful in the fight against Neurofibromatosis, A genetic form of nerve tumors (benign and malignant). Through the campaign, on the popular crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe Elsherif aims to raise at least $250,000 by Wed, March 1st , 2017.

Relax and Enjoy a Soothing Massage Therapy in BEST RELAXATION's Diera Spa

LogoBEST RELAXATION, a premiere Day Spa in Dubai, offers a wide range of massage therapies in their Diera spa that helps individuals rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul after a hectic day at work. From foot and hand reflexology to hot stone massage, they offer a number of message therapies that relives stress and reduces various health problems like anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches, fibromyalgia, and many others. All of these massage therapies are provided by a team of highly skilled and qualified therapists, who have years of experience working in the massage industry. They make use of latest technology to render these massage treatments to ensure it makes individuals feel refreshed and re-energized.

BEST RELAXATION Offers Traditional Thai Massage in Dubai for Ultimate Rejuvenation

LogoOne of the leading Spas for Body Massage in Dubai, BEST RELAXATION, offers the highest quality traditional Thai massage in a peaceful environment. They offer comfortable clothes to the clients, and perform Thai massage on padded floor mat that allows them to easily manipulate the body. Their highly-experienced masseuses use thumbs, forearms, palms, elbows, feet knees and even shins to press and stretch the body. Pressing and stretching of body stimulates energy flow in the body, and releases pain causing blockages or stagnation. Individuals looking for best-in-class Thai massage can make an appointment by visiting their official online portal,

BEST RELAXATION's Jumeriah SPA, a Perfect Destination for Full Body Massage in Dubai

LogoOne of the most sought after spa centers in Dubai, BEST RELAXATION, offers a wide array of massage therapies in Jumeriah at the most competitive prices. Their massage therapies not only help individuals relive stress, and rejuvenate mentally and physically, but are also beneficial for those recovering from osteoarthritis, muscle spasms, postural problems, or any other sort of injury, especially sports injury. The different types of massage therapies they offer at their Jumeriah spa include Traditional Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Herbal Warm Oil Massage, Foot and Hand Reflexology, and many others. Individuals looking to experience full body massage in Dubai can book an appointment at their Jumeriah spa by filling out a simple questionnaire present on their official website,

NightLase Technology Takes Nowak Aesthetics – And San Diego - by Storm

Snoring has often been depicted as a harmless, mildly annoying habit that many couples put up with. Yet the truth is that severe snoring can be a burden on a relationship, with many couples opting for separate bedrooms as a way of getting undisturbed shuteye.

NJ Piscataway/New Brunswick Chiropractor Takes the Back Pain out of Holiday Shopping

The holidays are an amazing time of the year but unfortunately lifting loads of gifts and setting up holiday decorations can take a toll on us especially for our lower backs. And if back pain strikes - especially disc related pain - it could put a real kink in the festivities. But luckily Dr. Thomas Campana a long time respected Piscataway chiropractor has the know how to get his patient's backs... back into the holiday spirit.

The Spine & Sports Health Continuing to Accept New Patients in Need of Physical Therapy for a Sports Injury or Pain

LogoThe Spine & Sports Health Center is pleased to announce that they are continuing to accept new patients interested in receiving physical therapy at their office in Jersey City, NJ, Bayonne or Hoboken. This past summer, this medical practice opened a new 4,000 square foot office located within the Monroe Center in Hoboken, NJ. Their new office features a state-of-the-art sports medicine and rehabilitation center with strength training and cardio equipment, flexion distraction tables, chiropractic adjustment tables and benches and much more.

HIV Activists Seek to Accelerate Development of Immune Enhancing Therapies for Immunologic Non-Responders

LogoA coalition of HIV/AIDS activists are calling for renewed attention to HIV-positive people termed immunologic non-responders (INRs), who experience sub-optimal immune system reconstitution despite years of viral load suppression by antiretroviral therapy. Studies have shown that INR patients remain at increased risk of illness and death compared to HIV-positive people who have better restoration of immune function on current drug therapies. Risk factors for becoming an INR include older age and a low CD4 count at the time of treatment initiation. To date, efforts to develop immune enhancing interventions for this population have proven challenging, despite some candidates from small companies showing signs of promise.

