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Lice Lifters Treatment Center of Harrisburg Has Been Open for 7 Years, Dedicated to the Safe, Effective Treatment and Removal of Head Lice

LogoLaToya Wright knows how difficult and frustrating the detection, treatment and head lice removal can be. LaToya has successfully been treating lice in Harrisburg, PA for almost 7 years. LaToya saw the need of lice treatment in the Harrisburg area several years ago and opened up a treatment center in Lemoyne. LaToya did not want to be a nitpicker she knew by having a physical location she would be able to treat many families in one day. LaToya met with Lice Lifters founder, Michele Barrack, and opened her Lemoyne location.

Heritage MedSpa Introduces Alma Lasers' Harmony XL Pro Laser Treatment

Heritage MedSpa takes great pleasure in announcing that a range of aesthetic treatments with the Harmony XL Pro will now be available at their Wake Forest clinic. Patients will now be able to benefit from the fast and effective way to treat a variety of skin concerns.

Total Speech Therapy Announces Expert Care for Speech and Language Disorders

People who suffer from speech and language challenges can now happily say goodbye to speech and language struggles, as Total Speech Therapy announce their expert services in taking care of individuals with speech, language, cognitive or swallowing challenges.

The CCGNJ Reflects on Another Successful Annual Conference

Recovery from a gambling disorder, whether one that involves sports wagering in Freehold, NJ, casino gambling in Atlantic City or online gaming elsewhere, is always a collective effort. On September 16th, 2016, over 150 professionals connected to problem gambling advocacy, including clinicians, social workers and representatives from state and private gambling companies, all convened at the East Windsor Holiday Inn for the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey's (CCGNJ) 34th Annual Statewide Conference on Compulsive Gambling. The Conference's strong turnout testifies to the power of collaboration in preventing and treating gambling disorders.

Esteem Medical Spa Honoring Breast Cancer Survivors During the Month of October

LogoEsteem Medical Spa of Reno, Nevada, is paying homage to breast cancer survivors during national Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a special body contouring giveaway. Individuals who have overcome breast cancer can enter or be nominated to win a complimentary fat-reduction treatment with the help of innovative CoolSculpting technology, now through the end of October.

The Spine & Sports Health Center Announces Epidural Steroid Injections Are Available to Treat Sciatica and Lower Back Pain

LogoThe Spine & Sports Health Center is pleased to announce that epidural steroid injections (ESIs) are available to treat sciatica and lower back pain. Since the beginning, The Spine & Sports Health Center has sought to help patients find relief from joint and spine pain by utilizing revolutionary non-surgical procedures and treatment options. The medical practice operates out of three offices located in Hudson County, New Jersey, and accepts patients from all over the New York metropolitan area.

Midwest Neurology Associates Now Accepting Patients at New Headache Urgent Care Clinic in Dyer, IN

LogoOn September 1, Midwest Neurology Associates opened their brand new headache urgent care clinic in Dyer, IN, to treat those in need of immediate attention. The clinic was opened as a viable option for men and women with chronic head pain to receive fast assessment as opposed to waiting weeks for an appointment. The clinic is now available for walk-ins with no appointment necessary.

Renowned Georgia Plastic Surgery Practice Hosting Open House Event of the Year

The renowned plastic surgeons of Renaissance Plastic Surgery are proud to announce that they will be hosting the "My Breasts. My Body. My Turn" open house on Thursday October 13, 2016. The event is from 6pm-7:30pm and will be located at their location in Macon, at 4030 Riverside Park Boulevard, Macon, GA 31210.

North Carolina Plastic Surgery Practice Throwing 6th Annual "Beauty Bash" to Benefit the Community

World renowned North Carolina plastic surgery and medical spa practice Hunstad Kortesis is proud to announce that they are hosting their 6th Annual Beauty Bash this October 2016. The yearly event is a great way for attendees to learn more about HK Centers, meet and discuss procedures with prestigious, board-certified plastic surgeons, certified injectors, physician assistants and medical representatives. As an added bonus, this year attendees will be able to listen to testimonials from former patients in person and see live demonstrations for in-demand procedures like NeoGraft Hair Restoration. Attendees will be able to qualify for event-only discounts and also have the chance to win complementary cosmetic procedures.

