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Green City Beauty's Illuminating Body Scrub Featured in PhillyVoice

LogoGreen City Beauty, the salon that brought sugaring, an all-natural body waxing alternative, to Philadelphia, was recently featured in PhillyVoice's 2017 Beauty & Wellness Guide.

Renowned Hair Restoration Surgeon Now Official Trainer on ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Surgery System

Dr. Ken Anderson, MD, FISHRS, a world-renowned hair restoration surgeon and director and founder of Anderson Center for Hair, is proud to announce that he was chosen to be one of two official trainers for ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant Surgery System in the USA. The ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant System is the most state-of-the-art method of hair restoration in existence. The ARTAS® Robotic System is a type of surgical equipment that uses an advanced algorithm and image-guided robotics to selectively harvest hair follicles with minimal trauma to the scalp. Dr. Anderson was chosen by the ARTAS® Corporation not only because of his reputation in the hair restoration community, but also for his exquisite work and long track record of success using the ARTAS® Robotic System.

Renowned Plastic Surgery Center in Baltimore Launches New Website

The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery is pleased to announce the launch of their new website, and encourages patients and site visitors to explore the site. The new website's design is to provide maximum user-friendly experience with improved functionality and navigation to its site guests.

NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine Announces Availability of Epidural Injections

LogoNorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine announces that they are offering epidural injections for patients dealing with conditions such as lower back pain and sciatica.

The University Pain Medicine Center Announces Transforaminal Injections Are Available

LogoThe University Pain Medicine Center is pleased to announce that transforaminal injections are available to any patient who is experiencing pain in his or her arms, legs, neck, or back. This procedure is just one of a variety of treatments and procedures offered by the University Pain Medicine Center, like epidural injections, nerve root blocks, facet joint injections, discogram, celiac plexus block, intercostal nerve blocks, and thoracic disc compression. The University Pain Medicine Center is a go-to for patients in need of lumbar, thoracic, and cervical procedures.

People in the VA, DC, & MD Area Can Get Quality, Professional Lice Treatment Service with Advice on Lice

Since 2007, Advice on Lice has been educating and helping people with head lice and nits deal with the issue safely and productively via proven methods for complete eradication. Owner and founder, Karen Franco became interested in lice and nit education and eradication when her own children were in school and she discovered a gap in knowledge among academia and the public in general. This was when Advice on Lice was founded and they now serve people in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.

Advice on Lice Provides Professional, Discreet Treatment for Lice in MD, DC, & VA

Finding lice on a child can be a horrifying experience for parents and educators. Advice on Lice was created to help educate the public about nits and lice, as well as to provide a safe, comfortable environment in which to eradicate lice and nits from children, and when necessary, adults. Advice on Lice has developed an effective strategy that involves a powerful and safe treatment method. This anti-lice treatment oil is in great demand. The lice MD is an oil and silicone base product which suffocates the lice when applied properly by combing it in layer by layer and leaving it on 20 to 25 minutes. This strategy has proven to be very effective and allows children, parents, and educators to have peace of mind.

The Freeman Spine and Pain Institute Announces Treatments Are Available for Golfer's Elbow

LogoThe preferred in network spine doctor in Union, NJ and the surrounding areas, the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute, is pleased to announce that treatments are available for golfer's elbow. As a provider of a variety of treatments and procedures for ankle, foot, hand, hip, knee, shoulder, back, and neck pain, the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute is proud to add their golfer's elbow program to a large lineup of other offerings.

NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine Announces Spinal Cord Stimulator Trials Are Available to Treat Neuropathic Pain

LogoNorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine is pleased to announce that spinal cord stimulator trials are available to treat neuropathic pain. The medical practice has served the residents of New Jersey for years, and is well-known for the excellent patient care they provide. In fact, those who choose these Monmouth County, NJ doctors for back pain treatment will be pleased to know that they not only offer spinal cord stimulator trials, but a wide variety of other pain treatment options and procedures.

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey Wraps Up 2016 with Part Two of Their Year in Review

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) enjoyed a successful year in 2016 of helping people in the area express their concerns and seek help for their disordered gambling, whether in the form of buying lottery tickets or illegal betting for sports events online in Monmouth, NJ, homes.

Renowned Board Certified Oculofacial Surgeon Selected to Serve as International Kybella Trainer

Dr. Deborah Sherman, Chief Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon and CEO of the Sherman Aesthetic Center, has been selected to travel the world as an international trainer for the nonsurgical double-chin treatment, Kybella. This revolutionary first-in-class injectable treatment is FDA-approved and is the only customizable effective non-surgical method for reducing fullness in the submental area, also known as the double chin, to give patients a sleeker, firmer and more sculpted chin and youthful profile.

Due to Rashann Salaams Recent Death, TBI Therapy Creates Program to Reduce Devastating Effects of CTE

TBI Therapy of Colorado, an established leader in TBI related healing therapies, announced its program to protect the brain health of current and past professional football players in light of the recent death of 1994 CU Boulder Heisman Trophy Winner Rashaan Salaam. Salaam's close associates have made several comments as to observing symptoms that reflect him suffering from CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) before his death. It as believed by family and friends as to playing a big part in the cause of his eventual suicide that took place on December 5th 2016.

