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Jingduan Yang, MD of Tao Integrative Medicine to Speak at the American Functional Medicine Association (AFMA) Conference

LogoUnlike the traditional disease-oriented model, the knowledge of functional medicine expands further, providing practitioners with newfound information that can translate to providing better diagnosis, improved treatment and enhanced patient care. This advanced scientific information is particularly the main focus of the American Functional Medicine Association (AFMA) Conference, which focuses on promoting the field of functional medicine by educating medical industries. Dr. Jingduan Yang, the founder and medical director of Tao Integrative Medicine, will be attending the much-anticipated symposium to express his support of the event and teach the practice of functional medicine.

Ohio Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Now Offering New Treatment for "Double Chins"

John F. Zavell, MD, FACS, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Toledo, OH, is proud to announce that he is now offering Kybella™ injections, the first and only FDA approved non-surgical injectable that contours and improves the appearance of submental fullness, sometimes referred to as "double chin". Dedicated to providing his patients with the latest in aesthetic injectables, Dr. Zavell has added Kybella™ to his list of non-surgical procedures.

Vein Health Medical Clinic Showcases Their Cutting-Edge Vein Disease Treatments

As early as 2008, news outlets began to recognize vein disease as a growing worldwide issue. Recently, some have reported that as many as twenty-five percent of the world's population of women and fifteen percent of men suffer from spider or varicose veins. It's an unfortunate problem which, if left untreated, will eventually lead to serious health issues and unsightly skin changes.

A Center of Excellence, Spine Physicians Institute of Dallas Offers World Class Back Pain Treatments

The Spine Physicians Institute is comprised of the leading spine surgeons from around the DFW Metroplex. Nationally recognized as being apart from other spine specialists throughout the United States based on their high level of expertise and patient care, the Spine Physicians Institute is the country's leader in minimally invasive surgery.

Center for Scars Offers PicoSure Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are common, especially after pregnancy. Like other types of scars, they can cause embarrassment and prevent those who have them from wearing their favorite clothing, going swimming or feeling confident about their appearance in general.

A Very Attractive Offer from This Medspa and Laser Center

That Dermataloge, a premier Medical Spa and Laser Center in Bryan College Station Texas, has announced a "buy 2 get 1 free BBL Photofacial treatment" offer may be great news for those who wish to get their unsightly brown spots and freckles cleaned up from their face, neck and chest. This treatment will get them an even skin tone also.

Dr. Shiloh of the Shiloh Vein and Aesthetics Institute Rated "Top Doc" by Consumers' Checkbook

Consumers' Checkbook/The Center for the Study of Services is an independent, nonprofit consumer organization dedicated to providing consumers with information that will help them acquire the highest-quality services and products, at affordable, fair pricing. As a trusted name in the ratings industry, subscribers to the service can be sure that the various experts elected by the organization are truly the best in their profession. Dr. Shiloh, of the Shiloh Vein and Aesthetics Institute, is proud to announce his selection as a "Top Doc" by this prestigious magazine and online publication.

Innovative Hemorrhoid Treatment Now Available in U.S.

Adults who suffer from hemorrhoid flare-ups have a new source of relief from the painful, irritating condition, with the U.S. launch of a treatment that has shown impressive results in clinical trials.

TAO Integrative Medicine Launches Peak Life Wellness Program

LogoMany individuals may feel skeptical that they can have control over their health and happiness. But, once they experience the new Peak Life Wellness Program at TAO Integrative Medicine, they may turn into believers. Through clinical research, the center has found that many patients do not feel that they can better their current situation. That's when the facility decided to create a tangible solution that is centered on developing an active lifestyle through a natural, holistic approach. TAO Integrative Medicine is pleased to announce that their Peak Life Wellness Program has launched.

Critical Intervention Services Available from Addiction Treatment Group

LogoAddiction Treatment Group offers critical intervention services for drug and alcohol addicts in Philadelphia and its neighboring regions. Critical intervention services are often seen as a last resort for family members and those closest to individuals who suffer from addiction. However, anyone who is affected by addiction is encouraged to immediately seek help.

Wash out Lice and Nits Completely with Effective Head Lice Treatments from Advice on Lice

Lice and nits on a child's head are a parent's worst nightmare. These blood sucking parasites can cause itching in children. These parasites are contagious and capable of spreading from one head to another. To prevent them from manifesting into a full blown infestation, Advice on Lice is providing effective head lice treatment services at the most competitive prices. Individuals looking for a reliable service provider in this respect, can count on Advice on Lice for providing top quality lice removal services. The head lice treatment they provide is available for just $85.00 per hour, while their house call services are available for $100 Per Hour, excluding the $50 - $65 travel fee that is variable basis the individuals' location.

Effective Prevention and Control of Head Lice with Ulfesia from Advice on Lice

Head lice infestations are becoming a common problem among children in playschools. Lice are not dangerous, but they are a nuisance that are quite difficult to be treated effectively. To stop this itchy problem from recurring and transmitting, Advice on Lice is now providing Ulesfia to its customers to get rid of this blood sucking parasite once and for all. Being a non-pesticide composition, this benzyl alcohol lotion is safe for use by both children and adults. The company's experts believe that the recommended amount is excessive so they advise their customers to use the treatment twice at a lower dose, saving the remaining product from the first application for the second treatment.

