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Huge Demand for Cloud-Based Singapore CRM Software: Summit Planners

The cloud or web based CRM system software with certain key features has become hugely popular as compared to its traditional operating system based software, says Singapore’s leading business software provider, Summit Planners Technology.

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Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- The CRM software has been around for quite some time now, but the emergence of cloud-based systems in recent times has given the software a completely new dimension altogether. Earlier, the users of the customer management system software had to consider a lot of things in the process of installation such as compatibility with operating system, system requirements, device issues, storage space and so on. However, with the help of a web-based system, companies can now manage their customers and clients, anywhere and everywhere.

“The feasibility and accessibility benefits that come along with a cloud-based CRM system Singapore have compelled us to introduce our own version of web-based CRM Singapore. Our software system with a gamut of unique and eye-catching features has already made an indelible impression in the Singapore business community and is in high demand,” said the business head of Summit Planners Technology.
The reasons for this tremendous increase in demand for the Singapore CRM software are manifold.

However, some of the key features that have made this software system a huge success are as given below:
-> The customer relationship management Singapore facilitates the users to access their data even in remote places.

-> It can be run on any operating system, device or platform.

-> Its centralized records system enables companies to retrieve the data or information in a matter of seconds.

-> Its cloud based system ensures that there is no dearth of storage space as one can upload unlimited data, documents and company setup into the system.

With the small, medium & large enterprises increasingly opting for such cloud-based CRM system software, the Singapore software providers like Summit Planners Technology are coming up with innovative ideas to further enhance the functionalities of such software systems.

About Summit Planners Technology
Summit Planners Technology is a leader in the business software provider market since its inception in 1994. The innovative concepts of the firm have resulted in some of the most unique software systems of Singapore in the form of CRM software, Payroll software, doctor & clinic management software and school management system software. The firm’s philosophy of innovation has also been recognized by the Singapore government whereby the software products of Summit Planners qualify for the PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit) scheme.

Under this scheme, the buyers of such products can fetch attractive benefits such as up to 400% tax deductions or up to S$60,000 in the form of cash payouts.

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