Healthcare Press Releases

Emerging Hopes Offers Free Plastic Surgery for Victims of Domestic Violence, Cancer Survivors and Others in Need

Hunstad Kortesis Plastic Surgery + Med Spa announces the launch of Emerging Hopes – an annual philanthropic initiative that will gift up to $175,000 of life-changing plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures to those who need it most, but simply can't afford it.

San Diego Therapist, Kristin Moorehead-Malley, Welcomes Jessilyn Fortuna, to Sage Therapy Center

Kristin Moorehead-Malley, a licensed therapist in Carlsbad, CA, is proud to welcome a new team member, Jessilyn Fortuna. Jessilyn will be the new office coordinator at Sage Therapy Center. Jessilyn's goal is to enhance client relationships with the practice and to help add to the caring experience. She will be the initial contact for new clients and will carefully match the needs and temperament of the client with the experience, modality, and style of the three therapists in the practice.

Absolute Smile Installs Dental Implants for Patients in Bucks County, PA

LogoA beautiful, unique smile is what brings out the personality in every individual. However, having loose or missing teeth can cause self-consciousness and insecurity. Opting to get a dental implant is a convenient solution to enhancing the appearance of the mouth. This summer, the cosmetic dentist facility of Bucks County, PA, Absolute Smile, is offering dental implants for patients. The dentistry has installed dental implants for residents all across the Philadelphia region. Patients can schedule an appointment with the dental facility to have the implants placed in substitute of their missing or loose teeth.

Delta World Charter Successfully Completes Airlift of Critical Healthcare Units to Erbil

LogoDelta World Charter on June 16, 2015 successfully operated a cargo charter from Brno to Erbil for its strategic customer. The airlift was to facilitate the delivery of MRI/CT scan units for one of the largest suppliers of healthcare technology in the world. Aboard the 747-200F was a total of 33 tons of this critical healthcare equipment and spares.

Bad Cosmetic Surgery – The Tell-Tale Signs Identified by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Barry Weintraub

LogoBad cosmetic surgery has many tell-tale signs and these can be spotted with an experienced and educated eye. The issues around badly done or overdone cosmetic surgery are highlighted this week (20Jul2015) on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on, when show host, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka talks with Dr Barry Weintraub, board certified plastic surgeon from his practice on 5th Avenue, New York.

Da Vinci Bio Sciences Publishes Paper on Stem Cell Therapies, the Reality of Their Use in Anti-Aging Procedures

Stem Cells were first touted to be the building blocks of the human body, able to replicate the function of the cells around them, and have remained a hot topic in popular Science due to their continued use in cutting edge experiments. However, hype and misinformation has caused the public to believe miracle cures are closer than they are, and unscrupulous companies in the beauty industry take advantage of this fact. Dr. Rafael Gonzalez of Da Vinci Bio Sciences has published a new paper frankly discussing the current realities of the field.

Researchers Investigate the Benefits of Curcumin for Proinflammmatory Diseases

For centuries, turmeric has been used for several purposes. It has been an excellent ingredient for a variety of dishes, to preserve food, and as a medicinal remedy. It is also a popular natural remedy in the treatment of inflammatory disorders.

Researchers Investigate the Fat Blocking Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is an ancient spice that is widely known for the therapeutic benefits it may offer. It comes in a powder form, but there are also turmeric supplement capsules available. In addition to boasting therapeutic properties that are beneficial for overall health, the spice may have many other surprising benefits.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption Could Potentially Make Arthritis Worse

Unhealthy habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, are among the things that are associated with the increasing prevalence of diseases nowadays. Healthcare professionals generally recommend that people maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. There are many health risks associated with these vices including one that involves arthritis.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Believed to Be Helpful for Weight Loss

Nowadays, there are many natural ingredients that are widely used by people who want to improve their overall health. In addition to using healthy food ingredients, an increasing number of individuals are aiming to manage their weight to become physically fit. The good news is that managing weight has become easy these days, considering all the methods and weight loss techniques available.

American Children's Cancer Association Extends $200 Thank You Gift Offer for Car Donations in CT

LogoAmerican Children's Cancer Association (ACCA - Give2Kids) announced today that they have extended their offer of a $200 VISA gift card as a thank you gift to all qualified vehicle donors. ACCA excepts any kind of vehicle (cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, planes, etc.).

Experts Provide Methods to Add Turmeric to One's Diet

There are many spices and herbs nowadays that are used for a variety of health purposes, and one is turmeric. This ancient spice is popularized by its key ingredient called curcumin, which is believed to have many health benefits. Individuals who want to improve their overall health may use the spice on a daily basis.

