High Times Magazine Award G8LED Indoor Grow Lights with Their Prestigious Stash Awards

G8LED a leading distributor in LED grow lights has been awarded the High Times Stash Award, the company will be featured in the Sept 2014 issue of the magazine.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- G8LED the preferred distributor in LED grow lights has been recognized for providing excellent customer service and quality products for people looking for affordable LED growing systems. The distributor who has seen a huge increase in sales will be featured in the September 2014 issue which will be available to purchase in July 2014.

With the recent law changes on medical cannabis in America, more people are now turning to G8LED to buy quality but affordable LED indoor growing systems to grow their own plants. Thanks to the high quality products, grower's amateur and professional are able to achieve maximum results from their crop.

G8LED™ indoor growing technology is formulated as a high performance and highly efficient growing system. Through several iterations of growing and testing, G8LED™ designed the Optimal 8-Band™ ratio with the weighted average of the exact spectra needed for indoor growing without any waste. The Optimal 8-Band™ ratio provides the energy source giving plants healthy growth and prolific flowering resulting in the maximum yield per watt.

The High Times Magazine award confirms what customers of G8LED already know, the LED distributor are a company that cares about its customers and the products that it supplies, and that is why the company’s market share continues to grow.

To learn more about the award winning LED grow lights distributor and their products, please visit and see the products that are on offer and why the company has been recognized for their achievements.

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G8LED is a leading supplier of LED growing systems, helping commercial growers achieve success with their indoor growing requirements.

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