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How the UK's Homeless Are Swept Under the Carpet

Long-term homeless musician and campaigner Ben Westwood has been homeless most of his adult life with little or no-help from authorities and services claiming to help those in need. Ben explains his struggle to get out of homelessness.

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Homelessness is a tough phase in life that many of us are fortunate to get out of, but for some people such as Musician and writer Ben Westwood, it can be a draining battle that lasts for years. Ben is currently writing his life story about growing up living on the streets of London, but since growing up he’s been in and out of homelessness all of his life.

“For at least two years I’ve been dedicated to getting myself out of homelessness, but I’ve tried everything and nobody will help me” said Ben. “My friends are always giving me phone numbers and advice centres and after spending hours on the phone and going to meet with people I’m just always left building up faith that things will change and just always seem to get let down”.

For people such as Ben that have no family that they can rely on, many are often the victim of ‘pass the parcel’ games who seem to be treating homeless people like hot potatoes. Some are a few years to young, a few years to old; some don’t have the relevant identification documents or can’t prove that they’ve been living in an area for a certain amount of time.

“Things really need to change; the official statistics on homelessness are by no means a true reflection of the huge number of people in crisis in the UK at the moment” says the 28 year old blogger and campaigner.

Ben is hoping to raise awareness of homelessness through his new project ‘The Boy That Ran Away’ which can be viewed at and on Facebook at

About Ben Westwood
Ben Westwood is a musician, blogger and campaigner.