Healthcare Press Releases

Georgia Plastic Surgery Practice Hosts 'Skin, Chins & DJ Spins' Launch Party

The Skin Care Centre at Renaissance Plastic Surgery, is excited to host 'Skin, Chins & DJ Spins', a launch party for Kybella™ and ZO® Skin Health, on Thursday, August 27th, 2015 from 6pm to 8pm. The Skin Care Centre is managed by Trisha Kennedy, MSN, FNP-BC, NP-C and Pam Riede, LE, CMS, and they are pleased to provide this event for current and potential patients. The plastic surgeons of Renaissance Plastic Surgery, Paul Syribeys, MD, Roy Powell, MD, and Christopher McLendon, MD, will also be in attendance and are looking forward to meeting their Peachtree City patients.

Key Executive with Significant Hematology Drug Development Expertise Joins Actinium Pharmaceuticals as Head of Clinical Development

Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("Actinium" or "the Company"), a biopharmaceutical Company developing innovative targeted payload immunotherapeutics for the treatment of advanced cancers, announced today the appointment of Felix Garzon, MD, Ph.D. to the position of Senior Vice President, Head of Clinical Development effective August 17, 2015. Dr. Garzon brings with him 28 years of pertinent pharmaceutical and biotechnology experience in increasingly senior roles, most recently at Eisai and Bristol-Myers Squibb, having worked on both later and earlier stages of drug development.

Long Island Dentist Dr. James Ciancarelli Helps Patients Transform Their Smiles in Just Three Weeks with Veneers

LogoDr. James Ciancarelli, dentist in Long Island, NY is helping patients with gapped, crooked, misshapen, or discolored teeth finally get the smile they've always dreamed of without the hassle and cost of orthodontia or other invasive procedures. In just three weeks, Dr. Ciancarelli can give patients a brand new smile that is designed to last for decades.

Northern Virginia Otolaryngology Associates PC Introduces Their New Website

LogoNorthern Virginia Otolaryngology Associates PC, an ear, nose and throat medical office located in Marshall, Virginia has just launched their new website which will serve as a place for potential and current patients to gain information about the otolaryngology practice. Our website was created by RevBuilders, a digital marketing company located in Gainesville, Virginia.

Dr. Madeson Basie, Dentist in Vancouver, BC Encourages Regular Treatment and Proper Hygiene for the Prevention of Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

LogoRecent studies show that as many as 80% of adults have some form of gum disease, often referred to in its beginning stages as gingivitis. While many people view brushing their teeth as the most important activity for the prevention of decay, flossing is equally important for preserving the tooth's position in the mouth and gum tissue. Dr. Madeson Basie is encouraging his Vancouver patients to seek regular treatment and practice proper hygiene habits to keep their gums healthy, and ultimately keep their teeth into their elderly years.

Brandon, MS Dentist Promotes Relaxation in the Dental Chair with Sedation Dentistry

LogoMany people will avoid going to the dentist solely because they have a fear of possibly experiencing discomfort or pain. Routine dental appointments are vital to maintaining dental health as any issues can be detected early on and resolved before they require more extensive procedures. Through the use of sedation dentistry, Dr. Brian E. Johnston of Brandon, MS enables his patients to be comfortable and relaxed while getting the dental care they need with the use of sedation during the dental visit. Ranks Nationally on the Inc. 500/5000 List for the Second Year in a Row has achieved ranking on the national Inc. 500/5000 list for the second year in a row, at #831. Employees of the company are not surprised to hear of this achievement. "With the amount of new clients we're bringing on and the valuable conversations I'm constantly having with current clients, it's not surprising that we are ranking again for growing so fast. Our system is irresistible for dental businesses not only across America but around the globe," says Daniel Dykstra, Director of Operations.

Northern Virginia Otolaryngology Associates PC Opens New Office in Marshall

LogoNorthern Virginia Otolaryngology Associates PC (NOVOA) has come to Marshall, Virginia placing their welcome mat, and accepting patients that are in need of any ear, nose, and throat (ENT) treatment at 8452 Renalds Avenue.

