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How to Check PageRank, Google PageRank Just Updated - Is Your Site Affected

After Google Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird Updates, is PageRank relevant?

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Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Google PageRank just updated quietly on December 6, 2013, therefore ending the lengthy debate on whether PageRank is dead or otherwise. For individuals whose ranks were elevated, this really is great news. However for individuals who lost their formerly high PR, this really is not so good news.

Maybe your website was affected by the latest PageRank update of Google? Now there are many new questions, is PageRank relevant? How to check PageRank? What is the site new PageRank?

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The most recent update of Google on PageRank only demonstrated that a high ranking Google official like Matt Cutts can’t tell when an Google algorithm is going to be updated. Matt Cutts previously mentioned on October via Twitter that a year-end update is unlikely since it would come as a surprise. So surely, even he must happen to be surprised once the update was folded out.

He responded, however, that the update was made while a team of technical people was doing some fixes on the after sales service. It shows that the update was neither planned nor was it done as a main purpose of the technical team. Thus, its importance on the side of Google remains questionable.

Google PageRank optimization is still highly recommended while the PageRank continues to update, even if irregularly, in order to continue enjoying the priceless benefits. With this in mind, it is best to know what factors that affect PageRank so that you can better formulate more effective strategies.

The factors that affect PageRank are Backlinks and Content. The more authority links your webpage gets the higher Google rank it will attain. Therefore, focus on getting links naturally from sites with authority. Another important factor that affects PageRank is content. More contents can attract more views and more backlinks. 

If your blog or website was affected by the new PageRank update, don’t give up. If you have questions on how to check PageRank, what is the site new PageRank or is PageRank relevant, please visit http://www.prchecker.net/.

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