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How the 'Ancient Spice' Curcumin Can Keep You Feeling Younger for Longer

Curcumin, an ingredient found in the bright orange spice turmeric, contains antioxidant properties eight times more powerful than Vitamin E and is stronger than Vitamin C, according to numerous studies. This suggests that curcumin could keep you looking and feeling younger for longer, according to Naturally Healthy Publications.

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St. Helier, Jersey -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- The anti-aging industry is worth millions and relies on providing solutions to people’s fears of looking older. Increasingly however, the public is becoming aware of the ingredients contained in anti-aging products, meaning many people are now looking to natural health solutions.

Curcumin could be the answer. In India, women have been using turmeric for thousands of years, to successfully keep their skin looking radiant and blemish free. This is because turmeric contains many antioxidants, known as curcuminoids, which prevent free radical damage to cells. Curcuminoids also work within the body to provide support for healthy joints, liver and blood.

Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, curcumin has anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, while studies indicate that curcumin can have an effect on over 700 different genes. It has also been shown to stop or slow enzymes such as cyclooxygenase-2 and 5-lipooxygenase which cause inflammation in the body – the true cause of aging.

Anti-Aging and Various Other Health Benefits of Curcumin

Naturally Healthy Publications has a book available ‘Nature’s Miracle Herb™ Curcumin: The Spice with the Golden Gifts’ to inform people about this ancient super-herb and its anti-aging benefits. The founder of Naturally Healthy Publications, Robert Redfern has released thousands of newsletters about curcumin and its ability to solve inflammation and toxicity in various health problems. He has also received many testimonials and stories from the public who have tried curcumin to successfully treat their health problems.

One lady reported that her husband had taken curcumin for a few months after being rushed to hospital with acute appendicitis which had ruptured;

‘He was in hospital for four days and they had to remove a portion of his bowel. The hospital has a major problem with MRSA. His recovery has been very rapid, much faster than expected and he is convinced the curcumin has helped tremendously.’

While a 73 year old man suffering with pains in his legs, started taking curcumin after being diagnosed with arthritis. He was using Ibuprofen to relieve the pain at first, but he said; ‘Within three weeks of taking curcumin I was pain free and sleeping through the night.’

These are just two of the many curcumin testimonials which Naturally Healthy Publications receive regularly. Taking into account the numerous success stories about this supplement, Naturally Healthy Publications can now recommend the most effective form of curcumin yet.

Introducing CurcuminX4000™ and Serranol™

CurcuminX4000™ is a sustained release formula which is designed to produce an optimal level of curcumin within the blood over time. CurcuminX4000™ is 23 times more effective than ordinary curcumin according to a study in the journal Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology, published in 2007. It also has an increased bio-availability due to phytosome preparation.

CurcuminX4000™ contains 600mg of Meriva® (root) Curcuma longa extract available in 180 vegetarian capsules. For best results, take 3 capsules daily with food, unless otherwise advised.

Serranol™ contains 250mg of CurcuminX4000 (from Meriva® curcuma longa extract) along with 80,000IU serrapeptase, 50mg of Ecklonia Cava Extract and 1000IU of Vitamin D3. Available in 90 vegetarian capsules, it’s recommended that you take 1 to 3 Serranol™ capsules, 30 minutes before eating a meal or two hours after eating.

CurcuminX4000™ and Serranol™ are available to buy at Good Health Naturally, an online retailer and wholesale seller of high quality health products based on reliable published research.

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