Wappingers Falls Dentist, Dr. Michael D. Meshnick, DDS Brightens Futures with Dental Implants

LogoPoor dental health can lead to many problems that most patients hope to never encounter, such as cavities, root canals and after all resources are exhausted, the removal of teeth. Whether you are missing one tooth or many teeth, dental implants are the most successful way of replacing teeth, helping to prevent further dental issues through their myriad benefits. Dr. Michael D. Meshnick of Wappingers Falls, NY enjoys guiding his patients through the quality of life improving procedure of dental implantation.

Dr. Michael Rothman, NJ's Leading Holistic Doctor, Presents a Video Blog That Discusses the Most Confusing and Interesting Current Medical Topics

Dr. Michael Rothman, New Jersey's premier holistic physician, has a reputation for the telling the truth about medicine and health, truths that other doctors and professionals may be reluctant to disclose. Now he has created a video blog, where he plans to regularly debunk certain misconceptions surrounding cholesterol, metabolically directed wellness, anti-aging, and more. Access to the new video blog and more information on Dr. Rothman and his practice is available at

Ensure a Healthy Lifestyle with Kava Capsules from Wakaya Perfection

LogoKnown for its pure, organic health and wellness products, Wakaya Perfection now offers a new size of its popular Kava Capsules to support your healthy lifestyle. Available for just $25 at, this new 15-capsule pack is easy and convenient to take with you on the go. As with all its products, Wakaya Perfection manufactures these kava capsules without any additives or preservatives using only the finest kava root found in the South Pacific.

Dr. Michael Rothman, NJ's Leading Holistic Doctor, Reveals the Advantages of a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Strategy

Dr. Michael Rothman, New Jersey's premier holistic physician, has been helping patients lose weight naturally and safely for decades. He teaches his patients that the key to their weight loss is a metabolic imbalance. If there is a chemical imbalance in your body, it will be impossible for you to lose weight. Dr. Rothman guides his patients through the process of balancing their body chemistry, truly detoxing their bodies, and then beginning a simple and effective weight loss regimen. See more information about Dr. Rothman's process at

Canadian Research Study Reveals Diabetes Risk Can Increase by 50 Percent Due to RA

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent medical conditions nowadays, especially in countries such as the United States. It is believed to be caused by risk factors such as excess weight or obesity. There are other potential risk factors that are not known to people, and one is rheumatoid arthritis.

Turmeric Believed to Be a Safer Alternative and as Effective as NSAIDs

NSAIDs have long been used by many people as a solution to the pain and discomfort they are suffering from due to arthritis. While pharmaceutical drugs are considered to be the pain management option that people resort to, a natural alternative is also gaining the attention and trust of arthritis sufferers.

Food Items to Fight Arthritis Finally Revealed

Millions of people from around the world are diagnosed with arthritis, and most of them are living a low quality of life due to pain and immobility. Pain relief pharmaceutical drugs are often resorted to by sufferers to achieve relief. However, due to the side effects associated with the use of these drugs, sufferers resort to natural pain relief options.

Individuals with Liver Cirrhosis May Benefit from the Use of Curcumin Supplements

The liver is one of the most functional organs inside the body, and it plays a major role in the maintenance of human health. Unfortunately, when the health of the liver deteriorates, it leads to the development of diseases that can place one in a life-threatening health situation.

Ultimate Herpes Protocol to Provide Permanent Cure for Herpes

LogoOne of the biggest issues faced by individuals these days is herpes. This health issues has been addressed by a massive amount of doctors from all over the world and a lot of treatments have been created for the affected people. The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a high end program created by Melanie Addington for the purpose of helping people get rid of herpes for good. It goes without saying that the program has managed to acquire the attention of people from all over the world due to the fact that it offers splendid results.

21 Day Challenge Weight Loss Program Takes the Market by Storm

There has been a lot of speculation over the challenge posed by the Monique's fitness. As per the challenge, the question is raised as to whether 21 days alone is enough to find the real solution to getting a body that is beach ready at any time.

