Increasing Popularity of E Cigarette Concerned Lawmakers Notifies

The rising popularity of e cigarette has become a matter of concern for many out of which lawmakers top in the list.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- E cigarette is riding a wave of popularity and this has been noticed by many people in which the lawmakers, school district, public health officials and parents are those who are most concerned about it considering the increased popularity among kids.

On the condition of anonymity a teen from Davis County says, “They are extremely popular at every school, it is like everywhere I go I am always hearing about them inside the school, and I know a lot of people, too, who smoke them inside the school.” Taking into account the use of electric cigarette on school premises many schools have banned its usage in the campus.

Not only lawmakers but electronic cigarette makers are equally concerned about it. Most of the e cigarette brands have prohibited the sale of its products to minors and it is really difficult to minors to purchase it legally.

Experts from believe that e cigarette endorses its products as an alternative to tobacco cigarette and it is surely not meant for non smokers or minors. To check on kids smoking habits, everyone especially parents needs to be more careful, say e cigarette reviews.

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