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Inspire Med Spa Launches Medical Spa Website:

Inspire Med Spa will launch, a website devoted to educating locals of the most innovative health, holistic and aesthetic procedures in the month of November 2017.

Research Review Credits Pneumatic Compression Therapy with Edema Reduction

A systematic review of eight studies shows that pneumatic compression therapy likely has a number of positive effects.

Midwest Neurology Associates Are Administering Nerve Block Treatments for Pain Management

LogoSince 2003, Midwest Neurology Associates has treated medical patients all across Indiana, bringing together medical experts and the latest pain management. Whether one lives near Dyer, IN or Highland, IN, they have five locations, catering to any patient, and community in the state. When Dr. Kassar founded Midwest Neurology Associates, he meant to deliver the finest, and safest medical diagnoses and treatments for acute and chronic pains. More than neurological care, Dr. Kassar's practice synthesizes the efforts of specialists in Physical Therapy and Pain Management. He and his associates are treating acute and chronic pains with novel nerve block treatments.

BEST RELAXATION Offers a Variety of Wellness Treatments to Enhance Vitality and Revitalized Natural Beauty

LogoBEST RELAXATION, one of the most-sought after names for providing body massage in Dubai, offers a variety of wellness treatments and services to suit different needs of its customers. From Moroccan Bath and Thai Massage to full body massage in Dubai, BEST RELAXATION offers something for everyone irrespective of age and gender. They have a team of massage therapists who are trained for various wellness methods and treatments, ranging from traditional to contemporary. The benefits of their massage treatments extend beyond simply soothing pain and aches. Their massage services are also considered as an effective treatment for both, acute and chronic health conditions.

Make an Appointment at BEST RELAXATION's Deira Spa to Counteract Postural Problems

LogoOne of the highly regarded spa and wellness centers in Dubai, BEST RELAXATION offers one-of-a-kind massage therapies at their Deira spa that help individuals counteract postural problems caused due to improper sitting for long hours. All of the massage therapies are rendered by their team of carefully selected qualified and professionally trained masseuses and masseurs, who have hands-on-skill providing massage therapies, like foot and hand reflexology, aromatherapy oil massage, Moroccan bath with massage, and herbal body scrub massage, to name a few. Their masseuses and masseurs have been working in the massage industry for years, and within this time span have amassed a huge customer base across the country with their expertise.

Enjoy Complete Relaxation and Surprising Health Benefits of Massage with BEST RELAXATION

LogoA premium day spa in Dubai, BEST RELAXATION provides the highest quality massage services in a professional setting at their Deira and Jumeirah spas. Both of their spa centers are equipped with advanced tools required for creating soothing massage environment. They have a team of trained massage professionals who make their clients experience luxury spa relaxation and soothing body massage in the calm atmosphere. This renowned spa center uses high quality virgin oils to enhance the quality of their massage services. The massage services they offer are effective in reducing everyday stress and boosting individuals' energy and mood, while improving their mental and physical health.

A Quest for Healing: An Inspiring Memoir by Dr. Raymond Park Is Available on Amazon

Logo'A Quest for Healing: A Memoir That Weaves Together Science, Family and Faith' is an inspiring new book by a renowned skin scientist, Dr. Raymond Park. The book is now available in stock on amazon with worldwide shipping and it is receiving a phenomenal response along with all five star ratings from the readers. Dr. Raymond Park is one of the world's leading skin care scientists, credited with developing a formula that cured both his infant and four year old sons of acute atopic dermatitis.

Urban Massage & Wellness Inc Offers a Variety of Therapeutic Massage Services in St. Albert, AB

Serving St. Albert and surrounding areas, Urban Massage & Wellness Inc. opens to provide a variety of simple and advanced massage services.

Auto & Work Injury Center Covers Patients 100% After Workplace Accidents

Of the many clinics, hospitals, and chiropractors in the Portland, OR area, the Auto & Work Injury Center ranks among the best. At their location on N. Williams Avenue, in Portland, OR, the exceptional staff at the Auto & Work Injury Center have treated thousands of patients who have been injured on the job or the road. The founder, Dr. George Cluen, channels his love and vision for healthcare into the Portland urgent care center—seeing that patients receive treatments tailored to them. Aligned with this philosophy, the Auto & Work Injury Center is fully covering patients who have sustained workplace injuries.

MyFreeImplants Shuts Down - Gives Rise to New Cosmetic Crowdfunding Site

The popular crowdfunding site for breast implants, MyFreeImplants, has unexpectedly closed down. MyFreeImplants was acquired in 2016 and ever since, the site has been in trouble. From ongoing website development issues to weeks of downtime to now being permanently closed.

Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates Helps Patients Suffering from Back Pain

LogoChronic back pain, one of the most common forms of pain, affecting millions of people nationwide. Regarded as one of the best chiropractor practices in the West Chester, PA region, Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates succeeds in treating patients that are suffering from back pain.

