Hotels Etc.- the Unrivaled Travelling Discount Membership Club

Being a private member at Hotels Etc. is the smartest way to satisfy all the travel needs at the best discounted rates, and it has been creating ripples amongst the business travel industry recently with its great packages.

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Largo, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Hotels Etc. is a highly passionate company that offers private memberships to people who want to travel smart by getting access to the lowest travel rates. The discounts available on Hotels Etc. is designed specially for their private members to present them with travel plans and programs for leisure or business purposes. It is a novel travel club that helps individuals or businesses to save money to get access to millions of online and offline discounts that they wouldn’t have known otherwise. If a business or an organization involves a lot of travelling from one place to another frequently, if a company has employees who require traveling very often because of their job profile, Hotels Etc. is the most cost-effective way to go.

The main highlights of Hotels Etc. for business travellers and for travelling reps/employees include:-
- Discounts on everything related to business travel
- Helps save time and energy on comparing rates all over the internet
- Access to the best discounts on hotels, care rentals, airfare, and so on
- Cut down considerably on company travel expense
- The savings on travelling can be allocated else where

When companies have employees who need to travel a lot, it becomes quite expensive to deal with it by individual travelling. Hence, it is extremely beneficial for organizations to register themselves and become a member of Hotels Etc. When the organization chooses to be a Lifetime Gold Member then it is exempted from renewing the membership again and again.

“My company has a number of sales reps who need to travel almost every week to different cities and states and earlier it was quite expensive to keep the costs to the minimum. But since the time we have become a member with Hotels Etc., the costs of travelling have gone down significantly.” Says Freddie K. (a contended Hotels Etc.’s business member).

About Hotels Etc.
Since 1996, Hotels Etc. has grown and flourished into being classified as the largest travel and entertainment discount club. They always strive to create a win-win situation for everyone involved including consumers, businesses and entrepreneurs. It is the best way to accelerate one’s savings simply by joining Hotels Etc.

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