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Along with Tattoo Removal, Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser Offers the VeinGogh Treatment for Spider Veins

Tattoo removal is not the only service that Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser specializes in. The company, located in Wakefield, MA, also offers treatments for spider veins, wrinkle reduction, and skin tightening in Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas. VeinGogh is a revolutionary new method, provided by this company, that's designed to treat spider veins as well as other skin conditions including cherry angiomas, telangiectasia, and skin tags.

The Freeman Spine and Pain Institute Announces Treatment for Patients Dealing with a Thoracic Bulging Disc

LogoThe Freeman Spine and Pain Institute, regarded as a leading back pain doctor in the Elizabeth, NJ region, announces that they are offering treatment for thoracic bulging discs. Their highly-skilled specialists evaluate patients who are experiencing symptoms of this condition and deliver a treatment plan. Enlightens Readers on How to Get Rid of Shoulder Pain

One of the most popular and highly trusted physiotherapist – Dr. Marco Aruffo has finally launched his first ever Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Treatment. This treatment comprises techniques that eliminate pain naturally and easily.

Online Platform Wants to Help People Get Rid of Headaches and Migraines is an online platform that offers advice, tips, information and guidance on headache pain relief. Readers can access free, well-researched, and highly resourceful articles with information on different types of headaches, causes of headaches and the reasons for a migraine. Readers can find advice on the kind of treatment options available, including a complete guide to sinus headache relief, natural headache remedies, and migraine treatment options. Discover all this information and more by visiting the website at Announces Natural Treatment Options for Acne

It can be overwhelming for someone who is looking for an effective and natural product for treating acne because of the number of options. However, the aforementioned website consists of a list of natural solutions that have been proven to help people suffering from acne. All of them are safe and do not cause any side effects. Provides Reliable Information on Acne and Its Cures

People who suffer from varying degrees of acne can consider the aforementioned website for treatments and solutions. There are many options available for such patients and it is important for them to understand the effectiveness of each of the solution so as to pick one that meets all their checks. Provides Useful Information on Acne and Its Cure

People suffering from acne are always on the lookout for natural treatment options and the same can be perused on the aforementioned website. It discusses the root cause of the disease and how it can be fought against by following natural and effective treatment options. Things such as changes in diet and other simple steps are claimed to take care of the condition in an easy manner. Claims to Provide Effective Treatment Advice for Acne

People who wish to know all about acne can consider the aforementioned website. It is a comprehensive platform that provides information on the causes, treatment options and other relevant steps that can help people who suffer from such a condition. Whether it is a small pimple on the face or a breakout on the face, neck and arms, acne is a common phenomenon which affects people from across the globe and there is a need to learn all about it in the first place.

The Freeman Pain and Spine Institute Treats Patients Experiencing Pain from a Lumbar Slipped Disc

LogoAnyone who is experiencing chronic lower back pain with numbness, tingling, or muscle spasms may have a lumbar slipped disc. The physicians at the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute, a pain treatment center in Union, NJ, can diagnose a plethora of back conditions, including slipped discs. This condition may occur due to general wear-and-tear of the disc that occurs over time. People who frequently perform bending and twisting motions, or those who spend most of the day sitting are at an increased likelihood to develop this condition, as these actions put undue stress on the disc. It can also occur following a sudden trauma such as a car accident.

The University Pain Medicine Center Treats Patients Suffering from Radiculitis

LogoThe University Pain Medicine Center helps patients who are in search of lower back pain relief in Union, NJ and the surrounding areas. In fact, the esteemed medical practice is pleased to announce that their specialists offer treatment for radiculitis, which is a condition that causes chronic back pain.

CCGNJ of New Jersey Celebrates African American History Month

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) is proud to celebrate African American History Month. Taking place in February each year, this month is an annual celebration of the achievements and prominent role of African Americans in the United States' history.

CCGNJ Helps Individuals Keep New Year's Resolutions

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) is dedicated to helping individuals keep their New Year's resolutions in regards to gambling addiction. This organization seeks to spark change in the life of gambling addicts in the region by providing a variety of resources and programs.

CCGNJ Offers Helpful Information for Celebrating Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year, the start of another lunar year, is marked by a lengthy two weeks of celebration. The Year of the Rooster, the 10th sign of the 12-year Chinese Zodiac, began on Jan. 28 and festivities will last until Feb. 2. The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ), devoted to helping people with a gambling problem find help, offers safe insight for celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Midwest Neurology Associates Announces Comprehensive Treatment Options for Those Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

LogoMidwest Neurology Associates, a pain management and treatment center, is pleased to announce that they are taking patients in and around Highland, IN who are looking for comprehensive MS treatment options. Individuals with MS symptoms including fatigue, cramping, muscle weakness, and stiffness, should visit the medical experts at Midwest Neurology Associates so that a specific treatment plan can be implemented right away.