The Spine & Sports Health Center Accepting New Patients in Need of Physical Therapy for a Sports Injury or Pain

LogoThe Spine & Sports Health Center, a medical practice with three office locations in Hudson County, New Jersey, is pleased to announce that they are accepting new patients in need of physical therapy for a sports injury or pain. Recently, the medical practice opened a new 4,000 square foot office located within the Monroe Center in Hoboken, NJ. The new office boasts a state-of-the-art sports medicine and rehabilitation center with cardio and strength training equipment, chiropractic adjustment tables and benches, flexion distraction tables, and much more.

Laura's Sonoma Massage Announces Record Website Inquiries for Stress Reducing Swedish-Massage Treatment

Laura's Sonoma Massage, a respected and trusted source for therapeutic massage therapy in Sonoma California announces record website inquiries regarding stress reducing Swedish massage therapy sessions. With a growing number of people throughout Northern California and across the country looking for ways to reduce environmentally induced stress, they are turning to innovative and unique forms of touch therapy. This is especially true of those who wish to avoid using pharmaceutical medications as a way to deal with excess stress. As more people discover yoga, meditation, acupuncture and bodywork as well as other natural remedies they are finding that there are many ways to reduce stress in a more natural and healthy way. A wide variety of therapeutic modalities including Swedish, Sonoma hot stone massage and deep tissue along with others that proven highly effective in helping individuals enjoy a better quality of life through the reduction of stress.

Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Seeking New Patients for Beauty Enhancement Services

LogoWhen men and women residing in and around Philadelphia seek a reputable cosmetic surgeon who can provide them with the beauty results they want, the search can be lengthy. However, the search is over when they trust the elite plastic surgi-center, Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery. Operating with two lead plastic surgeons, Dr. Neil Gottlieb and Dr. Raphael Gabay, the facility offers an array of beauty enhancement services for improving self-image. Is Now Serving Families in Multiple Areas to Help Battle Against Head Lice

LogoLice Happens is a professional lice removal service that travels to private residences to treat and remove head lice. This company now has several corporate locations available to serve families in need. Locations include Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Northern Virginia, Richmond VA and Washington DC.

FemiLift Laser Treatments Now Available at Medical Colleagues of Texas, Suite 202

Dr. Kelly McCullagh, Dr. Tiffany Mullin and Jane Ellis, RNC-NP of Medical Colleagues of Texas are delighted to announce the arrival of the Alma FemiLift laser treatment to their Katy, TX practice. The FemiLift procedure is used to promote vaginal rejuvenation, treating feminine issues such as dryness, laxity, mild urinary incontinence, itching, painful intercourse, and recurring infections.

Enjoy Deep Relaxation with Full Body Massage Services in Dubai from BEST RELAXATION

LogoBEST RELAXATION, a premiere Day Spa in Dubai, offers a wide range of massage and skincare treatments that is sure to provide the ultimate in relaxation to individuals. The full body massage that they offer leave positive effect on the entire body mechanism and improve the body's general resistance to diseases. A variety of massages that one can get from them include traditional Thai massage, foot and hand reflexology, Swedish massage in Dubai, Moroccan Bath, etc. Each of their massage techniques provide a number of health benefits like relief from pain, improves joint mobility, boosts immune system, improves circulation, reduces muscle tension, and many others. Individuals looking for full body massage in Dubai can contact them by filling a simple form present on their official website,

Laura's Sonoma Massage Reports Record Demand for Seasonal Disorder Massage Therapy Treatment

Laura's Sonoma Massage, a respected and trusted source for the best in Sonoma massage therapy reports record demand for seasonal disorder bodywork type therapy or treatment. With a growing number of people across the country turning to therapeutic bodywork as a way to address a wide range of injuries and conditions, seasonal disorder is quickly becoming one of the more common ailments being treated by touch therapy. Seasonal disorder or changes in mood during certain times of the year is well documented in people of all ages and across all regions of the country. Those who experience this type of condition and who wish to avoid pharmaceutical medications that can often have negative side effects are turning to Sonoma massage therapists as a smart and effective solution to the problem. Touch therapy is natural and highly beneficial to those who have sports injuries, neck pain, lower back pain or even chronic migraine headaches.

