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Ed4Online Partners with Florida National University

Ed4Online is pleased to announce that it has formed a partnership with Florida National University. Through this partnership, Florida National University will now have the ability to offer Ed4Online’s vast range of online education courses within its continuing education catalog.

Baylor Sammons Cancer Center Joins as Clinical Trial Site for Actinium's Actimab-A Clinical Trial

Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative targeted payload immunotherapeutics for the treatment of advanced cancers, today announced the addition of Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center as a clinical trial site for Actimab-A. The center joins several other clinical trial sites currently participating in the Actimab-A Phase I/II trial to potentially address the rapid mortality and unmet medical need for older patients with newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

Window Grill Singapore - Leading Window Grilles and Gate Supplier

LogoWindow grill is an important item that all homeowners should have in their house. This item is very useful to improve the home security system effectively. It can reduce the possibility of the crime activities in this country. This product is considered as one of the most popular home improvement items for most people.

Brightpik LED Tealight Candles Now Available on Amazon

The internet is home to millions of products which are being sold on a daily basis in different locations of the world. Over the past few years, home décor has become exceptionally important for many people since is worth it to enhance the beauty of a place. has now created the LED Flameless Candles for the utmost convenience of individuals from all across the globe.

Mr Painter (Singapore) Pte Ltd Has Special Offer for All Customers

LogoMr Painter (Singapore) Pte Ltd is one of the best painting service companies in Singapore. Many people are happy with this company. It has some special colors that are suitable for all homeowners. Hiring this company is very useful for all customers who want to improve their house appearance. There are several services that are offered by this painting company.

@bsolute Solutions - Leader in Aircon and Cleaning Servies in Singapore

LogoEvery household is in need of the home cleaning services, be it right now or sometimes later. But home cleaning is a must for all the people that maintain a household or even have to maintain a business agency.

Price Action Formula Discovered by Chris Trades a Unique Three Stick Candlestick 123 Pattern with a Pending Order

LogoThis Price Action Formula has been discovered by a trader named Chris. This Price Action Formula does not use any indicators. It is solely based on a unique three stick candlestick pattern. Chris has developed a system to trade this unique pattern based on a pending order. He shows in the videos how to identify the pattern and then how to trade it using a pending order. He also shows where to place the stop loss and what is the best take profit level. He recommends a 1:1 reward/risk ratio. After doing a lot of testing, Chris found out that 1:1 reward/risk ration works best for his 123 pattern. According to Chris, his most favorite timeframe for trading this pattern is the 4 hour timeframe. Trading on H4 timeframe means a trader has ample of time to make the trading decisions. Chris claims that his system has a success rate above 70%.

Trade Manager CCI EA Premium Signals Forex System Made 784 Pips in 2 Nights

LogoTrade Manager CCI EA Premium Signals Forex System has been developed by Aaron Haynes. Aaron Haynes claims that his Trade Manager CCI EA Premium Signals Forex System can make 250 pips daily on average. This is what Aaron Haynes says: “Trade Manager CCI is a revolutionary, and simple to use Expert Advisor that will completely change your forex trading business, put you in the driver’s seat for your own financial future, and implements the right plan and process into your trading so you can conquer your fear and start winning consistently!”

Male Extra Is a Highly Rated Male Enhancement Pill with Pomegranate Extract to Cure ED Safely and Naturally

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men and can put any man under a lot of stress. Sadly, millions of men suffer with this problem. What is worse is that just a tiny fraction of such men seek treatment for it.

VigRx Plus, Endorsed by Medics Is a Powerful Pill for Treating ED in Men - Works Faster Than Other Pills

Living with ED or erectile dysfunction is not easy for any man and yet millions of men are known to suffer with this intimate problem.

Detox Your Mind and Body Through Phuketfit

In today’s modern society, few health concerns are more prevalent then excessive amounts of stress. Stress from our jobs, our relationships and all kinds of other sources has a negative effect on both our physical and mental well-being. PhuketFit is dedicated towards eliminating that stress, one client at a time.

Get Rid of Herpes Review - Discover How to Eliminate Herpes Forever Naturally, Safely, and Permanently

When the eBook named “Get rid of Herpes” hit the market, seized the attention of majority as it brought the good news for all those people who are victimized by this distressing viral disease caused by herpes viruses. “Get Rid of Herpes” is written by Sarah Wilcox, who herself was a herpes patient once, that led her to fight not even with the disease itself, but with the critical side effects of the medicines she was being prescribed by. In the battle to find a suitable way out, she successfully overcame her problem by reaching to the roots of the cause of this disease and finding solutions to wipe it out once and for all. That’s why it is a very effective alternative herpes treatment system to eradicate herpes completely if one follows it well since it has taken Sarah Wilcox’s personal experience.

Law Prohibiting Texting and Driving Signed Into Law in New Mexico

LogoNew Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez has signed into law a bill that prohibits texting on New Mexico roads. The new law is a good step in the right direction in addressing what has become a very serious problem on New Mexico roads, which is reflective of a wider national problem. This behavior leads to an unacceptable number of automobile accidents resulting in injury or death.

PhuketFit Weight Loss Now Available in Thailand in 2014

PhuketFit, a Thailand based resort is helping millions of users to achieve faster weight loss and lead a healthy and fit life. The programs are presenting healthiest way out for people to get in shape and learn the helpful tips for staying fit. The team use all effective methods including fitness, cleanses, Yoga and healthy and nutritional food to help users attain their particular goals.