The Freeman Spine and Pain Institute Announces Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) Trial Procedures Are Available

LogoThose who are searching for a team of back pain doctors in Clifton, NJ that offer cutting-edge treatment options and procedures should look no further than the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute. In fact, the medical practice is pleased to announce that they are now accepting patients who are interested in spinal cord stimulation (SCS) trial procedures to help them find relief from chronic leg or lower back pain.

The University Pain Medicine Center Announces Treatment Options Are Available for Patients Experiencing Cluster Headaches

LogoPatients who are searching for a medical practice near East Brunswick, NJ or a surrounding area that offers headache treatments should look no further than the University Pain Medicine Center. In fact, the medical practice is pleased to announce that a variety of treatment options and procedures are available for patients who are experiencing cluster headaches.

NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine Offers Genicular Nerve Ablation Procedure

LogoPatients who are in search of a doctor for their knee pain in the Point Pleasant, NJ area are turning to NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine for comprehensive treatment. In fact, this esteemed medical practice would like to let potential patients know that they offer genicular nerve ablation and other procedures to treat the cause of a patient's pain effectively.

Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates Practices Advanced Chiropractic Medicine

LogoDr. David W. Nadler & Associates practices advanced chiropractic medicine for patients in the Philadelphia region. People who are experiencing pain, stress and discomfort in their head, neck, back, shoulder and knee areas can find the relief and healing they need by visiting this practice.

Dr. Sajjadian Once Again Makes Physicians of Excellence List from Prominent Medical Association

Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Sajjadian has once again made the Orange County Medical Association's (OCMA) Physicians of Excellence list, a yearly listing of the top doctors in Orange County. The Physicians of Excellence program recognizes physicians in the community that have done outstanding work over the year and gone above and beyond for their patients. The physicians are selected using rigorous criteria by a committee of peer physicians. The program is meant to highlight physicians that have demonstrated qualities of leadership and mentorship and have shown a commitment to research and humanitarian services. The Physicians of Excellence program has been run by the OCMA for thirteen years. This is another stellar addition to the many awards and accolades Dr. Sajjadian has achieved over his illustrious career.

NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine Announces Cervical Facet Radiofrequency Neurotomy Procedures Are Available

LogoNorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine, a medical practice that offers interventional pain management procedures to patients in Monroe, NJ and the surrounding communities, is pleased to announce that cervical facet radiofrequency neurotomy procedures are available. Those who are suffering from chronic neck or upper back pain may find relief with this innovative procedure if conservative treatments have failed.

The University Pain Medicine Center Treats Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

LogoThe University Pain Medicine Center, a premier joint and neck pain relief provider in Monroe Township, NJ, is pleased to announce that they can help patients suffering from complex regional pain syndrome. The practice offers a range of treatments for complex regional pain syndrome patients, and can help those who are experiencing moderate or severe symptoms.

NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine Announces Aspiration of the Olecranon Bursa Procedures Are Available to Treat Elbow Injuries or Pain

LogoNorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine, a medical practice that offers orthopedic surgery at their office in Jackson, NJ and five other offices throughout Central New Jersey, is pleased to announce that aspiration of the olecranon bursa procedures are available to treat elbow injuries or pain. Specifically, those who believe they are suffering from elbow or olecranon bursitis are encouraged to give one of their locations a call to determine if this procedure will be right for them.

The Freeman Spine and Pain Institute Announce Facet Thermal Ablation Procedures Are Available for Patients Suffering from Neck or Back Pain

LogoAnyone searching for a back or neck pain doctor with an office in Edison, NJ, should look no further than the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute. In fact, this medical practice that operates out of four offices in New Jersey is pleased to announce that facet thermal ablation procedures are available for patients suffering from neck, back, leg, or arm pain that's caused by one or several facet joints.

Dr. JD Yang of the YANG Institute of Integrative Medicine Speaks at New Leaf Club About Addiction

LogoOn Mon. Feb. 6, 2017, Dr. JD Yang, founder of the the YANG Institute of Integrative Medicine, spoke about the causes of addiction and mental illness at the New Leaf Club in Bryn Mawr. The New Leaf Club is a non-profit community center which holds many wellness and recovery-related events. This event was free and open for members of the public to attend, especially for individuals interested in alternative treatments for depression in the Main Line and the surrounding areas. Dr. Yang's talk focused on various non-drug therapies available for those suffering from addiction.

Top-Rated Bakersfield Surgeon Now Offering Services to General Public

LogoDr. Lemus-Rangel, a highly rated Bakersfield surgeon, has just announced his intention to offer his services to the public. He made this announcement after he realized that there was a great need for a highly skilled Bakersfield surgeon; Dr. Lemus-Rangel was thrilled to take on this latest endeavor. This world-renowned doctor has earned recognition from his peers and the medical field for the quality medical services he has provided for years.