No More Worries for People Who Suffer from Urinary Tract Infections and Are Looking for a Natural Cure

Here is some good news that may excite those who suffer from urinary tract infections and who are on the look-out for a natural UTI cure. says they come out with UTI E Drops that can effectively cure this infection. According to, there are only very few antibiotics that help in curing urinary tract infections that are caused by certain strains of e.coli. Overuse of such antibiotics by people has resulted in the development of suberbugs such as MRSA or ESBL that are resistant to all the known antibiotics.

The University Pain Medicine Center Treats Shoulder Pain

LogoThe University Pain Medicine Center, a pain clinic with offices in New Jersey as well as in Brooklyn, NY, is pleased to announce that they have a variety of procedures available for patients who are trying to find shoulder pain relief. Patients suffering from shoulder pain can contact the University Pain Medicine Center for the assessment and diagnosis of their pain. The physicians at the University Pain Medicine Center can then design a comprehensive treatment plan.

Midwest Neurology Associates Accepting New Patients in Need of Headache Treatments

LogoMidwest Neurology Associates, a medical practice that offers pain management services out of five locations in Lake County, IN, is pleased to announce that they're accepting new patients in need of headache treatments. Since the beginning, lead practitioner Dr. Samer Kassar and his team have sought to help patients who suffer from intractable headaches, and who've also found no relief with conservative methods.

The University Pain Medicine Center Treats Patients Dealing with Facet Joint Syndrome

LogoThe University Pain Medicine Center is pleased to announce that treatment options and procedures are available for those suffering from facet joint syndrome. Since the beginning, the physicians at the University Pain Medicine Center have been helping patients all over Middlesex County, NJ and beyond find lower back pain relief, as well as relief from many other types of painful conditions with their minimally invasive treatment options and procedures.

NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine Announces Knee Arthroscopies Are Available

LogoThose looking for an Ocean County, NJ-based doctor that can help them find relief for knee pain should look no further than NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine. In fact, this medical practice with six offices throughout Central and South Jersey, is pleased to announce that they are now offering knee arthroscopies in-house.

The Byebyecellulite Cream: New Cream Finally Proved as the Best Solution for Cellulite

Online advertising site, CELLULITETREATMENT.EU, brings fresh hope to peopledealing with cellulite. The information provided on the site brings significant solution for customers who have been using several cellulite removers and ended up growing lumps. The recently BYEBYE CELLULITE CREAM when compared on CELLULITETREATMENT.EU with similar products proved to be the best solution available in the market.

Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates Provides Game Ready Treatment for Athletes

LogoWith winter sports such as hockey and basketball underway, Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates, a leading chiropractor in the West Chester, PA region, strives to keep athletes on the field with game ready treatment.

Reality Star Gives Safe Surgical Face Lift Treatment Bad Rap

LogoKim Kardashian's characterization of Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) is raising a few eyebrows on the faces of some skin care experts.

The World Egg Bank Makes the Dream of Conceiving a Reality

The oldest and the largest egg bank of the world – The World Egg Bank has made the dream of conceiving a reality for thousands of women of the world. According to The World Egg Bank, it currently has over 450 egg donors available for Custom Choice™ cycles and over 2000 frozen eggs already banked. The World Egg Bank holds a comprehensive experience as they have been recruiting and screening egg donors nationwide since 1996, banking cryopreserved oocytes since 2004, and shipping worldwide since 2007. And by now they have successfully have distributed over 3,000 cryopreserved oocytes nationally and internationally since 2006.

U.S Patients Benefit Thanks to Leading Hepatitis C Treatment Providers

LogoHepatitis C patients from all over America are flocking to Medembassy in an attempt to cure their conditions. Doctors working for the company are some of the most experienced in the world. That's why it's no surprise they've created some amazing results during the last few years. They use a combination of Western and Eastern knowledge to design the best treatments possible and give people their lives back. Chinese techniques play a big role, and everything is tried and tested. Launches Detox Programs for Substance Abuse Patients

Addicts and their families can consider the aforementioned website for its alcohol and drug addiction detox programs. Theirs is an exclusive rehab that aims to provide the ideal options so that such patients give up their addictions for good. It has been described as a sensitive and effective place that takes care of its patients in a professional manner.

Buy a Gift Card from Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa as a Special Valentine's Day Present

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, leaving people throughout Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA, wondering what to buy their significant other. Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa believes there is no better way to show love and appreciation than through a day at the spa. In fact, this premier day spa, located in Center City Philadelphia, is offering Valentine's Day gift cards, which are convenient and affordable ways to share the gift of a luxurious spa treatment.

New Fibromyalgia Treatment Strategies Unveiled

LogoMillie is a young woman, cheerful and bright. But deep down she endures the deep pains in her arms and torso which has plagued her for years. In spite of having many doctor visits and having a plethora of tests performed on her, the source of her pain was never found, until early in 2016, when she was finally referred to a doctor specializing in nerve disorders and finding out the reason of her suffering­: fibromyalgia.