Increase Productivity at Workplace by Choosing Smokeless Cigarette Shares discusses about how smokeless cigarette can help a smoker increase productivity at one’s workplace.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- The trend of smokeless cigarettes is growing majorly since its inception. A new survey has been done which explains that a smoker who goes for e cigs increases productivity at workplace. Smokeless cigarettes have proven to be benefitting to the user, but this new survey startles the smoker. The experts give different reasons to support the survey that could create happiness for both the employee and the employer shares

The better alternative which is commonly known as electric cigarette is proving to be a great help to the smokers even at the workplace. The latest survey suggests that the productivity of the employee increases if the smoker switches to electric cigarette discusses This could be because electric cigarettes are known to emit no amount of smoke that could disturb the non smokers around. Vapor emitting does not affect anyone, not even thee smoker so with vapor cigarettes a non smoker can never be disturbed or put off with the vapor say experts. An e cig smoker exclaimed, “I have been smoking for over 20 years. With the constant rise in cigarette costs, it was time to quit. It was not until I heard of smokeless cigarettes. My only regret is that I didn’t hear about this product sooner”.

Use of e cigs allow the smoker to sit at their workplace and enjoy puffing as various offices allow smoking e cigs to its employees who want to smoke say e cigarettes allow smokers to puff cigarettes without burning anything like tar, tobacco and other chemicals, all this combined can give a bad smell and put off people at work. With e cigarettes no amount of smell is combined with the vapor only the smell of the flavor that the smoker is using and that too not for long says e cigarette reviews. A brand representative said, “Having people leave the workplace for smoke breaks is -lost productivity for the employer, and it’s pretty inconvenient for the employee. It is not burning tobacco. No carbon monoxide, no tar in an e cigarette”

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