How 2013 Became the Best Year for the E Cig Reviews DigitalSmoke.Org

The e cig has been growing in leaps and bounds thanks to many features that have made it an attractive option for smokers looking for the best alternative.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- The e cig has recently come out and shown that it is a true industrial juggernaut as sales of the smoking devices have rapidly grown to become a billion dollar industry. According to Amy Dozier who is a manager at U-Can on South Third Street who attributed the success of the electronic cigarette to the levels of control that it gives back to the smoker. She paid particular reference that while the average liquid nicotine bottle $9 a piece with 22 milligrams of nicotine and that they're equivalent to a carton of cigarettes the best e cigarette contains 11 milligrams.

Another not so common, but crucial reason why the e cig is grown to be so popular, is because in its 9 years of being on the market there have been zero causalities and zero fatalities recorded globally. These efforts by the best e cig products on the market is in stark contrast to the tobacco cigarette reason as the American Lung Association says that there are nearly 400,000 annual fatalities from a tobacco related disease and an additional 50,000 more die from inhaling secondhand smoke. Yet the despite the criticism, the best the e cigarette can do is to have no ash, no smoke and odor, no tar, no tobacco, and no household fires and forest fires.

And whilst the e cig is not a smoking cessation remedy there are a growing range of ex smokers that claim that thanks to the e cigarette they have managed to reduce their dependence and no longer smoke regular cigarettes. In fact Amy claimed that "in Ohio where my brother has a store we actually have doctors who support this now. They actually send their customers down to us," Dozier said. There are more and more that claims in e cig reviews that these smokers are now having a better lifestyle thanks to the best electronic cigarettes they can find without the coughing and the constant tiredness that is associated with tobacco products.

As the e cig has been claimed by many to be next logical step in the smoking scene with predictions that within the next 10 years there will be more people using them than smoking regular cigarettes. As Dozier said that "I look at these people on our walls here and I watch these people who don't smoke anymore." The vapor cigarettes continue to make inroads into making smoking a more comfortable experience.

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