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Grossinger NeuroPain Specialists Revolutionizing Injection Pain Management

Modern medicine is progressing at an incredible rate. One of the largest sectors of medicine is pain treatment. Grossinger NeuroPain Specialists, a top injury doctor servicing Delaware, is embracing these scientific advances by offering the latest pain treatment solutions. Among those treatments is the state-of-the-art steroid injection that has proven to deliver substantial results with low back and leg pain.

California Facial Plastic Surgeon Discusses Kybella; the Newest Treatment for the "Double Chin"

Dr. David Kiener, a board certified plastic surgeon in Roseville, CA, was recently interviewed by host eEric Michaels of eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information Channel to talk about Kybella™; the latest FDA approved treatment for the "double chin".

Virginia Beach Dermatologist Now Offering New CoolMini Applicator

Dr. David McDaniel, director of McDaniel Laser and Cosmetic Center, a dermatology practice in Virginia Beach, VA, is proud to now offer the CoolMini™ applicator, the FDA-approved non-invasive CoolSculpting® treatment that treats smaller pockets of fat and is now available for treatment of submental fat, also known as "double chin".

Colorectal Surgeon Now Offering Innovative Treatment Options for Los Angeles Residents

LogoColorectal Surgeon Los Angeles doctor, Allen Kamrava, is a board-certified colorectal surgeon who provides advanced care for all of his patients.  He has studied at several Universities throughout the United States including UCLA, Temple University School of Medicine and the Fox School of Business.  Throughout his impressive career, Dr. Kamrava has conducted various clinical research in areas regarding patients who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease, anal diseases and aggressive colorectal cancers.

Jingduan Yang, MD, Founder of Tao Institute of Modern Wellness and Fashion Designer Norma Kamali Release New Book, "Facing East"

LogoAt the Tao Institute of Modern Wellness, integrative medicine is practiced to help individuals achieve a healthy lifestyle by focusing on the mind, body, and spirit. The center helps patients accomplish their health objectives through personalized programs that entail natural approaches. Two of their major health objectives that the center is known for improving are anti-aging and beauty. But now, their secrets to looking young and maintaining an attractive appearance are revealed by its founder, Jingduan Yang, MD, in his new book, "Facing East: Ancient Health + Beauty Secrets for the Modern Age," which was released on March 1.

Green City Beauty Shares Tips for Living a Green Urban Lifestyle

LogoAt first glance, city living, with its heavy traffic and expanses of concrete, doesn't seem like the picture of sustainable, organic living. However, the past several years have seen a revolution in how small business owners as diverse as farmers, furniture makers and beauty salons commit to sustainable products, practices and services. And as more Americans move to urban environments, sustainable city living has become more important than ever. Green City Beauty, a salon that offers skincare and sugaring (an all-natural hair removal method) to Philadelphia and New Jersey customers, recently shared tips for maintaining a "green" city lifestyle.

Advice on Lice Offers Head Lice Treatment in MD, Virginia and DC to Students and Adults Suffering from Lice and Nits

Advice on Lice, Inc. has been operating since 2007, when Karen Franco turned her personal mission into a services-oriented company. Its goal is to educate and assist the Washington D.C. area as much as possible about the condition of head lice. The first step of the process is manual lice and nit removal, and it is recommended that the entire family be screened. The second step involves using an application of Rid Lice killing shampoo. This anti-lice treatment oil is in great demand. Or, a non-pesticidal treatment, Lice MD, may be used. The lice MD is an oil and silicone base product which suffocates the lice when applied properly by combing it in layer by layer and leaving it on 20 to 25 minutes. Exposes That Blocking IGF 1 Can Treat Life-Threatening Diseases, one of the world's leading peptide online forums and guides, reveals that IGF 1 or Insulin-like growth factor 1 also known as the somatomedin C is currently undergoing several studies and researches to determine its possible benefits in dealing with life-threatening diseases such as cancer, tumor and diabetes. The IGF 1 is a type of protein embedded in the human body. The molecular structure of IGF 1 is quite similar to the molecular structure insulin. According to, the IGF 1 plays a huge part in the development of a child and it continuously plays an important role in the muscle growth and development of adults.

Dr. Nadler and Associates Announces Chiropractic Services and Care Are Available for Athletes This March

LogoNewtown Square, PA-based, Dr. Nadler and Associates, is pleased to announce that chiropractic services and care are available for athletes this March. No matter if it is basketball, track, or hockey, an athlete's body can take a beating. Therefore, athletes, or parents of young athletes, who would like to make an appointment with Dr. Nadler can call his office immediately at 610-353-3888, or fill out a contact form on his website,

Advice on Lice Provides Exemplary Lice Treatment Service for Clients in Maryland, DC & Virginia

Established in 2007 by Karen Franco, Advice on Lice is a company that specializes in eradicating nits and lice in the school, as well as home setting. They offer a Head Lice Salon, located in Maryland, which offers the best treatment for lice and includes two work areas with two salon sinks, four comfortable salon chairs, and a flat screen TV with a multitude of DVD's to keep children (and adults) occupied during the treatment and removal process. If you are looking for professional head lice removal in MD, Advice on Lice is the premier location for this task. They also offer "house calls" to clients in DC and Virginia.

Botox Treatments Shown to Boost Results of Long-Term Fillers

Compelling new evidence has shown that Botox can slow the degradation of popular hyaluronic acid fillers, which can help prolong the effects of these popular treatments. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm, Voluma, and Restylane have all been shown to benefit from simultaneous Botox injections.