Fibica Offering a Huge Selection of Bike Parts and Accessories at Competitive Prices

Biking enthusiasts who are looking for reputed and reliable resource for buying bike parts and accessories can always count on Fibica. The Hong Kong based online store offers a huge range high quality bicycle parts and accessories at the most reasonable prices. Since its inception in 2009, Fibica has been providing bike parts from the renowned companies at the best prices to customers across the globe. The online store offers free shipping to any destination worldwide and ensures timely delivery of all the orders.

Digital Publishing Software by FlipHTML5 Now Introduced Awesome Features

LogoFlip HTML5 brings swift and easy to use free tools for its users. They provide conversion software tools that help office workers and students who have a lot to deal with online page turning books and pdf files. Instead of hiring someone to do it, individuals can now make highly interactive page turning web based books of their own by themselves. Users can also insert videos from YouTube and Viemo Video to make the pages look more lifelike and fancy.

Palm Springs Limousine Expands Airport Service

LogoPalm Springs Limousine is expanding their airport shuttle service to include both Airports like Los Angeles International Airport(LAX) and now also to the cruise ship ports of San Pedro and Long Beach and major southern California airports from Palm Springs and all other desert cities . The company offers both services in their fleet of luxury SUV’s and they offer door-to-door service no matter how far the ride or how long the trip. According to a company spokesperson, “Our clients are more sophisticated than ever and lead complex and busy lives. They don’t want the hassle of making arrangements for a trip to the airport and we take that task out of their hands.”

Digiarty Presents Effective DVD Software to Back Up New Bollywood Movies

LogoIndia Bollywood films are more captivating worldwide. With acquired taste peculiar to Indian culture for natives and the upsurge of cultural integration in other countries, Bollywood movies endeared themselves with long movie duration, top stars, interesting plot, inevitable songs and dances and always a happy ending. In regard to this, Digiarty presents an effective DVD software to backup the DVDs of new and latest Bollywood movies for those who need lasting storage of Bollywood DVDs.

Send a Rose to Philippines Campaign: Different Meanings of Rose Colors

LogoPart of Regalo Manila’s campaign is to introduce people to the wonderful world of flowers. They launched the campaign around a week ago and they plan to widen their campaign by releasing not only some informational materials about different roses but also create some events that can stimulate the interest of their target market. One such event is the disclosure of meanings for different rose colors.

CrossFit Pain Relief Cream Now Available - Designed to Treat Blisters, Sore Muscles and Calluses

LogoWith the recent upward trend in health and fitness programs America has seen, CrossFit has quickly risen in popularity. The type of high intensity exercise that these types of programs require is very effective at producing results, but it sometimes comes at the cost of pain and injury. Many athletes use over the counter products to relieve sore muscles and joints. These products can temporarily relieve the pain and stress that a workout can put on your body. Total Health has been watching carefully as the level of involvement in such intense workout programs has risen, and has tailored one such pain relief cream to be specifically used by those who participate in them.

Is the Tablet Device the Future for Online TV and Media Streaming?

To see where the future of entertainment and media consumption lies, people need look no further than the tablet in their pocket or purse. Trend researchers suggest tablets are more and more becoming the media consumption center of choice for consumers. The question is whether the entertainment industry is too slow to jump on the trend of offering multi-platform programming?

Diet Pills That Mix Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Are Super Hit with Dieters in 2014

Weight loss supplements and diet pills have evolved considerably over the past few years. New and safe formulas are being devised with natural ingredients to ensure quick and fast weight loss without any negative side effects that are so commonly associated with weight loss drugs.

Alexia Gets Popular as the Non Surgical Way to Reduce Breast Size in Women

Alexia is a breast reduction pill that seems to have become a big hit with women trying to reduce their breast size.

VigRx Plus Is Hot with Men Suffering with ED - Helps Cure ED with Power of Natural Extracts

Erectile dysfunction can make any man depressed and stressed. Yet ED is common and affects millions of men worldwide. It is known to affect both older and younger guys. It is unfortunate to known to some younger men in their early twenties can also suffer with erectile disorder. However, it is not a death sentence and can be treated with the help of medicine, both modern and herbal.

Featured on FOX News, Hersolution Is a Libido Pill That Is Hot Favorite with Women

It is not so uncommon for women to suffer with libido problems and other sexual issues as they advance towards middle age. There can be multiple factors and causes behind such problems and some of them could include hormonal changes in the body post menopause, extreme stress and depression, fatigue and lack of sleep etc.

Touted by Celebrity Doctor, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee, Raspberry Ketones and Yacon Are Super Hit with Dieters in 2014

A vast majority of people find it extremely hard to get rid of excess body fat and weight. However, a good weight loss supplement can be a big help in ensure quick and fast weight loss. Most people now prefer natural fat burners over weight loss drugs since they are free of all kinds of nasty and damaging side effects.

Testosterone MAX from Crazy Mass Is a Powerful T-Booster with High Concentration of Tribulus - Ensures Bulking and Cutting

Testosterone is the hormone that is behind muscle growth in men. It is also to known possess an amazing fat burning potential. It is not surprising that bodybuilders use testosterone supplements for quick and fast muscle gains.