How to Repair Sliding Glass Door Rollers for Smoother Gliding Across the Track

Homeowners with a tricky sliding door must know how to repair sliding glass door rollers quickly. The patio doors must usually slide smoothly. Sticky rollers may be at the bottom of the problem if the sliding doors have started needing a hefty push every time people enter or exit their patios.

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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- Homeowners with patios usually have sliding glass doors. How to repair sliding glass door rollers can come in handy just as it starts getting stuck causing people to spill their drinks halfway through the doors. The patio doors which are often made of glass panes must slide smoothly in their racks.

If the sliding unit is getting stuck midway or repeatedly the problem could very well be with the rollers. The rollers located on the bottom of the doors are almost invisible because they are covered up by the bottom racks. The person who wants to repair the sliding glass door rollers will need to replace the rollers. In order to do this the heavy patio doors may have to be taken out and some other person will be needed to help.

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The sliding patio door problems require repair sliding glass door rollers that are below. Homeowners can do it by themselves but need to have adequate tools and other persons to help. The repairing or replacing the dirty and worn out rollers will require taking out the sliding door out of its frame. The patio doors usually have a minimum of at least two separate glass units. Sometimes there may be more than two units depending on the size of the patio doors. Getting to the sliding unit may first need to remove the outer screen door as well as the stationary unit. The screen door can be removed by using a screwdriver to lift up the rollers out of the track.

The homeowners undertaking sliding glass door roller repair can remove the metal piece that runs along the bottom. If there is a side jamb it too must be removed. The stationary unit is held in place by screws. Remove all the screws to pull out the stationary unit free of the door frame. Removing the sliding unit from the door frames can be a bit tricky. Many people first try to create some room at the bottom to have space to maneuver better. This is done by adjusting the screws located on the rollers. The adjusting screws of the sliding unit are then removed. These may be either at the bottom or on the sides. When all the rollers are adjusted to provide adequate space, the sliding unit is lifted clear of the track.

The person doing the repair sliding glass door rollers must remove the rollers by removing the bottom of the sliding door. Once all the screws holding the bottom frame in place are removed, use a rubber mallet or a wooden piece. Tap the frame gently until the bottom of the frame comes off. The faulty rollers can then be removed and replaced with new rollers. Be careful that the new rollers are one’s that match the old ones or satisfy the specifications of the door manufacturers. New rollers can often be matched from manufacturer’s catalogs and ordered by mail or bought at the local hardware store. Replace the sliding unit by adjust the new rollers all the way up. provides detailed information on matters related to sliding glass door roller repair, windows doors replacement, window and door repair service, window and door repair costs, window door repair reports, windows and door repair estimates. It will also show you details on door and windows information and on other related matters.