PMMA Dermafiller, a Safe Effective Aid in the Search for a Perfect Body

Buttock enhancement is a popular segment of the booming cosmetic surgery industry which has received steadily growing interest during the last decade. At the same time, as is often the case with available procedures, there has been confusion about the best one to use. Everyone would welcome a perfect body; and for those hoping to have fuller, well-shaped buttocks, the Bioplasty International Center recommends PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate). It is a minimally invasive way to achieve that dream appearance.

Advice on Lice, Inc. Offers Advanced & Thorough Lice Treatment Service for Clients in MD, DC & VA

Since 2007, Advice on Lice, Inc. has been helping individuals and families overcome lice and nit infestations. They offer their clients an advanced and thorough lice treatment service that is available to people in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Their mission is to educate and as many people as possible in that area about head lice and the controversy that surrounds this heated issue. As part of their treatment for lice in MD, VA, and DC, it is their belief that head lice treatment success depends firmly on diligent follow up nitpicking.

Clients Can Get Professional & Thorough Head Lice Treatment in VA, DC, & MD at Advice on Lice, Inc.

Clients in the VA, MD and DC area, who are seeking a lice treatment service, can call Advice on Lice, Inc., for professional and thorough head lice treatment. This company has been around since 2007 and has been serving clients in that region with prevention, as well as with eradication of head lice. The process starts with prevention head checks, and then if nits and lice are found, a comprehensive head lice treatment removal process is put into place.

Tao Institute of Modern Wellness Helps Kids Dealing with ADD and ADHD to Concentrate Using Alternative Medicine Approach

LogoChildren who struggle with ADD or ADHD may find it hard to concentrate at school without their prescribed daily dosage of medicine. However, more and more parents are questioning the side effects of ADD and ADHD prescriptions such as Ritalin and are looking to see if there are any alternative treatments available. At the Tao Institute of Modern Wellness, an integrative medicine model is practiced to treat conditions like ADD and ADHD that focuses on improving the mind, body, and soul.

Good Life Palm Beach Announces the Launch of Treatment Center

The Good Life Palm Beach has recently held its grand opening in an event which was attended by a few dignitaries and well wishers. One of the center's representatives revealed that the main objective of establishing the treatment center was to offer a unique treatment procedure coupled with a vigorous environment where people with sober living can experience quick recovery. Address Lice Outbreaks in New Jersey

LogoLice Happens serves the South Central New Jersey areas of Princeton, Hillsborough,Basking Ridge, Bridgewater, and Robbinsville as a professional mobile lice removal clinic. Lice Happens understands that nobody is to blame for a lice infestation and Jan Cooper, leader of Lice Happens South Central New Jersey says, "I am trained to educate families about lice and dispel a plethora of misconceptions."

Study Reveals Men and Women Find It Worthy to Go Abroad for Plastic Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

Although being less complicated than most other surgeries, upper and lower eyelid surgery requires good thought and preparation – still, recent study reveals that most men and women are more likely to go abroad for upper and lower eyelid surgery due to the ability of lowering the cost and the surgery and recovery period being quite easy.

The Essentials of Umbilical Cord Blood Published

Stem cell transplants have become significant in modern-day medicine. There are three known sources of stem cells and these are the following: bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, and embryonic cells. Stem cells that come from bone marrows have been established to have limited uses. On the other hand, stem cells from embryonic cells have been plagued with a lot of controversies. Among the sources, it is the stem cells from umbilical cord blood that have proliferated for various medical treatments and further research. The umbilical cord blood is also known as placenta blood. This is the blood collected from the umbilical cord and placenta right after a live birth.

Mobile Lice Removal Service, Lice Happens Offers Discreet in-Home Treatment

LogoLice Happens is a professional mobile service center that comes to the homes of families to treat and remove head lice from those afflicted with an infestation. Lice Happens serves a large number of states including: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC.