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Premiere Sports Offers a Whole Body Wellness Approach to Pain and Injuries

LogoPremiere Sports and Spinal Medicine treats injuries, chronic disease and dysfunction with a whole health and wellness approach that addresses the underlying cause instead of just symptoms. The practice's physiotherapy professionals have extensive expertise, experience and advanced technology at their disposal to ease pain, hasten healing and rehabilitate.

New Mobile Lice Removal Services "Lice Happens" Opens in Atlanta, GA

LogoAt Lice Happens, the team understands that lice, well, it happens. Whether the kids got it at school from a classmate, or  if it was contracted from dirty linens after lying down in a mattress store, lice is something that people deal with on a daily basis. However, many are embarrassed by the fact that they have to purchase medications in stores, or purchase specialty shampoo treatments in order to deal with this issue.

Announcing a Personalized Approach to Chiropractic Treatment

LogoThere are many individual's in the United States who resort to chiropractic treatment each and every day in order to combat problems with posture or to correct dull to intense pain as a result from a recent accident. Because there are many people that require this type of treatment, often, they can just be seen as another patient in pain. However, Dr. Overton at Chiropractor of Columbus stated that they approach their patient care on personalized and holistic level.

Dr. Shiloh, Philadelphia Varicose & Spider Vein Specialist, Published in Philly Fit Magazine

Patients seeking varicose vein removal in the Philadelphia, NJ and DE regions have long turned to the Dr. Shiloh Vein & Aesthetics Institute for comprehensive care, cutting edge technology, friendly service and impressive results. Dr. Shiloh, an expert in all aspects of vascular condition treatments, has developed an excellent reputation in the tri-state area for his career using minimally invasive techniques to manage venous diseases. Now, individuals are able to read more about the treatments offered by Dr. Shiloh in an article published by popular local fitness magazine Philly Fitness.

Straight.Life – New Website Launched for Students That Struggle with Drugs or Alcohol

A new website Straight.Life has been recently launched with the aim of helping, inspiring and motivating people to pursue excellence and live up to their true potential through sobriety. The website has been targeted towards all those who struggle with drugs or alcohol abuse, especially high school and college students.

Hair Transplant Procedures Skyrocket in Popularity

Thinning hair and baldness can be a source of embarrassment for many individuals. Perhaps that's why more clients than ever are seeking out SmartGraft, an innovative new hair transplant procedure.

LipMedRX Presents Antibacterial Lip Balm to Prevent Flu Germs

LogoLipMedrx have created and launched a lip balm that kills 99.9% of germs that can be present on lips. Germs can cause ailments and those sitting on the lips pose the biggest threat. There are so many things on which bacteria can lurk and while they may not include human lips, there are still plenty of odds that bacteria in the air or hands finds its way to the lips from where they can easily enter the mouth and gut.

Lice Lifters Eliminates Lice in One Appointment with Treatment

LogoThe worst aspect about contracting head lice is not being able to get rid of them fast enough. In many head lice situations, over-the-counter treatments are not effective enough to completely eliminate the infestation. Families that are dealing with lice can obtain peace of mind with the highly effective and successful treatments provided by Lice Lifters. In just one visitation, customers can be free of head lice with the center's simple three-step lice treatment process. The lice treatment is available in the North Jersey and Philadelphia region at the center in Lafayette Hill, PA. Rather than struggle to fight off the blood-sucking pests on their own, customers can rely on Lice Lifters to relieve them in just one session.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Men and Women: What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

LogoScalp Micropigmentation (SMP)– Now in Toronto, Ontario!

Introducing Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment in India at Local Rates

Heredity may be one simple cause of hair fall and men's pattern balding, but there can be other causes too. The various causes can range from medical conditions to previous treatments or even food and diet intake habits. According to scientific tests, thirty percent of the hair reduction conditions are caused by an imbalance of hormones. When testosterone, the male hormone is changed into DHT, the outcome is hair reduction. Shifting the diet program to have acceptable nutrients and vitamins is an additional way to assist hair growth and lessen active hair decline or shedding. A diet program is very crucial, and if a person commences with an enhanced way of lifestyle, they will notice hair regrowth once again. Food items that happen to be full of excess fat or salt can actually cause hair loss. Meals that happen to be loaded with vitamins and nutrients, like fruit and veggies, can help encourage healthier hair and grow back your hair that has been lost.

Da Vinci Bio Sciences Publishes Paper on Stem Cell Therapies, the Reality of Their Use in Anti-Aging Procedures

Stem Cells were first touted to be the building blocks of the human body, able to replicate the function of the cells around them, and have remained a hot topic in popular Science due to their continued use in cutting edge experiments. However, hype and misinformation has caused the public to believe miracle cures are closer than they are, and unscrupulous companies in the beauty industry take advantage of this fact. Dr. Rafael Gonzalez of Da Vinci Bio Sciences has published a new paper frankly discussing the current realities of the field.

Minimally Invasive Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment Shows Favorable Results for Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment Using Stem Cells

Cuidandome Mas Publishes Spanish Language Review of Bellavei as It Is Released in Latin America

Our skin is constantly under attack, and constantly protects us from the elements, making it a miracle that we can also have skin that is soft a beautiful. To help us in this pursuit, a whole industry has sprung up creating creams that help people look their best and protect the skin that protects us. The new Bellavei product has been designed to smooth and even out skintone for a flawless looking effect, and has been released in Latin America to great excitement. Cuidandome Mas ( ) has published a review of the product in Spanish to see if it lives up to the hype reportedly coming from English speaking countries.

