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The Buzz: Cord Blood Banking Services Market Hits New High in 2018 Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 11.4% by 2023

Global Cord Blood Banking Services Market report examines the market position and viewpoint of the market globally, from various angles, such as key players, geological regions, types of product and application. And also cover the other information such as Cord Blood Banking Services Market trends, Top players, chapter-wise Description followed by various user perceptions and Forecast till 2023.

ChemCeed to Attend ChemEdge in New Orleans, Louisiana

ChemCeed, a worldwide chemical distribution company, will be attending ChemEdge in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference and trade show is tailored specifically for the chemical distribution channel, and will feature training and education on issues important to chemical distributors, manufacturers, warehouses and service support companies. ChemEdge will be held at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel on August 14 to August 17, 2018.

Recent Study: Luxury Writing Instruments and Stationery in Singapore

LogoLuxury writing instruments and stationery grew by 4%, registering current value sales of S$13 million in 2012 in Singapore. Working professionals in particular contributed to the value growth of luxury writing instruments and stationery as they are representatives of status.

New Market Study Published: Colour Cosmetics in Greece

Logo2012 continued to record a general shift towards value-for-money choices. Colour cosmetics has historically been a rather impulse category and not very price-sensitive, yet the recession in Greece had a significant impact on consumer behaviour. Manufacturers and retailers intensified their discounts and offers even to premium ranges, while television advertisements also focused on product prices or suggested an offer. Mass, as well as masstige brands offered by direct sellers, recorded a...

Just Released: "Ear Care in Thailand"

LogoEar itching is the typical symptom; many Thai consumers do not know how to tackle this ear problem, using the cotton buds or some other materials to clean their ears in an inappropriate manner. Hence, their ears are often hurt and they risk otitis externa. Some consumers today also search for information on the internet or ask for medical advice from chemists or pharmacists as long as it can help them cure such symptoms.

Consumer Health in Malaysia - New Market Research Report

LogoConsumer health successfully posted slightly stronger current value growth in 2012 as compared to 2011. The improved performance of consumer health was mostly attributable to weight management and sports nutrition; both spurred by image-conscious consumers who want to stay in shape. Since the Malaysian government has actively highlighted the rapidly-growing obesity issue through various educational health campaigns, consumers became more aware of the risks of obesity and consequently, made a...

New Market Report: Home Improvement and Gardening Stores in Israel

LogoIn 2012 Electra Consumer Products Ltd purchased the Ace brand, leaving the original name. The entrance of Electra Consumer Products to home improvement and gardening caused concern among competitors due to its size and strength, being already present in electronics and appliance specialist retailers. Meanwhile, 33 stores were opened in 2012, all by "other" players, taking the total to 2,438 outlets. This reflected a rise of 1%.

"Consumer Health in Nigeria" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoConsumer health recorded strong current value growth in 2012, as regulatory agencies are gradually winning the war against counterfeit and adulterated drugs. Growth was also boosted by rising disposable incomes, which enabled consumers to trade up from fake and adulterated drugs to products approved by the regulatory agencies. Furthermore, population growth and poor preventive health measures in most urban and rural areas of the country also spurred growth, with many consumers seeking advice...

"Mexico Agribusiness Report Q3 2013" Published

LogoWe are forecasting production and consumption growth across the entire agricultural complex out to 2017, although growth rates will vary widely. In general, we are very positive regarding the longterm growth story in Mexico, which we believe will be driven in part by a strong consumer story. Indeed, only consumption of whole milk powder (considered an inferior good in the country) is forecast to grow by less than 1% over our forecast period. Despite this, we have relatively subdued production forecasts as the sector suffers broadly from high feed prices, comparatively poor transport, and few export opportunities given the country's proximity to the US, the world's largest grain and livestock exporter. Indeed, over the forecast period, we see the country remaining a net importer of virtually all agricultural commodities except for coffee and sugar. Other constraints, such as reduced land availability (corn) and extensive government influence (sugar) will also contribute to constrain production.

Sherri Shepherd Isn't Surprised African-Americans Are Going Bald

LogoIn recent years, styling black hair has become a common topic of conversation. In the wake of Chris Rock’s film Good Hair, such celebrities as Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks have openly discussed the various forms of styling, and Sherri Shepherd, herself, has launched a line of wigs. However, none of them have discussed the damaging effects of popular styling methods. In his new book, Dr. Weaver’s Black Hair Loss Guide, Seymour Weaver III, MD gets at the heart of this all-too-common problem. He identifies the many factors that can cause thinning hair: scalp infections, medications, genetics, and hair styling. Many women use styling methods, including weaves and extensions, to make their hair appear thicker, fuller, and healthier; these methods do nothing but harm hair. Dr. Weaver demonstrates that the medical community can help keep women from going through the traumatic experience of hair loss.

New Report Available: Consumer Appliances in Spain

LogoHigh rates of unemployment, income constraints, restrictions on credit lending and general uncertainty characterise the current Spanish social and economic landscape. The Spanish population is worried about the future and as a result is much more cautious in terms of consumption, limiting spending to essentials and is more concerned about quality, durability and energy efficiency.

Jeans in Taiwan - New Report Available

LogoUniqlo and Zara's successful penetration of the Taiwan market has resulted in increased preference for fast fashion among Taiwanese consumers. As most fast fashion jeans are reasonably-priced, consumers are placing less value on quality as long as the jeans are trendy, affordable and sufficient to last for one or two seasons until newer styles became fashionable. Furthermore, Uniqlo and Zara are perceived by Taiwanese consumers as being trendy, exotic, of good quality and inexpensive. The wide...

