High Quality Electric Cigarettes: How Became the Same Thing as Cheap Cigarettes

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- The Increasing Popularity Of Cheap Cigarettes That Are Of The Best Electronic Cigarettes On The Market Is A Reality That Vapers Have Become Accustomed To. The immense popularity of electric cigarettes has meant that there are now more people that are vaping them as well as more non smokers that are tolerating them. This has in effect created a scenario where the top electronic cigarette manufacturers are able to manufacture at high capacity and this will reduce the cost of manufacturing electric cigarettes. As a result the benefit of lowered unit production costs will be passed on to the manufacturer in the form of high quality cheap electronic cigarettes that have become so popular with vapers. Unlike other products where the concept of being cheap means that the product will be of poor quality and dangerous, this is not the case with electric cigarettes.

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The electronic cigarette industry has been growing at an average rate of 120% annually and in 2013 it was at 240%, this has been based on The Growing Demand for High Quality Electric Cigarettes That Are in Demand on the Market. As a result smokers have come to realize that almost all the brands are making high quality products, the next best thing was to look for the price factor; thus the demand grew for cheap cigarettes. This has not meant the smokeless cigarette brands have forgotten about the quality factor, that is still in effect and this can be seen by the absence in the past 10 years of any deaths that have been caused by electric cigarettes.

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Without doubt, the claims by leading e cigarette review sites like dDigitalSmoke.Org that there will be more people that6 will be vaping electrical cigarettes in the next 6 years seems to be coming true. This claim on the growing demand of cheap cigarettes has been further cemented by leading financial analysts like Bloomberg and Forbes.

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