The Freeman Spine and Pain Institute Treats De Quervain's Tenosynovitis

LogoThe Freeman Spine and Pain Institute treats de Quervain's tenosynovitis, providing patients with care for this painful condition. Patients suffering from de Quervain's tenosynovitis feel pain when they turn their wrist, try to make a fist, and grasp different items. The cause of this ailment is not determined, but repetitive movements make the pain worse.

The University Pain Medicine Center Announces Celiac Plexus Block Injections Are Available

LogoThe University Pain Medicine Center, an award-winning medical practice with locations in New Jersey and New York, is pleased to announce that celiac plexus block injections are available to help relieve pain in the abdomen. These pain specialists accept patients from Highland Park, NJ, Somerset, NJ, Brooklyn, NY, and many other areas. While their doctors operate out of five office locations for the convenience of their patients, their main office is in Somerset, NJ.

The Spine & Sports Health Center Accepting Patients Interested in Receiving Epidural Steroid Injections

LogoThe Spine & Sports Health Center is pleased to announce that they are accepting patients interested in receiving epidural steroid injections (ESIs) to treat lower back pain or sciatica at their office in Jersey City, NJ, Bayonne or Hoboken. For the past several years, this medical practice has sought to help patients find relief from spine and joint pain by using cutting-edge non-surgical procedures and treatment options.

NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine Helps Heal ACL Injuries

LogoNorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine is pleased to announce that they are taking patients who have recently suffered from an ACL injury or tear. The fall sports season is coming to an end and with it, many sports at the school level are preparing for their push towards local championships. As athletes know, an injury isn't a case of if; it's a question of when and how severe. When injuries do occur, treatment is the next question, and one that should be answered by only the most qualified of specialists. NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine is among Central Jersey's most reliable injury treatment centers for athletes. With six locations throughout Central Jersey, this medical practice has served hundreds of active individuals helping them return to their sports quickly.

The Freeman Spine and Pain Institute Announces Treatments Are Available for Biceps Tendinitis

LogoLooking for a shoulder or back pain doctor in Union, NJ, that can help patients find relief from biceps tendinitis? The Freeman Spine and Pain Institute, a medical practice with four locations in New Jersey, is pleased to announce that they have treatments available to help with biceps tendinitis. To schedule an appointment at one of their four offices, please dial 1-877-710-9324, or fill out a contact form on their website,

The University Pain Medicine Center Offers Lumbar Sympathetic Block for Pain Relief

LogoChronic back pain is a common condition that stops millions of Americans from living the lives they want, sidelining them from both work and leisure. However, the University Pain Medicine Center, which offers lower back pain treatment to residents of New Brunswick, NJ, and surrounding areas, offers minimally-invasive procedures for lasting relief. One such procedure is a lumbar sympathetic block injection.

Traumatic Brain Injury Rate Increases Dizzying; Is Hope Restored in New Treatment Options?

LogoAs TBI awareness increases through newscasts, and popular media as the Will Smith movie "Concussion" which demonstrates the long-term impact of the 900-1500 blows to the head a professional football player takes, TBI is a growing concern for parents of children in sports and young drivers.

Advice on Lice Offers Clients a Full Range of Cure for Head Lice Services

Since 2007, Advice on Lice has been offering a full range of cure for head lice services to their clients in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. The founder of Advice on Lice, Karen Franco, became interested in curing head lice and starting a lice treatment service when she became aware of how little her children's school knew about head lice and subsequent treatment. Advice on Lice only uses the most highly-proven, effective treatments on their clients to ensure successful eradication. This anti-lice treatment oil is in great demand. The lice MD is an oil and silicone base product which suffocates the lice when applied properly by combing it in layer by layer and leaving it on 20 to 25 minutes. Clients are encouraged to visit the Head Lice Salon, located in Maryland, for the best treatment solutions.