"United Arab Emirates Autos Report Q3 2013" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe overall outlook for the UAE's auto sector is positive, with demand for new commercial vehicles set to be bolstered by continuing investment in infrastructure projects and improvements to public transport networks. Government spending, particularly aimed at the non-oil sector in Abu Dhabi, is driving construction projects.

Home Care in Peru - New Market Research Report

LogoThe stable economic situation in Peru contributed to the growth of the category. Consumers with higher and sustained incomes increased their consumption of basic home care products and started to use new, specialised products they had not previously considered, introducing them to new categories with low penetration. Although 2012 continued to register positive growth, it was slightly slower than in 2011.

New Market Study Published: Iran Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report Q3 2013

LogoWe continue to view Iran as a difficult pharmaceutical market. International trade sanctions will continue to have a detrimental impact on the government's revenues, while shortages of medicines are likely to persist. Additionally, runaway inflation will severely erode US dollar values of the country's pharmaceutical market, making it even more unattractive to multinational players, despite the large unmet demand for medicines. In the meantime, despite reports of further development of local pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities and the focus on research into biosimilars, we do not envisage Iran meeting self-sufficiency in this regard, for the foreseeable future.

New Market Study, "Aircraft and Spacecraft in Russia: Industrial Report", Has Been Published

LogoEuromonitor International's Industrial reports provide a 360 degree view of an industry. The Industrial market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the Aircraft and Spacecraft market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market - be they new product developments, packaging innovations, economic/lifestyle influences, distribution or pricing issues. Forecasts illustrate how the market is set to change.

Just Released: "Netherlands Metals Report Q3 2013"

LogoLong-Term Growth In Output

Now Available: Dishwashers in Thailand

LogoIn dishwashers stayed on the positive path, driven by larger volume sales of freestanding models. Dishwashers remains a niche market and is the smallest category of all major appliances. Dishwashers are not popular because Thais are used to hand washing. Therefore, the target group of dishwashers comprises expatriates and Thai consumers who grow up abroad and have absorbed the benefits of dishwashers.

New Market Study, "Eye Care in Spain", Has Been Published

LogoEye care recorded a good performance in 2012, increasing by 3% in current value terms to reach EUR33 million. This represents an extraordinary performance compared with overall OTC products. In contrast to the case in other OTC categories, consumers who need eye care products need to keep on using them. It is true that over the first half of the year an important percentage of consumers switched to reimbursed products. However, the fact that from September 2012 standard eye care products were no...

New Report Available: Consumer Health in Italy

Logo2012 was a challenging year for Italy; despite the apparent recovery of some key performance indicators in 2011, the economic environment remained tough throughout the 12 months of this study, with Italian consumers postponing sales of unnecessary items and looking at optimising their spending in areas such as medication.

Just Released: "Netherlands Business Forecast Report Q3 2013"

LogoThe Dutch economy will slide further into recession in the coming quarters, but will likely see a return to positive growth in 2014.

New Market Research Report: Direct Selling in Israel

LogoOne of the key developments of 2012 was the closing and moving of around 80% of Nu Skin Israel Inc's operations abroad for unknown reasons. This caused considerable interest and speculation as Nu Skin Israel Inc was the leading company in the direct selling category, with a 21% value share in 2012.

Non-Store Retailing in Kenya: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoWithin non-store retailing, a number of grocery retailers have diversified into offering an online retailing platform. Many now operate an online shop and offer free product delivery to consumers' homes. This development reflects the increased competition between grocery retailers, who are compelled to embrace the increasing penetration of web-based technology in the country. Growing numbers of consumers have accepted the internet retailing platforms of grocery retailers as they value the ease...

South East Asia Mining Report 2013 - New Market Study Published

LogoUnderpinned by an abundance of untapped mineral resources and the increasing attractiveness of frontier mining, we believe South East Asia will slowly emerge to become one of the main growth drivers in Asia's mining sector. The drive towards self sufficiency and the still-elevated prices of commodities will continue to underpin the long-term growth story of frontier markets.

Now Available: Portugal Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report Q3 2013

LogoPortugal continues to struggle in the face of continued austerity measures, cuts and the financial obligations of its EU, ECB and IMF economic adjustment package, approved in May 2011. Its prospects deteriorated further in Q213, following the publication of PhRMA's Special 301 Submission report for 2013. This has called for Portugal to be placed on the Priority Watch List, because of concerns such as that patent protection is not as robust as it should be, that pharmaceutical firms are finding launching products a lengthy process, and that reimbursement procedures are also subject to delays. This will do little to encourage multinationals to invest in Portugal's pharmaceutical and healthcare market. There is some - limited - good news. Exports of pharmaceuticals are growing at a faster rate than exports of other products, suggesting that domestic manufacturers are turning to opportunities abroad because of a lack of sales nationally. Germany, the UK and Angola are key export markets.

New Market Report: Latvia Power Market Outlook to 2030 - Market Trends, Regulations and Competitive Landscape

LogoThis report examines Latviia's power market structure and provides historical and forecast numbers for generation, capacity and consumption up to 2030. Detailed analysis of the Latvian power market's regulatory structure, import and export trends, competitive landscape and power projects at various stages of the supply chain is provided. The report also gives a snapshot of the power sector in the country on broad parameters of macroeconomics, supply security, generation infrastructure, transmission infrastructure, degree of competition, regulatory scenario and future potential.Financial performance of the leading power companies are also analysed in the report.

New Market Study Published: Venezuela Shipping Report Q3 2013

LogoBMI has revised up its forecasts for Venezuela shipping on the back of an upsurge in the country's imports. The overvaluation of the Venezuelan currency has led to a surge in imports, and therefore activity at ports, as it has become cheaper to import goods than to buy domestically produced products. While our Country Risk team believes that a devaluation of the bolivar is a question of when rather than if (and we envisage this will take place in early 2013), for now imports at the country's maritime facilities are booming.