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Hemp Seed Oil Named Perfect Natural Skin Care Solution for Eczema and Dry Skin Conditions

Hemp Seed Oil, Named Healthiest Oil On The Market For Natural Skin Care, Now Available As Hemp Seed Healing Balm


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- Medical researchers at the University of Kuopio, Finland, have found strong evidence of the positive effects of hemp seed oil when used as a dry skin and eczema treatment. Researchers, led by Dr. J. Callaway, at the department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Clinical Nutrition at the University, followed a group of patients with atopic dermatitis, also know as eczema, which is a type of allergy that causes dry and itchy skin and often requires medical treatment. "In short, we saw a remarkable reduction in dryness, itching and an overall improvement in the symptoms of these patients while they were using hemp seed oil," said Dr. Callaway.

Over the last 10 years, numerous reports have claimed that hemp seed oil improves skin integrity, strengthens finger-nails and thickens hair. "In a way, this all makes sense because skin, hair and nails are all formed from the same line of dermal stem cells," said Dr. Callaway. "Hemp seed oil is an exceptional source of EFAs; the essential fatty acids that we must obtain from our daily diet because, like vitamins, we can't produce them on our own. I'd have to conclude that this is probably the healthiest oil on the market," said Dr. Callaway.

Following these reports, Pure & Essential Minerals, an all natural skin care company based in Brooklyn, New York, developed Hemp Seed Healing Balm, to bring the healing benefits of hemp seed oil directly to people looking to improve the health of their skin naturally.

"There are so many products that profess to offer breakthrough treatment for dry skin conditions", says Drew Waters, Product Manager at Pure & Essential Minerals, "but most of them contain chemical ingredients that aggravate the skin. Hemp Seed Healing Balm assists the skin to regenerate naturally with the purest ingredients."

Hemp Seed Oil has been dubbed “nature’s most perfectly balanced oil” as it contains all the necessary essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals our bodies and skin require for optimum health and restoration. It is an excellent choice for skin and hair care as it protects against free radicals, sun damage and common skin conditions. Perfect for all skin types.

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