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Get Rid of Head Lice Once and for All with Superior Head Lice Treatment from Advice on Lice

Establishing themselves as one of best lice removal service providers, Advice on Lice employs effective and tested methods to treat the infested person. In order to provide effective treatment for lice, they make use of quality products like Licemeister comb, RID shampoo, Lice MD pesticide free and Ulesfia. With their team of highly trained nitpickers; they provide treatment for head lice in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Va., including both in-office appointments as well as house calls. They operate Head Lice Salon in Maryland that is fully equipped with four hair salon chairs, two salon sinks, flat screen TV and DVDs to occupy young children and their families at the same time. People intending to set up an appointment can call on 240-242-4267.

Get Rid of Head Lice with the Best Lice Removal Services from Advice on Lice

Since 2007, Advice on Lice, Inc. has been providing lice removal services in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland region. They have a team of professionals who are trained in complete removal of head lice and nits from the infested person's head. Their lice removal services are designed to have three different steps. In the first step, their trained professionals manually screen the head of infested person. If nits and lice are found, they move on to step two and use Lice MD non-pesticidal oil treatment to suffocate the live lice. In the third and last step, they manually remove dead nits and lice by picking and combing the hair with the Licemeister comb and Lice MD Pesticide Free conditioners.

Global Wellness and Skin Care Compliment One Another Skin Deep

LogoThe "keeping it real" movement is stronger than ever in the skin care industry and it has an iconic fashion magazine to thank for its success.

The CCGNJ Offers Ways for Problem Gamblers to Enjoy the Super Bowl Responsibly

This year, countless people will throw Super Bowl parties and gather to watch the big game. As game day approaches, the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) cautions problem gamblers to take part in Super Bowl festivities responsibly.

Pneumatic Compression Shown to Reduce Knee Swelling in Arthritis Patients

Turkish researchers found that intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) significantly reduced knee swelling in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA).

Rasyog Ayurveda - a Holistic Approach to Health Care

Rasyog is the known destination for Ayurveda treatment all over the world. Rasyog Ayurveda is the best way to experience a holistic approach to treatment. Popular throughout the world because of its several resorts, Rasyog Ayurveda offers world-class treatments and services; providing mainly treatments to sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation with an exotic collection of herbs and medicinal plants.

Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine Featured in 6ABC Interview

LogoIn December, 6ABC interviewed Dr. Jingduan Yang, founder of Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine, as part of their coverage of supplemental methods in the treatment of opioid dependency.

Green City Beauty Gives Clients a Fresh Start in 2018

LogoPeople resolving to live happier and healthier in 2018 can get a fresh start at Green City Beauty, a Philadelphia salon that offers natural skin care and sugaring in Center City.

Green City Beauty Offers Healing Ritual Facial

LogoWhen it comes to skin care in the Greater Philadelphia region, Green City Beauty has residents covered just in time for the cold winter months. With their all-natural approach, the skin care professionals at the best waxing alternative salon in Philly offer refreshing, rejuvenating facials to clients. Currently, Green City Beauty offers a Healing Ritual facial with The Jasmine Garden Toner from May Lindstrom for a limited time, at only $110.

Holistic and Natural Treatment Options from Rasyog Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the most effective ways of treating various conditions in the most holistic, natural and a non-invasive way. Dr. Amol Bamane of Rasyog Ayurveda is an Ayurvedacharya with over 12 years of experience in treating various illnesses and ailments with the help of Rasa Shastra (one of the most important branches of Ayurveda). Dr. Amol with his expertise and knowledge prepares potent and unique herbal formulations which have no side effects when used by the patients.

MiracleFace MedSpa: The Place to Get the Best Botox Treatment in NYC

MiracleFace MedSpa, a company located at 211 East 43rd St, suite 716, New York, NY 10017 United States (US), specialises in making their customers look good. Just like the common saying goes: "First impression lasts long". They have over the years stood the test of time in providing their specialised services of creating a long lasting impression on their clients, by making them look their best. They are reiterating and announcing their continuance in the business.

For Guys Eyes Only - A CoolSculpting Info Event Just for Men

On Saturday, January 27th, Gallaher Plastic Surgery and Spa, MD is putting on an exclusive CoolSculpting event just for men. Participants will receive info on how CoolSculpting can work to give them the body they want. They'll also get breakfast, a few surprise meet & greets, giveaways, and a chance for a free one-on-one consultation with their on-site CoolSculpting expert, Amber.

Pacifico Plastic Surgery Booking Consultations for Those Interested in Tummy Tuck or Liposuction Procedures

Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Pacifico, is booking consultations for those interested in a tummy tuck or liposuction procedure. At his clinic, serving clients in New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, Dr. Pacifico performs tummy tucks, as well as a full range of cosmetic procedures—including breast augmentations, Brazilian butt lifts, brachioplasty, and post-weight loss surgery. With a trained eye and an instinct for aesthetics, Dr. Pacifico is ideally suited to his field as he offers minimally invasive techniques with the most artistry and precision.