Laser Cap Therapy Available at Pistone Hair Restoration

Pistone Hair Restoration of Marlton, NJ, has earned an excellent reputation for surgical hair transplant procedures like NeoGraft in Philadelphia. However, some individuals dealing with hair loss may not be ready for surgery, whether they'd like to explore other options or their thinning hair is not yet severe enough to warrant surgery. Pistone Hair Restoration offers comprehensive solutions in the form of non-surgical hair treatments. One such non-surgical treatment that they offer is laser cap therapy, an exciting new breakthrough in the field of hair replacement for women and men in New Jersey.

Dr. Linda Amerson's 2nd Cruise with a Purpose Culminates Successfully

To mark the National Alopecia Month, Dr. Linda Amerson hosted the 2nd Cruise with a Purpose. The annual event was tremendous success and sailed Saturday, September 26, 2015. The event was successfully held second year in a row and received praise and appreciation from all those who attended the event in 2015. The event was held on the Silver Lake Marina 'Tejas Yacht' on the beautiful Lake Grapevine, Grapevine TX from 8pm-11pm CST. Discusses the Interaction Between Oxytocin and Alcohol and How Oxytocin Can Guide to the Discovery of Sobriety Pill

LogoOver 3 million of people die every year due to alcohol-related causes. Putting it into perspective there are 5.9 % of death happening worldwide. Aside from that, countless of other adverse health effects are being endured by people that are alcohol dependent. Unfortunately, the current psychological and pharmacological treatments to alcohol-dependents are only secondarily better than the use of placebo in reducing alcohol intake. Luckily, the recent research explores the possible interactions of neuropeptide oxytocin and alcohol to offer some grounds for hopes to sobriety. Its aim is to produce a pill that can make those who are alcohol dependent to drink less, to be less intoxicated when they drink and more capable of enduring the life-threatening alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Such pill that is the product of immense research might one day exist.

Break Through for Peripheral Neuropathy Cure Program at Leading Company

It has been said that more and more people in the country cannot remember the last time they enjoyed a long refreshing walk without pain. Experts say that neuropathic pain is affecting an increasing number of individuals in the country. It is a result of damage that affects the somatosensory, which is also known as sense of touch.

Leading Website Launches Campaign Against Shin Splint Ailments

It has been said that irrespective of whether a person is an athlete or not, at some point in life, there is a tendency to be affected by shin splints. The internet itself has recorded over millions of stories where people have reported of sufferings from this condition. In most of the cases, individuals have been known to have gone through unbearable pain.

Relaxing Well Releases New Product Called Aromatherapy Soothing Muscle Body Soak for Improving Sore Muscles Throughout the Body

LogoAll those who are stressed with their life because of excessive body burnouts or even other reasons need the right products which could be of help. Relaxing Well is one of those companies which have come up with an altogether new product.

Pluristem & Charite Expand Cooperation Agreement to Include Orthopedic Indications

LogoPluristem Therapeutics Inc., a leading developer of placenta-based cell therapy products, today announced it has expanded its five-year Collaborative Research Agreement with the Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapy at Charité - University Medicine Berlin. The expanded agreement, which was executed on October 11th at the Berlin-Tel Aviv Business Forum in Tel Aviv, broadens the parties' cooperation to include identification of orthopedic indications that may be eligible for development under Europe's Adaptive Pathways and conditional marketing approval in the European Union. Pluristem's program to develop PLX cells in critical limb ischemia is already under discussion with the EMA and other European Stakeholders under the Adaptive Pathways.

PrEP UK Launches New Website to Educate People About an Effective HIV Prevention Tool

The number of people living with HIV in the UK has doubled within the last ten years. There are more than five thousand new diagnoses in the UK each year, and it is estimated about twenty percent of men and women living with the virus have yet to be diagnosed. It won't take long for anyone reading through the UK's recent HIV statistics to see the spread of the virus has reached epidemic levels. If the government and healthcare industry does not take significant prevention measures, the problem is only going to get worse.

Pluristem CEO Zami Aberman Elected to Board of Directors of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine

LogoPluristem Therapeutics Inc., a leading developer of placenta-based cell therapy products, today announced that Pluristem's Chairman and CEO, Zami Aberman, has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM). Based in Washington, D.C., ARM promotes research, development, investment and commercialization of regenerative medicine technologies. Pluristem has been a member of ARM for 3 years and has actively supported the organization's goals. Mr. Aberman joins other prominent leaders in the field of regenerative medicine who are currently serving on the board.

Stem Cell Therapy Brings Hope for Degenerative Disease Patients in Thailand

Due to the advances in the medical sciences, and new treatment methods, the stem cell therapy for treatment of degenerative disease, anti-aging and injury is a new hope for the patients.

Fine Line Wrinkles Now Being Treated with a Substance the Body Naturally Produces Every Day

Of the several treatments available for wrinkles, Belotero injections is best suited for treating fine lines around the mouth and to a lesser extent the eyes and hands.

Scar Revision in Less Time with PicoSure Laser Scar Removal at Center for Scars

The decision to undergo scar removal is an empowering one. Scar revision can help individuals regain confidence in their appearance and move on from past trauma. However, scar removal also has a reputation for being a lengthy, painful process. At Center for Scars, the leading facility for laser surgery for scars in Richmond, VA, scar removal can be performed in fewer sessions and with less discomfort when patients choose PicoSure laser scar removal.

A Herpes Outbreak Can Be Caused by Sunlight; CBCD Reviews the Medical Evidence

Logo"Infected with the herpes virus (HSV-1, or HSV-2)? The CBCD recommends taking Gene-Eden-VIR." - Greg Bennett, CBCD