Experts Recommend Omega-3s for a Healthy and Happy Heart

Heart-related ailments have continually been affecting millions of people from around the world. This is the reason why many people are following a healthy diet and lifestyle in their everyday life. The good news is that there is a natural ingredient that is widely believed to be beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Minimally Invasive Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment Shows Favorable Results for Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment Using Stem Cells

Enhance Health with Nutrient Rich Raw Mixed Nuts

It is a persistent belief that the cooked and roasted food contains harmful toxins which are not easily thrown out of the body. When the food is cooked, it undergoes many chemical changes that produce carcinogens and mutagens. In a document posted by the Harvard Medical School established that consumption of raw tomatoes, watermelon, papaya and pin guava increase the intake of lycopene.

Alcohol Detox Programs to Lead a Glorious Life

After rehabilitation a person needs much more than a good location which is free from the alcoholic substance. A presence and aura of godliness should also be felt in which the rehabilitated person can get the divine blessing to start a new journey. Alcohol detox programs by Homes of Promise possess all the properties of godliness and divinity that can turn a rehabilitated person into someone who is free from the trauma that he or she experienced in their alcoholic days.

Dirty Equipment Found in Hospital Prompts Complaints About Its Cleaning

Following an inspection by the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate, it has emerged that Edinburgh Royal Infirmary have been told to improve their cleaning after inspectors found it was not up to standard. Birthing balls and half of cot bed mattresses were found to be contaminated and other dirty equipment was found leading to complaints and concerns about the hygiene standards in the hospital.

K9 Nature Supplements Is Launching a New Website for Dog Products

The website, is all set to become live in 2 weeks time. It is the Company's latest venture in order to help pet owners have better products for their dogs at competitive prices. Apart from a variety of products, dog owners can also peruse the tips on dog health and what measures can be taken to improve the quality of their life.

Smiles by Lyles: Making People in Texas Smile Better

The reasons for need or orthodontic treatment for adults and children may vary; however, the primary aim for such care is achievement of good bites. Your teeth need to correctly align on opposite jaws and aid in chewing, speaking and also biting. A healthy and straight smile results in enhancing dental health along with boosting your esteem and confidence.

Study Finds Glucosamine Could Potentially Promote Longevity

There are many things that people from all walks of life and from around the world are doing and avoiding to live longer. There are those who practice healthy diets and engage in physical activities regularly to improve their overall health. In addition to having a healthy diet and lifestyle, there are other things that are believed to help people live longer.

Experts Recommend Heat and Cold Pain Relief Methods for Arthritis Sufferers

Arthritis causes pain that often makes the life of a sufferer challenging and lacking mobility. While there are many pain relief products available for individuals who suffer from arthritis, there are also some natural methods that are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Turmeric - One of the Best Natural Antibiotics for Rabbits

Bacterial infections do not just affect humans, but animals too such as rabbits. While the use of antibiotic drugs is widely practiced by veterinarians and pet lovers, there are natural remedies that are believed to be effective and beneficial too for these animals.

Curcumin's Ability to Reduce Unhealthy Levels of Inflammation Finally Revealed

Curcumin is the phytochemical of the ancient, medicinal spice called turmeric. It is believed to have powerful therapeutic substances such as antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Its ability to become an effective anti-inflammatory agent has mustered the interest of many researchers and scientists.

Vets Recommend Glucosamine for Horses and Ponies with Arthritis

Glucosamine is one of the most popular natural alternatives nowadays. It is widely available in the market, and used by many people for a variety of health purposes. However, it seems that it is not only beneficial for humans, but also for animals.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Los Angeles Offered by Top Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

LogoMinimally Invasive Spine Surgery, or MISS, offers a great many advantages and healing benefits over the more traditional forms of spinal surgery. Patients usually need much lower levels of anesthesia and require much smaller incisions which leave significantly reduced scarring. Traditional spine surgeries result in longer hospital visits, lengthier recuperation time, and a greater risk of post-surgery infection as well.

Receive Tailored Health Insurance Quotes from Kaups Insurance

Getting health insurance is an effective measure to prevent financial exigencies in times of a health crisis. It guarantees individuals financial security at the time of treatment. To enjoy the benefits of this insurance, it is advisable to research thoroughly before purchasing one. You can get tailored health insurance quotes from Kaups Insurance. The company assists their clients with multiple options to examine, contrast and compare between various insurance products. The health insurance quotes that the company offers caters to queries such as methods of handling premiums, prescription drug plans, choices and options related to co-pays and deductibles, understanding about PPO, HMO, POS systems, amount limit and kinds of coverage etc.

YesBraces Reports Success of Well-Attended July 12 Annual Patient Appreciation Party

YesBraces, one of the state's top orthodontic practices, announced the success of the company's recent Patient Appreciation Party. Held on Sunday, July 12, at the company's Fairfax office, the details of which can be found at, the party brought together patients, YesBraces dentists and staff members, and others for a fun, exciting celebration. Those in attendance enjoyed everything from a face-painting booth and moon bounce amusement to music provided by a professional DJ and delicious refreshments. With offices in Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Reston and Springfield, YesBraces is one of the state's top providers of orthodontic assistance to children and adults, and the company's annual Patient Appreciation Party is inevitably well-attended and enjoyed by all.