Knowing How to Refill a Disposable Electronic Cigarette on explains how to refill a disposable electronic cigarette filter and discusses its benefits.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Knowing how to refill a disposable electronic cigarette filter can save lots of money. Refilling a filter rather than buying new filters is more advantageous and helps save a lot of money. A disposable electronic cigarette has replaceable filters that can be bought online or through retail shops. However, smokers can also make savings by purchasing a bottle of electronic liquid or e juice and refill the disposable electronic cigarette filter.

One bottle of electronic juice used for a disposable electronic cigarette filter lasts for about a week. A syringe is used to draw 1 ml of this juice per filter and kept aside. In the meanwhile, a tiny nail should be used to pierce the end of the filter or cap in order to extract the outer carton. Once the outer carton has been extracted, the smoker or user needs to probe deeper with the same nail and extract another carton below the former.

Once, both the cartons have been extracted, the syringe should be inserted deep inside the third carton and the liquid should be allowed to flow inside. The user must be careful not to insert extra fluid, as this can cause problems. If extra fluid goes into the carton accidentally, it should be withdrawn with the help of the syringe itself and put back in the bottle to avoid wastage.

Once the carton is refilled with 1 ml of the e juice, the first 2 cartons that were removed should be placed well concave side down the filter. Now the filter is ready for use and can be fixed on top of the electronic cigarette. This is how a disposable electronic cigarette is refilled and the process of vaping starts.

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