How to Repair Wood Door Frame Effectively; Fix Common Problem Easily Now

Completing a repair wooden door frame project at home is possible with a little know how. Door frames are not large enough a problem to get a lot of attention but they can be a nagging pain in daily living. Doors usually provide both privacy and security and should not be neglected.

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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- The project of repair wooden door frame done at home can save a lot of money while taking care of a nagging problem. The persisting inconvenience is not going away until something is done about it. Damage to door frames can be little or large and may require less time to several hours for a satisfactory repair job. Any abnormality or damage in the door frames usually affect the hanging of the door which is attached to the frame by hinges. If the door hanging is skewed, repairing will need installing shims to correct it. Lightly damaged wood of the frame can usually be repaired at home with the right chemicals and pieces of replacement wood.

The people can work to repair wood door frame based on some carpentry skill on how to wield the tools. Most door frames do not pose a lost cause or need door replacements. The door frames can be repaired along with the rest of the home repairs or renovation. The instructions required for the door frame repairs are simple to understand and follow with novice how to do it yourself kits being very popular among homeowners. To begin the small project, examine the door opening and closing movements to check out where it is binding or getting stuck. This is usually the case when the door hanging has become faulty and requires correction.

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The people can repair a door on weekends or in their leisure time. The doors getting stuck at lower edges, usually on the latch side will need correction by insertion of wooden shim underneath the upper hinge. Similarly, the binding occurring on the upper edges will need a shim inserted below the lower hinge. To get this done, the door will have to be removed from its hinges. Unscrew the hinge part that is attached to the frame and not on the door itself. Place the wooden shim of the appropriate thickness to give the right amounts of support. Place the hinge back into position and screw it on to the shim.

The process to repair wood door frame may take some skill to make the door hang correctly in place. Make sure that the edges do not bind at any place. The common problems with wooden frames occur when the wood gets split or rotted which should never be neglected for long. To repair these nuisances, the person must first remove any weather stripping that covers the door frames. The inside door casing can be pried out with the help of a prying bar. The striker plates of the door latch will need to be removed too. The problems with the door jamb can be addressed by cutting it from the frame.

The damaged part of the frame is repaired by placing a mitered replacement piece in the necessary areas. Once the frame is repaired, the board can be replaced to fit correctly so that it is vertically aligned with the rest of the frame.

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