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How to Read a Man's Mind: Ways to Get and Keep a Man

How to Read Your Man: How to Catch and Keep a Man

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- If you can read a man's mind and figure out what his intentions are, then you are automatically at peace. It will give you a great advantage and you will be able satisfy him on all counts and be satisfied in return. These tips will help you to get inside a man's mind and know his true feelings and intentions.

Men can seem like strange beings at times especially when their behavior can be so different to women's. So if you're trying to understand a man, sometimes the best advice is to really just keep it very simple. Because what he is projecting is likely to be what he is actually really feeling, and that's when reading a mans body language can become really quite helpful.

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Reading a mans body language starts by studying their face expressions. It's pretty hard not to convey your true feelings with your facial features, so if he looks happy, or sad then usually he is, and so on. If he is attracted to you, he might raise a quizzical eye brow, or get cheeky with a wink, or touch his face while he is talking to you. If you are trying to dig deeper though than just the exterior of a happy face, then you will need to look a little further in to reading his body language.

A lot of women spend so much time trying to know everything about the men they like so that when the men in their lives do not do the same, they tend to grow frustrated. Men like to maintain a level of mystery in their relationships. Women, on the other hand, offer everything. Men are more drawn to women who leave them thinking that something might be missing - that there's something more that they need to know. Decoding male psychology, be that woman that men wonder about. Don't go running at his beck and call. Let him chase you.

Men enjoy the thrill of the chase. Seriously, if you put everything on a silver platter for them to consume, the satisfaction of attaining something is lost. Ironically, men hate it when everything is just too easy. They want to chase the woman they like because they get an indescribably high when they finally manage to catch up with her.

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Career women may love everything predictable but in relationships, this should not be the case. When decoding male psychology, bear in mind that a man needs the excitement of being with an unpredictable woman because there's no need for them to work on a woman who is already in control. Be unpredictable and relinquish some control to the man and be the girl that every guy will want.

How To Read A Man is a new dating program that teaches women how to ‘push a man’s buttons‘ to get the results they want. This is powerful stuff, designed specifically for any woman who is feeling neglected by a man or wants a specific man to commit. Using incredibly powerful ‘hot button‘ techniques, women will be able to get the upper hand in their relationship.

The button is already embedded in his mind, but women need to learn the technique to unlock it. Mark Scott designed the program based on a personal life experience. His girlfriend dumped him three years ago and ended up with a guy he couldn’t stand. Mark didn’t take it lying down. He went to the library and he studied, studied, and studied human psychology and relationships. Mark had a ‘Eureka‘ moment and discovered a weird trick that made his ex-girlfriend want to get back with him. Mark casually shared this tip with some of his female friends and found it worked like a charm!

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