Cornerstone Dental Labs Offering Customizable Payment Options to Dentists Who Have a High Number of Patients with Medicaid

LogoWith Medicaid already covering dental services for those under the age of 21, and some states slowly choosing to allow adults to use Medicaid for dental work, dentists may find it difficult to meet the needs of these types of patients. The fact of the matter is, Medicaid is often slower at reimbursing dentists for the materials they use on patients with this type of coverage, so acquiring the funds to pay for implants, crowns and/or removables is challenging. To help dentists who have a high influx of patients with Medicaid, Cornerstone Dental Labs is pleased to announce that they can create customizable payment plans.

Cornerstone Direct Wholesale Offering Fast and Efficient Dental Lab Outsourcing Services for Fall 2015

LogoWith the summer quickly coming to an end, now is the time for many businesses to start gearing up for the 2015 holiday season. What's more, aside from retail companies receiving an influx of customers, dentists might find themselves with a large number of patients attempting to get done last-minute dental work so that they have the perfect holiday smile. Dentists who want to fulfill all of their patients' needs quickly will find that Cornerstone Direct Wholesale will prove to be a valuable partner for any dental lab work. In fact, the company is eager to announce that they are offering fast and efficient dental lab outsourcing services for fall 2015.

Green City Recommends Healthy Lifestyle for Fresh, Glowing Skin

LogoClear, radiant skin isn't just a 2015 beauty trend. Beautiful skin has always been coveted as a signifier of health and youth. As noted by a recent Elle magazine article, Scandinavian women in particular have long been admired for the clarity of their complexions. The article, entitled "Scandinavian Women Know the Secret to Perfect Skin," was recently recommended by Green City, a Philadelphia salon recognized for its natural alternative to waxing.

Dentem Launches a Campaign to Bring Their Dental Care Revolution to the U.S. Market

LogoAlen Saqe, the founder and team leader of the start-up company 'Dentem', has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This campaign has a funding goal of $25,000, which needs to be raised in order to bring their innovative "dental care revolution" to the US market. Dentem is a digital platform which helps bring dental clinics into the modern era, and allows them to manage their dental practice more efficiently by utilizing electronic tools. It works through the simple implementation of both ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Client Relationship Management). This new system will be beneficial to both the dentist, and the patient since it allows for improved schedule coordination, heightened efficiency and better communication between dentist and patient. One of the steps involved in bringing Dentem to the US market, is making certain the program is HIPAA compliant. Once this has happened, they will begin selling their software in the states.

Researchers Speak Up on Being Depressed

In the Daily Telegraph, it has actually been reported in the science section that sad friends don't bring people down, while upbeat moods are actually infectious. Researchers carried out the research at the universities of Manchester and Warwick, while studying 2,000 teenagers to determine whether their social groups had any influence over how they went on to feel about life.

Northbound Drug and Alcohol Treatment Alumni Attend Anaheim Angels Game

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction can be one of the hardest journey's people ever take, and it is foolish of them to think they can undertake it alone. Professional help and an overflow of empathy can make all the difference. Northbound addiction treatment services have a unique way of working which includes peer support and mentoring from people who have been through their system and successfully conquered addiction in the past. Their latest event saw alumni meet with late phase recovery patients at an Anaheim Angels game. Ranks #19 on Fastest-Growing Austin Businesses on the 2015 Inc. 500/5000 is proud to announce that they have once again placed in the fastest growing Austin businesses. At #19 for 2015's fastest growing businesses on the Inc. 500/5000 list, is finding their home in Austin to be an extremely rewarding center of operations.

Sleep Junkie Talks Wake and Sleep Cycles in Latest Article

LogoSleep remains a growing field of research, with science making fascinating new discoveries at a rapid pace. A recently published study offers clues into one of the biggest mysteries, the mechanism behind sleep-wake cycles. Joins the Discounted Sponsored Posting Race, Dofollow Backlinks Available for Limited Time Only, widely considered as one of the fastest growing websites to focus on topics like celebrity dieting, weight loss, and surgery, has recently decided to spread its arms and welcome small advertisers.