Unrant Helps a Record Number of Internet Surfers Following the Launch of Hyperhidrosis Advice

LogoAs their site continues to grow larger and larger, Unrant is continuing to raise the bar in helping people with their everyday issues. The website is being built with value in mind. Recently, the website opened up a "sweating" section within their website which offers unique advice and tips to ensure that sweating is no longer an issue in anyone's life.

[This Independence Day] Help Mikaela Have the Life Changing Surgery She Deserves

LogoRoxanne has launched a heartfelt plea on life.indiegogo in order to raise funds for the life changing GRS that her life partner, Mikaela, so desperately needs and deserves.

Pistone Hair Restoration Offers Neograft in New Jersey

One of the most recent milestones in hair restoration technology is the technique of follicular unit extraction (FUE), which allows for more precise hair transplantation results and quicker recovery time. Neograft, a FUE procedure, has been gaining in popularity among patients interested in hair restoration. To meet the demand for this innovative technique, Pistone Hair Restoration is now available to perform Neograft hair transplant procedures in its NJ facility.

Review Site Examines the Diabetes Destroyer Program by David Andrews

There have been reports that David Andrews's Diabetes Destroyer program has resulted in several reviews on the internet in recent weeks. The program has made some huge claims that both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can be cured, so review sites like has decided to go through a rigorous study to find out its authenticity.

Eliminate Lice and Nits with Effective Head Lice Treatment from Advice on Lice

Nearly every kid suffers from head lice at least once in their lives. These creepy parasitic bugs thrive on the human scalp, causing irritation and itchiness. Getting rid of head lice can be a challenging task and for many it can be worse than a nightmare. Keeping this in view, Advice on Lice has developed a routine method for head lice treatment. Parents looking for reliable treatments for head lice and nits for their kids can trust their procedures.

A Universal Medicine for the Multi-Symptomatic Man

LogoNinety-five percent of people were sick in the last year, with a third of those complaining of having 5 or more chronic ailments, a recent study published in a prominent health journal has found.

With New Spotlight on Batten Disease – Can Gene Therapy Provide an Answer?

LogoMedia reports tied to famous faces in Hollywood are shedding new light on the inherited genetic disorder, juvenile Batten disease, a lysosomal storage disease that primarily affects the nervous system in children. After a few years of normal development, children with this condition experience progressive vision loss leading to blindness, intellectual and motor disability, speech difficulties, seizures, and premature death. As yet, there are no treatments available that can halt or reverse the symptoms of Batten disease.

Clear Cloudy Natural Lens with Effective Cataract Surgery from Braverman Eye Center

LogoCataract, a clouding of the lens of the eye, results in loss of visual function. A person suffering from cataract may suffer from decreased night vision, impaired depth perception and increased color distortion. To assist individuals in getting their cloudy natural lens cleared, Braverman Eye Center is providing Highly effective cataract surgery treatments. Eye patients in need of quality treatment for cataract can trust the Miami Lasik specialists of this reputed eye care center. Utilizing high frequency ultrasound, the cloudy natural lens is dissolved and replaced with an artificial lens, which helps the patient to get their vision back.

Get Laser Vision Correction with LASIK Surgery at Braverman Eye Center

LogoFor people who want to improve their eye sight and eliminate the need for wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses completely, Braverman Eye Center is now providing Laser Vision Correction LASIK Surgery at the most competitive prices. It is a surgical procedure that is performed with an excimer laser. Individuals suffering from astigmatism and other refractive errors can get this surgery done by the experienced eye surgeons of this reputed eye care center. The surgeon's team at the center utilizes micro-surgical techniques and Laser Assistance to carry out the whole operation efficiently, ensuring that their patients get back to their normal routine the very next day.

Get Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation from Expert Trained Specialists at the Spine Physicians Institute

To restore movement and function to people disabled by injury, or patients with acute back and neck pain or even those recovering from a recent procedure expert medical assistance is widely sought. In order to lead a healthy life, patients can get Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation from the Spine Physicians Institute in Dallas. Their physical medicine and rehabilitation offices in Dallas includes a wide range of treatments that includes exercises and stretching, physical medicine and rehab, short-term immobilization, pain medication and much more.

Get Back to Life with MIS Spine Surgery from Spine Physicians Institute

Spinal injuries can be devastating and can result in permanent disabilities. In other cases it may also prove to be fatal. Being a vital body organ, any injury to the spinal cord requires specialized medical care and assistance. To provide patients with the highest quality medical treatment, the Spine Physicians Institute offers the latest in MIS spine surgery. Patients looking for reliable and experienced spine surgeons to help address the underlying causes of their back pain can look to the Spine Physicians Institute expert trained spine surgeons for the answers they need.

Q Fever Away Ebook Launched in Answer to Lack of Public Education Regarding Condition

Despite widespread occurrences being reported since its initial discovery in 1935, Q Fever remains a largely unfamiliar term to the general population of the world. Due to varying incubation periods as well as symptoms mimicking an array of other illnesses, this infection tends to proceed unrecognized or misdiagnosed in many sufferers. In an effort to spread awareness of the condition, leading authority on this subject Eva van Dal has launched her latest ebook entitled Q Fever Away.