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How to Stop Hair Growth: Hair Growth Inhibitor Reviews

How to Stop Hair From Growing: Is The Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor a Scam or Does It Work?

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Alhambra, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- How to Stop Hair Growth: Although it is great to have an abundance of beautiful, thick hair, you may not want it all over your body. For a female especially, thick hair on your legs, arms, and in other places is anything but desirable. Though there are many different options nowadays when it comes to stopping hair growth, with a natural home remedy, you have the option to choose the areas you want to keep smooth and hair-free.

There are many ways to permanently stop hair growth on nearly any part of the body. However, many of the most well-known methods, like electrolysis or laser hair removal, are expensive, potentially painful and can cause infections. Before you hurt your wallet and your follicles at the same time, consider a way to stop hair growth with remedies at home that will not have you reaching any further than your own kitchen pantry. While most home remedies to stop hair growth require time and patience, they are less expensive and can be far less stressful on your skin.

The Skinception StopGrow Hair Growth Inhibitor Products Official Site

Stop Grow by Skinception is probably people's best hair removal method to date. Preventing body hair before it even sprouts, Stop Grow lives up to its name and dramatically reduces people's need to shave or wax.

People get to choose any area of their body where they want to reduce body hair. With Stop Grow, people can keep off hair growth longer than shaving or waxing could ever muster. Soon, people will not have to wax or shave at all, as Stop Grow will have removed that need once and for all. It is clinically proven to do just that.

Since it is a natural hair growth inhibitor, Stop Grow contains no strong chemicals — a painless alternative to razor-sharp shaves and long, agonizing waxes. Stop Grow is made of the most sophisticated combination of natural chemicals and active ingredients that target the follicle and disrupt the anagen phase of hair-growing cells there. In due course, this formula would completely inhibit cellular activity within the follicle. Over time, as a result, body hair would become shorter, sparser, and subtler.

The Skinception StopGrow Hair Growth Inhibitor Products Official Site

The results produced by the Hair Growth Inhibitor are unlike the usual hair removal creams. This cream works on the hair roots apart from removing the hair from the body surface. Almost 82% of body hair can be completely removed even if people are using it for the first time! The hair in the applied area becomes thinner provided people continue to use the product on a regular basis. They would also be surprised to find that there are no adverse effects on the skin. Decelerine®, PilisoftTM LS 7590 and Telocapil® are the key ingredients used in the product.

As per the official website, a clinical test of this product was conducted by European researchers. The frequency of depilation or shaving had reduced by over 50% in the armpits, groins and legs of females. In another scientific study involving 15 volunteers, researchers noted the following results:

- Body hair reduced in thickness by almost 30%.
- Anagen/telogen ration reduced by 59%.
- Overall hirsuteness reduced by 60%.
- Overall reduction of body hair in 93% of the volunteers.

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The Skinception StopGrow Hair Growth Inhibitor Products Official Site

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