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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- The hooked on phonics learning program was developed in the year 1987 by Gatemway Educational Products. In the past few years the program has been given a fresh push and according to recent reports has proved to be very effective with children. The program encourages children to read with the help of phonetics. Since its inception it has seen many changes, additions and developments. Today the program is popular choice with parent who want their children to learn how to read.

Education is very important as it provides an individual with career opportunities. Parents spend a lot of time, energy and money to ensure that their children receive the best education possible. Parents try to ensure that the child develops an interest in his lessons by whatever means possible. There are a number of learning programs for children available in the market which have proved to be helpful. One of these is the "hooked on phonics" program. The program was developed in 1987 by Gateway Educational Products.

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The program has completed 25 years in 2012. Today it is available in several countries around the world. The reason for its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it has proven to be a highly effective way of teaching children how to read. The program focuses on phonetic sounds and teaches children how to read with the use of these distinct sound patterns. Because of changing teaching methods since its development the program has also been developed. Flash cards, computer games and music are used to ensure that kids are interested and engaged. The program aims to make learning fun for children.

Instead of getting children to learn by rote the program aims to teach children with interactive methods. The correlation between the letter and the sound or the phonics is used to educate the children and explain concepts better. The hooked on phonics program has proven to be particularly popular with parents who home school their children. There are various strategies for test taking and preparation. All these basically aim at how to hook or engage the child in the learning process. The success of the program has prompted other manufacturers to make similar products yet Hooked on Phonics remains the most popular in its class.

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