Dr. Aaron Shiloh Endorses LaserCap Treatment for Hair Loss Patients

The founder and head of the Shiloh Vein and Aesthetics Institute (SVAI), and leading provider of spider vein laser treatment in Greater Philadelphia, Dr. Aaron Shiloh, released an article on his website confirming the benefits of LaserCap treatment. The innovative in-home regimen to reverse hair loss, which is available through his practice, has gained popularity in recent years due to its convenience and effectiveness. Dr. Shiloh's write-up on LaserCap therapy is available here.

Fresh Start Skincare & Laser Announces Sweetheart Deals for February

Clients of Fresh Start Skincare & Laser are likely looking forward for Valentine's Day dates and want to look their best. Even if single, clients might have decided to celebrate anyway, and treat themselves to one of the skincare and tattoo removal spa's signature services such as a laser facial. Boston's Fresh Start Skincare & Laser is now offering several deals through the month of February that will help clients achieve a youthful, radiant glow to impress their dates or feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Pneumatic Compression Therapy Recommended for Blood Clot Prevention in Cancer Patients

A pair of studies published in 2012 show an increased risk of blood clots among lung cancer patients.

Not Everyone Celebrates After the Super Bowl, Warns the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey

The Super Bowl is one of the most highly-anticipated events of the year, and is also its largest betting event. This past Super Bowl weekend, it is estimated that $4.2 billion was wagered (legally and illegally) on the event's outcome. Often, betting on the Super Bowl is socially acceptable and legal, but the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey cautions that for problem gamblers and their loved ones, the Super Bowl can actually have devastating consequences.

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey Offers Support During March Madness

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month. The National Council on Problem Gambling takes this time to encourage an open dialogue about problem gambling, recognizing it as a compulsive behavior in need of treatment, not shame or silence. Concurrently, March is also the peak of college basketball season, when millions of bets are placed on the outcome of tournament brackets. For many, "March Madness" is a bit of strategic fun, but for those who struggle with problem gambling, the betting frenzy can lead to devastating financial losses. The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey offers support, treatment, and hope for problem gamblers during this time. Unveils Reliable Solutions to Get Rid of Smelly Feet in 2 Easy Steps

Smelly feet has been a nationwide problem for many folks and while most scour the internet to try to find out how to get rid of smelly feet and end up in frustration. Jason, the author of Odor Now, claims he has the cure to get rid of smelly feet using two easy steps. Jason found that to successfully get rid of smelly feet, it must be attacked in two ways: internally and externally.

Vasectomy Reversal USA Offers Information to Those Struggling with Infertility

LogoDr. Aaron Spitz of Vasectomy Reversal USA offered information to those who are struggling with fertility on how his practice can solve their issues. Anyone in search of a fertility clinic around San Diego can visit his website for full details.

Top Rated Speech Therapist in Beverly Hills Now Offering Premier Service in Beverly Hills

LogoL.A. Speech Therapy has quickly gained a reputation in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles in general as one of the premier speech therapy providers. They have built their reputation by continuously providing top-rated customer care and by staying abreast of the latest developments in the speech therapy field. Reaches out to Young Individuals Who Are Struggling Their Way out to Sobriety is one of many establishments that have been building their mark to help people in all ages to fight and retrieve their life. For Soba Recovery Arizona is fully aware that struggle of fighting addiction can be really frustrating and almost impossible to overcome especially when the patient has no one to go to. For these young individuals are yearning for all the help they can get to be able to straighten up their crooked life.

Grossinger Neuropain Specialists Available to Diagnose and Treat Pain

Millions of Americans live with chronic pain. Often, this pain is constant and widespread, and flares up during times of stress. Since many sufferers feel emotionally or mentally stressed by seeking and failing to find a diagnosis for their chronic pain, they suffer more flare-ups of pain, creating a vicious cycle. Grossinger Neuropain Specialists, a pain treatment clinic that has been in operation since 1989, can help patients with nerve damage and chronic pain in Delaware and Pennsylvania break the cycle.

Avoid Adverse Effect of Lung Diseases with Pulmonary Services from Critical Care

LogoCritical Care, Pulmonary and Sleep Associates, a leading Lung Disease Center in Denver is now providing pulmonary services to their patients at the most competitive prices. All the doctors of the center are board certified in Pulmonary Medicine and provide pulmonary consultations for patients in outpatient clinics along with those hospitalized in metro Denver hospitals. In order to speed up diagnosis and treatment for patients with lung masses, the Neurocritical Care Doctors in Denver host a bi-weekly Lung Nodule Clinic that integrates the specialized perspectives of pulmonologists, radiologists, oncologists and surgeons.

Addicts of Cocaine and Other Mind-Altering Substances Can Now Recover from Their Addiction

Here is a news that can help in salvaging the life of addicts who are caught in the web spun by their habit of using cocaine and all other mind-altering substances. Monday Night Muckers Group of Cocaine Anonymous meets every Monday evening at 8:00 PM with an aim to connect untreated addicts to recovered addicts. During these meetings, the latter group will have a personalized one-on-one study of the Twelve Step program that has been described in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous to guide newcomers.

Oregon Medical Spa Launches Non-Invasive Specials for the New Year in an Infographic

Living Well Institute for Skin and Laser, one of the leading medical spas in Portland, has announced its recommended skin rejuvenating treatments for beautiful skin this 2016 in an infographic. The educational material is meant to introduce non-invasive skin treatments that require no downtime for effortlessly youthful skin.

Tennessee Plastic Surgery Center Releases Infographic on Breakthrough Double Chin Treatment, Kybella

Tennesee board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Melinda Haws and Dr. Mary Gingrass of The Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville have prepared an infographic that answers common questions regarding the center's newest non-invasive treatment, Kybella®.