Surgical Arts of Virginia Offering No Cost Trial in Stem Cell Skin Rejuvenation

Stem cell therapy has the potential to transform the science of medicine. R. Shane Palmer, MD and other cosmetic physicians have a keen interest in applying this technology to rejuvenate the skin. A Belgium surgeon, Dr. Patrick Tonnard and colleagues at the University Hospital of Brussels, have conducted trials in which they processed adipose (fat) tissue obtained from liposuction and then injected the resulting stem cells directly into the dermis of the skin of the face and the décolleté (lower neck/upper chest). They witnessed "remarkable improvements in skin quality" out to 6 months and beyond in the 67 patients treated. They coined this procedure "nanofat injections". This surgeon published his results so others could benefit from the rejuvenating effects he witnessed. Dr. Palmer is following this surgeon's protocol to trial the method in his Fredericksburg office.

Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa Now Booking Appointments for All Types of Spa Services in the New Year

Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa is now booking appointments for all types of spa services in the New Year. With the holiday season winding to a close and many people feeling exhausted, there's never been a better time to indulge in a much-needed escape. Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa offers unsurpassed luxury and privacy at their chic downtown location. Electrolysis, waxing, reflexology, massage therapy and spa facials are just a few of the luxurious services offered at Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa.

American Laboratory Developed Skin Lightening Cream MiraGloss Specially for the Asian Market

LogoEverybody knows that smooth and radiant skin is a result of a good skincare routine. Often, human's skin is exposed to harmful chemicals and environment which makes it fragile, rough and spotted. Bad habits as excessive smoking and drinking alcohol, stressful lifestyle, inadequate sleep, pollution, harmful sun rays, and the inevitable aging are the major factors which make the skin dry, faded and spotted. All of these are part of everybody's daily life and one cannot run away from them. Nevertheless, some harmful effects can be reduced and better skin care methods can be tried.

Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Performs Breast Augmentations in Doylestown

Women who are looking to boost their self-esteem because they are not happy with the size or shape of their breasts are choosing Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology for breast augmentation surgery in Doylestown, PA, as well as the surrounding areas. Women who have experienced weight loss or breast cancer typically seek breast augmentation for both psychological and health reasons.

Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Helps Patients Suffering from Common Skin Conditions and Disorders

Residents who live in the Bucks County and Montgomery County areas and suffer from a skin condition or disorder are encouraged to schedule a visit with the best dermatologist in Newtown. Dr. Ivy DeRosa, of Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology, is a trained and Board Certified dermatologist who can address all medical and cosmetic skin concerns that residents in the area may have.

Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Offers Breast Augmentation for New Year Look

Offering breast augmentation surgery in Doylestown well in advance of swimsuit season, Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology helps women who are looking to improve the look and shape of their body in the New Year. Patients who are unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts are encouraged to learn more about the procedures provided at the practice.

Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology in Newtown Offers Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Procedures

Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology in Newtown offers liposuction surgery and tummy tuck surgery in Newtown to those who wish to improve their appearance. These two body contouring procedures can restore the appearance of patients' youthful figures, thereby increasing their confidence.

Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology in King of Prussia Offers Treatments for Various Skin Conditions

Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology offers its patients in the King of Prussia area treatments to help combat various skin conditions. The practices offers medical and reconstructive cosmetic procedures in and around Bucks County, under the lead of Dr. Ivy DeRosa, a Board Certified dermatologist.

Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Offers CoolSculpting in Doylestown

Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology in Doylestown, known for plastic surgery procedures such as SmartLipo™, announced that it is available for CoolSculpting procedures. This innovative, non-invasive treatment is perfect for those wishing to get rid of stubborn fat that won't respond to diet or exercise without going "under the knife."

Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology in Newtown Offers Rhinoplasty

Bucks County Plastic Surgery & Dermatology in Newtown is offering complimentary consultations to individuals interested in rhinoplasty. Dr. Skalicky and Dr. Shafran have over 20 years of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and are dedicated to finding the right procedures to each patient to create the best outcome.

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Is Encouraging People to Start the New Year off Right with Their Cosmetic Procedures

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center is encouraging people to start the New Year off on the right foot by choosing the center's cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance. Throughout the entire month of January, current and potential patients can take advantage of special offers for a number of treatments, including Injectables such as Juvederm, Dysport, Restylane, and Botox in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Midwest Neurology Associates Are Utilizing Infusions for MS and Pain Management

LogoSpecialized in pain management, Midwest Neurology Associates are administering infusions to treat multiple sclerosis and oversee pain management for their patients. Medical experts of the Merrillville, IN area, the neurologists at the center leverage the latest technologies in the field as they treat the underlying biological causes of neurological disorders and conditions. The leading neurologist, Dr. Kassar, oversees a team of medical professionals and board-certified physicians who aspire to the highest quality service.