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Hollywood Nails All in One Nail Art System Canada

Hollywood Nails all in one nail art system is one of the hottest trends around that will provide salon quality nails without having to spend money at a nail salon.

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Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Gets a manicure or pedicure can be such a tedious and frustrating process. Why may require booking an appointment at a nail salon, driving there, waiting and paying expensive prices. Nail art systems provided an alternative so that women can do it right in the privacy of their own home which was great. The problem with traditional nail art kits is that they can be frustrating to use and a nightmare to accurately align designs. However a new product has been launched on As Seen on TV Canada which is the perfect answer for women of all ages to have dazzling nails. Whether for personal or professional fronts anyone woman can leave a lasting impression with this easy to use nail art system.

Hollywood Nails Canada is a new nail art system that has become one of the hottest selling beauty products and has been widely advertised on television in Canada and the United States. Unlike traditional nail art systems all the guesswork of accurately aligning designs with nails is not an issue. With Hollywood Nails users will get the perfect placement every time! To use Hollywood Nails just follow these 4 simple steps. Lock it down. 2. Align your nail. 3. Apply Polish 4. Stamp Design. Use Hollywood nails for both manicures and pedicures so they can match. Anyone can bring their nails to a whole new level with this nail art system. It can be used both on natural and artificial nails.

"All the girls in my family love getting their nails done. I bought this a few months ago and I have to say it works really easily. I thought this was going to be like the other nail kits I've tried in the past but it really takes all the guessing working out of doing my nails. If you're spending money getting your nails done by going to a nail salon often then you'll definitely love this product. I just purchased Hollywood Nails Canada from As Seen on TV Canada and got the same deal which was advertised on the infomercial." -Linda O'Connor

"I purchased the Hollywood Nails kit for my daughter and she loves it. I've actually used it with her the first day it arrived and it was really easy and fun to use. It works just as advertised as you can get salon quality nails very easily. Whether you're right or left handed it doesn't matter. We've used it both on our fingernails and toes and it comes out 100% perfect every time! I would recommend Hollywood Nails to anyone." -Lina Gervasi

Get salon quality nails without having to travel to a salon and spending the money. The Hollywood Nails kit comes complete with e as 5 plates, 45 different designs, 2 multi-color image plates, 2400 rhinestones and a professional nail art tool. Hollywood Nails will allow anyone to get quality nails, mess-free in a fraction of the time.

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