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Victoria Featherlight Derma Roller – One Stop Solution for All Skin Problems

Victoria Featherlight is pleased to present the New Derma Roller that offers visible results by stimulating the collagen production of the skin and improving the skin texture that too within 8-10 treatments. What makes Victoria Featherlight's New Derma Roller such an exclusive product is the make itself. The 540 micro needles made up of pure titanium alloy constitute the derma roller thereby making it a versatile product that can be used on any part of the skin. This product can be used to get rid of those small imperfections such as acne, scars, wrinkles, etc. The product also reduces cellulite and works extremely fast in removing stretch marks post pregnancy or weight loss.

Advice on Lice, Inc. Now Offers Lice Removal Services in DC with Trained Professionals

Advice on Lice, Inc. is now offering lice removal services in DC via trained professionals. The company ensures customers that their lice will be completely removed within a few sittings. They have the most trained professionals who conduct the lice removal. The entire lice removal services are divided into three equal steps. During the first step, the lice lady in Maryland or the professional manually checks the head of the infested person. They also recommend that the entire family be screened as it is quite possible that more than one family member has an infestation.

Libertyville Massage Therapy Clinic Celebrates 29th Anniversary

Jan O'Malley is the founder, director and owner of Libertyville Massage Therapy Clinic. The clinic staffs 15 Illinois State Licensed Massage Therapists who are members of the American Massage Therapy Association and Nationally Certified in Massage and Bodywork. The clinic's 29th Anniversary was celebrated with an open house party for their clients, friends, families, and the community.

Zetaclear Clears Away Fungal Infections on Toes and Fingers

Zeta clear does a rather excellent job in cleaning the nails of feet and hands thus freeing them from highly undesired fungus. It will not be wrong to say that it is the best treatment for toenail fungus. Pedicures and manicures are common these days since dirty and black nails are regarded as pointers of a severely poor personality. Nail fungus is often mistakenly considered as a severe form of dirt deposited in the nails, but this is altogether wrong, it is actually caused by fungal infections that infect the outside in the earlier stages and the inside in the later stages of the disorder.

Diamond Herpanacine of PA Now Offering Anti-Aging Supplements

It is an inevitable fact that aging is a natural process of life. While there is nothing one can do to avoid it, they can take steps to offset its effects. To help customers age more gracefully, Diamond Herpanacine of PA offers quality and effective anti-aging supplements. Combining the proper nutrients with a healthy lifestyle can aid the person slow the physical and mental deterioration that happens as the body ages.

How to Lose Man Boobs Naturally: Health Coach X Announces Review and Bonus Package

Health Coach X, an established leader in profile awareness for small and medium sized businesses, and branding & product launch marketing, today announced the publication of a dedicated review page where purchasers of 'How to lose man boobs naturally' can get an exclusive bonus package. The page will be online starting today.

CoLaz Unveils Laser Hair Removal Treatments

CoLaz has announced its state of the art Laser Hair Removal treatments that can be the right option for men and women of all ages.

Maroc100 Introduces Anti Aging Product for Their Natural Skin-Care Lineup, the Flight-Creme Skin-Rescue Formula

Maroc100 launches second Product on the renowned Amazon platform, the 'Flight Creme Skin-Rescue Cocktail' an anti-aging face cream that also acts as an anti-wrinkle moisturizer. Suzanne and Mark, the husband and wife team behind the brand developed the product as a specific cream that can care for the skin even if the user frequents high altitudes [even reaching 30,000 ft] or in common parlance, in flight.

Lice Lifters of North Jersey Now Offering Special Rates During the Holiday Season

LogoAs the holidays approach, the chance of a lice outbreak in a household is greatly increased. With all of the family pictures and piles of coats, lice have plenty of opportunities to transfer to multiple people. To help families prevent infestations, Lice Lifters of North Jersey is now offering special rates during the holiday season. Everyone that visits their location in Cranford, NJ will receive 50% off their lice head check, and if diagnosed and treated the patient will receive a free bottle of The Nit Nanny Lice Solution Treatment.

Donna Tozzi Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for a Groundbreaking Peptide Injectable for the Aesthetic Industry

LogoThe TOZZI Peptide Injectable revolutionizes the Aesthetic Industry with its entry into the injectable skin revitalizer sector of the beauty industry. Facial mesotherapy is well established in Europe where product research of injectables based on amino acids is fully developed and well documented. The Tozzi Peptide Injectable is the 'missing link' in the Chain of anti-aging modalities. Skin revitalizer injectables are one of the top treatments of choice for celebrities all over the world. For the majority of the world's population that is not famous, consumer demand for natural skin treatments and related beauty products is on the rise.

Essence of L Medi Spa Now Offers Flexible, Effective Dermapen Skin Treatment

The Essence of L Medi Spa announced that the company now offers the Dermapen skin rejuvenation service to clients. Equipped with a number of sterile, microscopic, single-use needles, the hand-held Dermapen unit can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and other skin blemishes. The new Dermapen option further extends the extensive array of skin care and spa services already offered by the Essence of L Medi Spa.

The Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery in Sacramento Offers Discounts to Former American Laser Skincare Patients

The sudden closing of the American Laser Skincare, a nationwide chain of skincare clinics, has left hundreds of former patients without access to proper laser skincare services. While American Laser Skincare is, according to its website, trying to resolve issues involving clients who had previously purchased packages, the Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery in Sacramento is offering former American Laser Skincare clients options and discounted services during their time of need. They are proud to offer former American Laser Skincare patients with previously purchased packages a complimentary consultation, as well as 25% off their initial treatment.

Chattanooga's Center for Facial Rejuvenation Holds Annual Open House, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On Thursday, November 13, 2014, the Center for Facial Rejuvenation held its annual Christmas Couture and Gift Gala. This event was held from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and was touted as "Chattanooga's most highly anticipated open house" and was attended by over 250 people, including local dignitaries and city officials and merchants. The event also included a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Center for Facial Rejuvenation's new skincare and cosmetic center. Facility owners Dr. Daryl Mann and Dr. Jack Bierly, and Medical Director Dr. Rex Yannis, were pleased to introduce the Chattanooga community to the newly opened skincare and cosmetic center. Enlightens Readers on How to Get Rid of Lumpy Stretch Marks tells the tale about how to make unwanted stretch marks taste the dust without an external help or even without going out of the house. There are a lot of things that cause stretch marks, few of these are named here as pregnancy, a rapid gain or lose in the weight, a hereditary problem following off springs, stress and last but not the least, rapid growth in the body. Whichever of these reasons causes it, stretch marks are severely unwanted.

Green City Introduces Sugaring to Philadelphia

LogoAnyone familiar with waxing knows that it is not a gentle process. While the client may get used to the pain, it never gets easier, nor does it offer benefits past removing the hair. Providing customers with a gentler and more natural alternative, Green City has introduced Sugaring Hair Removal to Philadelphia. Sugaring is an all-natural hair removal process that has been around for centuries.

How to Get Rid of Cold Sores Overnight - Review and Bonus Package Launched

December 7st 2014 marks the second anniversary of 'How to Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast'. It is a natural cold sore treatment protocol dedicated to helping sufferers get rid of cold sores quickly and permanently.

Dr. Bruce Genter Now Offers NeoGraft Hair Restoration

Dr. Bruce Genter, M.D. F.A.C.S. is an American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon working as the sole practitioner at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. This coming winter season, Dr. Genter is proud to announce that he will now be offering NeoGraft® Hair Restoration procedures to any client trying to restore vigor to their dwindling hairline.

Hundreds of Knee Replacement Procedures Performed for Arthritis Relief

The prevalence of knee replacement procedures are continually rising in the United States. This is due to the growing number of people who are suffering from arthritis conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Meladerm – The Skin Lightening Cream with a Difference

The skin is the largest organ in the body and is fraught with numerous issues when it comes to daily care and maintenance. Skin whitening is all the more tricky because a majority of available skin care and skin whitening products tend to focus on whitening rather than the overall health of the skin, leading to undesirable long terms effects. This is where Meladerm differs from the status quo.

VPC Joins in Rebuilding the SMP Service Industry: A Means to Mend Hair Loss, a Struggle Against Hoax

LogoThe quest for the permanence of scalp micropigmentation (SMP) as an immediate solution for every balding man around the world would probably be put to a great test as legitimate SMP practitioners have to bear their fangs against numerous shams that threaten the fate of the hair loss treatment in the industry for the sake of greater bottom line.

Acne No More Enlightens Readers on How to Get Rid of Acne Fast - Naturally, Safely and Totally

No prescription drugs or Drug Store creams required, is a website with information, tips and practical advice on acne. It also includes a product review of an acne cure product Acne Now More. The website provides readers with information that has been scientifically proven to work. This gives the readers peace of mind that will help them find a solution for their acne problem.

Announcing the Launch of a Professional Massage Company, Hergünmasajantalya, in Turkey

LogoThe new massage company, Hergünmasajantalya, under website looks to be a promising and high standard health company for professional massage services.

Hergünmasaj Celebrates First Anniversary and Launches the Website That Promotes Healthful Living Through Stress Reduction

LogoIstanbul massage services company Hergünmasaj, is celebrating their one year anniversary and has just announced the formal launch of their new website serving people in Istanbul looking for professional massage services.

HIV PEP: An Innovative Resolution to HIV Cases

LogoSingapore's Dr. Tan and Partners Medical Centre is currently offering quality HIV PEP treatment to its clients. This service specializes in the treatment of HIV and STD screening cases and is primarily aimed at those individuals who find themselves in risk-prone situations that need immediate attention. The clinic of Dr. Tan and Partners is among the rare few centers in Singapore that have been chosen for anonymous HIV evaluation. Dr. Tan and his trusted team of colleagues offer utmost discretion for the patients who visit the clinic for the treatment of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Avita Massage Offers Top of the Line Massage North Vancouver Services

Avita Massage just unveiled its new line of products and services which include massage North Vancouver, sports therapy and intramuscular stimulation, all of which are essential for relaxing the body. In addition, the therapy center announced their team of massage therapists has been increased to meet demands.