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Horse Racing Software: Race Whisperer Horse Betting System

Horse Racing Betting Systems: Does The Race Whisperer Horse Betting Strategy Guide Software Work Or Scam?

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2012 -- Predicting the winner of a horse race is very difficult regardless of how experienced or knowledgeable you are. There are many races each day at numerous meetings up and down the country and at racecourses all over the world. This means there is a huge number of statistics to analyze if the horse betting enthusiast wishes to study the form. This can be a major discouragement especially to the novice bettor.

Many punters have now started using horse racing software to forecast winners. The software is downloaded on to the individual's computer and it has access to a massive database of information relating to the horse racing. This data consists of previous results besides a wealth of other information that may be useful for anyone looking to predict the outcome of future horse races.

Race Whisperer is by a woman called Jennifer S who has worked with horses all her life and being in and amongst race tracks, punters and bookies, she has been observing patterns and following those who seem to be winning every day. She has been able to get inside the betting ring and become close to these successful gamblers and find out some of their secrets. After years of gathering information from all these different people she was able to put together this amazing Race Whisperer guide which in its first week is already kicking up a storm.

Each day before 11.30am Jen will update the system with the days information, picks, bets and expert analysis on why these picks have been chosen. All selections will be from UK and Ireland racecourses, unlike other systems who make people back a horse at 4am in and Australia race.

The Race Whisperer Horse Betting System Software Official Site

Question: How Do Members Receive The Information?

Answer: Members will be able to access all the days information, analysis and advice via Email. Each days information will be available no later than 11.30 am.

Question: How Often Does Race Whiserer Issue Advice?

Answer: Advice will generally be sent Monday-Sunday, but only when the time is right, this is dependent on the quality of information Race Whisperer receive. There may be only one selection or at times, four or five in any given day. On rare occasions due, to bad weather or track conditions (or simply the quality of the information given to Race Whisperer is not strong enough), these will be day's when no tips are given. These day's are rare, but Race Whisperer are sure members will understand, Race Whisperer will only issue tips if 100% confidence and assurance is behind them

The Race Whisperer Horse Betting System Software Official Site

Question: Are The Tips Directed At UK Race Courses?

Answer: Yes, all the tips are for UK and Irish race courses members'll receive selections from different race courses throughout the year depending on the sesaon and weather.

Question: Can Members Bet From Outside The UK?

Answer: Yes of course! Members can use Sportsbooks such as and that accept bets on Uk races so members can start reaping huge profits from anywhere in the world. If members are having difficulty finding a sportsbook feel free to contact Race Whisperer for more information.

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The Race Whisperer Horse Betting System Software Official Site
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