Gloganix Launches Earth-Based Skincare

Gloganix launches a luxury collection of earth-based skincare products to detoxify and renew the skin. Beauty and nature meet, to bring products with minimum ingredients and maximum benefits to health-conscious consumers.

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Is Offering Fall Savings All October Long

All October long, Dr. Bruce Genter and his staff at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center are offering fall savings and specials. Whether someone is seeking a facelift or breast augmentation in Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding areas, the team at this center will deliver.

Autumn Is Coming, but Dangerous Sun Exposure Is Still a Risk. Sunsafe Rx Offers Details on How to Protect Skin from the Sun

LogoFall may be in the air, but that doesn't mean that sunlight has stopped damaging your skin. Even though there is less intense sunlight throughout the day for people in the United States and Canada, it still bodes well to maintain proper skin health, which includes wearing sunscreen lotion and taking Sunsafe Rx capsules for sun protection. Does the sun damage your skin in the colder seasons? It sure does, in fact, every time sunlight hits your skin you're being bombarded with radiation: ultraviolet rays that damage skin cells. Radiation from the sun creates free radicals which are known to not only increase skin aging but also cause cancer and other adverse health conditions.

NJ Holistic Doctor Michael Rothman Discusses Treating PTSD with Medical Marijuana

In his recent article on treating PTSD with medical marijuana, Dr. Michael E. Rothman, New Jersey's foremost holistic physician, openly discusses using medical marijuana as part of a treatment program for PTSD.

Acqua Blu Medical Spa Now Offers the Latest Innovation in Feminine Rejuvenation

As the years go on, women's bodies change. Pregnancy, illness, the simple fact of aging -- all of these factors can permanently impact a woman's comfort and satisfaction with her own body. Issues concerning the genitalia can be uncomfortable to talk about, especially when words like "surgery" or "procedure" are involved. For this reason, Acqua Blu Medical Spa now offers ThermiVa, a non-invasive treatment that can instantly address vulvovaginal issues and vastly improve a woman's quality of life.

The CCGNJ Supports Seniors Struggling with Gambling Addiction

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) recognizes that people of any age or identity can develop a disordered relationship with gambling, whether in the form of casino gambling in Atlantic City or online gambling at home. Through community outreach and education, the CCGNJ seeks to spread awareness of the signs of gambling addiction so that at-risk gamblers and their loved ones can spot the signs before issues arise.

Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa Provides Massage Therapy of All Types for Their Clientele

Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa, a leading day spa located in center city Philadelphia, offers massage therapy of all types for their clientele. Whether someone is seeking a full-body massage or another type of massage that focuses on more specific areas, they can turn to the team of experts at Le Reve. Considered to be one of the best spas in center city, Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa is now offering fall specials including a new one called Le Reve Couple's Romantic Late Night Spa.

Learn Everything About Skin at is an online guide to good skin. The site also has a forum wherein interested individuals can become members and discuss anything and everything about skin care. Skin is the most sensitive part of the body. And it is also the only part that is most exposed to harmful UV rays, pollution, dust and dirt. That is why it is important to have a good skin care regime. This way one can protect their skin from early aging and damage.

MiracleFaceMedSpa: The Place to Get the Best Botox Treatment in NYC

MiracleFaceMedSpa, a company located at 575 Lexington Av. Suite 4034 New York, NY 10022 United States (US), specialises in making their customers look good. Just like the common saying goes: "First impression lasts long". They have over the years stood the test of time in providing their specialised services of creating a long lasting impression on their clients, by making them look their best. They are reiterating and announcing their continuance in the business.

For Women's Health Has Launched Their Most Amazing Cellulite Remedy on Amazon

LogoFor Women's Health has just launched their at home cellulite remedy on It is a cellulite cup set that has already helped thousands of their clients reduce their cellulite after just 2 weeks of having used it.

For Women's Health Has Ended Their 30 Days Cellulite Cupping Challenge

LogoFor Women's Health has ended their 30 days cellulite cupping challenge in which 40 women with cellulite on their thighs and butt had participated.

Pro Natural Living Inc. Has Just Released a New Teeth Whitening Product on Amazon

LogoPro Natural Living Inc. has just released a new teeth whitening product with fast results on Amazon. The new product is called Activated Charcoal Powder, and they tested it on over 1000 persons before releasing it to the public.

San Diego Botox Offers CoolSculpting Services

LogoSan Diego Botox now offers customers CoolSculpting services, a revolutionary process that removes unwanted fat without surgery.

NJ Holistic Doctor Michael Rothman Discusses a Holistic Approach to Allergies

Chronic allergies affect millions of people every day. Billions of dollars in antihistamines are sold each year, with a new drug entering the market every few months. In most cases, these drugs treat the symptoms, not the cause.