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Call a Halt to Identity Theft with the Https Card

A UK-based company aim to stop identity theft in its tracks with the launch of its new Internet Identity card.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- With the occurrence of identity theft increasing year on year, a UK-based company has developed a fresh approach to help halt the dramatic increase in this type of crime.

Https Card - Internet identity Card Limited, a company based in UK, believe that they have found the solution to help combat identity theft and have created an internet identity card that will provide the Internet user with a much greater level of security than they have experienced before.

Many people overlook the fact that it is not just a person’s financial details that are at risk should an imposter hack into their online accounts, but they could also face losing control of their social media accounts, their private files and precious photographs, and until now there has been little that the consumer can do about it.

The card protects the Https card holder by implementing the DMCA act. Should an imposter assume another person’s identity and take over any of their online accounts or impersonate them online, a card holder can demand that the offending material is taken down and gives the card holder the power to prove their identity.

Https card offers up to six different identity levels and 14 different security levels including social network verification. The user has the option of selecting the level of security that they want so they can tailor the level of security to their precise needs.

Https Card - Internet identity Card Limited believe that this card has the power to revolutionise Internet security and their aim is to be at the forefront when it comes to combatting online identity theft.

The Https card is available to anyone aged over eighteen. To sign up, simply register a profile, add some contact details, and wait for the confirmation to arrive.

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The Https Card service is available in 193 countries and can be accessed using 26 currencies. The company has also partnered with majors companies to help online shoppers protect their personal information. The idea of the card is to help people create awareness about the problem and seek a long term solution that is practical, convenient and shatter proof. To find out more about the card and try it for free, log onto