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Global Baking Mats Market 2018 - 2021 Including, Freshwar, Artisan, Joseph Joseph

Global Market report from QY Market Research on Baking Mats Market 2018 in-depth complete study of the current state of the Baking Mats worldwide.

Global Healthcare Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market 2018 Technology - NLP Technologies., NEC Corporation, Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation

Global Healthcare Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market Research Report 2018 Opportunities, Size, Cost Structure, Service Provider, Segmentation, Shares, Forecast to 2023

PersonalLoan announces Personal Loans

J&S Machine Becomes Nation's Number One Distributer of Metal Fabrication Equipment

LogoAfter 90 years of experience in the industry, J&S Machine is now the nation’s number one distributer of metal fabrication equipment with an emphasis in the areas of bending and cutting.

Discover Aquatics Is Now Open for Open Swim

LogoDiscover Aquatics is proud to announce the opening of the pool for special open swim hours. This is the first time that the saline pool will be available for open swim in the history of Discover Aquatics. Open swim hours will be on Fridays, from 4:00pm-7:00pm and Saturdays from 12:30pm-2:30pm. The cost to access the pool during open swim will be $7 per person for non-enrolled families and $5 per person for enrolled families. In other news, Sunday mornings will now feature one hour of open adult lap swim and three hours of reserved adult lap swim (thirty minute sessions).

India Commercial Banking Report Q1 2013 - New Market Report Now Available

LogoThe accompanying tables present the latest economic data and five-year forecast scenario for the country's banking system. Also included is SWOT analysis of the commercial banking system as a whole.

New Market Study Published: Japan Shipping Report Q4 2012

LogoJapan's largest port in terms of tonnage, the Port of Nagoya, is set to continue marginal growth in 2012, while we expect more pronounced increases at the country's other major ports.

New Market Study Published: Tobacco in Spain

LogoIn 2011, cigarettes, which saw volume and value sales decrease significantly, was the only category to register negative growth in Spain. Cigarettes, which represent the largest tobacco product in Spain, was hit hard by the credit crunch and high unemployment rates in Spain, which led to a decrease in private consumption and spectacular growth of illicit trade. After many years of very low levels of illicit trade in cigarettes, 2011 saw the credit crunch drive more than 500% growth in illegal...

New Market Study Published: Pet Care in Russia

LogoAll pet care types registered strong growth in 2011. This strong performance was continued in 2012. Consumers' increasing confidence in prepared food, with different functional properties, and higher disposable incomes underpinned the strong development in pet care. Manufacturers increased their advertising, promotional and educational efforts to persuade pet owners to buy prepared food and trade up. The rising number of pet shops and chained grocery retailers also boosted sales growth in both...

"100% Home Delivery/Takeaway in India" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoWith increasing disposable income and changing food habits, coupled with hectic daily routines, consumers continued to prefer takeaways and home deliveries increasingly. In particular, people in tier I cities continued to be the major consumers of 100% home delivery/takeaway. Of all the cuisines available, pizza, Chinese and Indian continued to be the most demanded food types in 2011.

New Market Study Published: Men's Grooming in Pakistan

LogoAs men's grooming products grew in size in terms of value and volume, product innovations from major international player Gillette Pakistan helped introduce sophisticated international quality products in 2011. The new introductions include the latest technologies in razors and blades, and the newest brands distributed across the globe. Unlike in other personal care categories, Pakistan is treated as a main market by the major players and innovation and marketing are strong parts of the overall...

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort Rated One of Top Beach Resorts in Costa Rica

LogoYlang Ylang Beach Resort was just rated among the top 25 resorts in Costa Rica and Central America by Trip Advisor, and is also rated number one out of 16 hotels listed in Montezuma. The resort is located on the beach in Montezuma, and is a popular romantic honeymoon destination.

Mobile Phones in Japan - New Market Report Now Available

LogoThe proliferation of smartphones ignited in Japan in 2011. Smartphones saw growth of 171% in volume terms in 2011 as the new niche became increasingly crowded. With the growing popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Mixi, consumers upgraded their basic feature phones to technology-rich smartphones offering speedy Internet access and constant connectivity, on top of multimedia sharing, digital photography and telecommunications functions. On the other hand, feature phones saw...

Travel and Tourism in Finland - New Market Research Report

LogoThe recovery of volumes within travel and tourism reached, in all areas, pre-downturn levels in 2011. However, the unit price development of most areas lagged behind and the value of most categories did not reach the pre-downturn value sales. The emerging signs of the second cycle of economic downturn raised concerns for companies operating in travel and tourism. In order to keep volumes up, many companies chose to stick to pricing strategies that were close to discounting at times.

Recently Released Market Study: Street Stalls/Kiosks in Belgium

LogoTowards the end of the review period, sales in street stalls/kiosks began to decline at a lower rate than in previous years. Before 2010, street stalls/kiosks remained under the negative influence of tough municipal laws that progressively banned French fries and other fried products from being sold in this channel in recent years. Some outlets continued to close, or became permanent outlets, such as burger and bakery fast food or 100% home delivery/takeaway outlets. Locally referred to as...

Fast Food in Brazil - New Market Report Now Available

LogoRHS Franchising - the leading chain in 100% home delivery/take-away - is investing in a new foodservice concept under its China in Box Express brand which was launched in November 2011. The Chinese food chain intends to expand into fast food stores mainly in retail locations, particularly in shopping centres. The new stores will follow franchise agreements, which is the same system adopted by its operation in 100% home delivery/takeaway. On the other hand, its menu offering should have a...

Men's Grooming in Vietnam - New Market Report Now Available

LogoIn 2011, men's grooming increased by 21% in current value terms. The strong growth was attributable to manufacturers' advertising campaigns that successfully boosted men's interest in self-grooming. Additionally, demand for men's grooming products was boosted by the increasing number of metrosexual men who paid great attention to their personal care. The consumer base for men's grooming was mostly young to middle-aged males in urban areas.

"Consumer Foodservice in France" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoWhile the reduction in VAT did not seem to bear fruit in 2010, the situation changed in 2011. Although the French economy is not recovering at the same dynamic pace as many other European countries, growth was sufficient to provide a sudden impetus to consumer confidence and finally stimulates the effects of the lowering of VAT. Furthermore, the market benefits from a combination of positive factors, such as excellent weather in spring and the autumn (which offset the effects of the extremely...

Recently Released Market Study: Underwear, Nightwear and Swimwear in Turkey

LogoDespite 1% volume growth recorded in 2011, the category recorded 6% in current value terms as Turkish consumers increasingly preferred branded products available through organised retailing channels.

Tobacco in Bolivia - New Market Research Report

LogoThe REAT (Specific Regulations for Anti-Tobacco Law) was passed in 2009 however despite efforts by the authorities, consumption continued to increase. Bans on advertising and promotion were not yet effective in 2011. There were two reasons for this: first, authorities initially rigorously enforced the law; however, in 2011 single cigarettes were being sold and no pictograms were in place. Second, tobacco companies found a friendly environment to promote their products and attract more consumers...

New Market Study Published: Home Insecticides in Kenya

LogoGrowth in 2011 was slower than in 2010 due to a drop in demand for home insecticides as a result of increased awareness of alternative prevention methods as well as an improvement in general hygiene amongst consumers which has reduced the need for insecticides.

Market Report, "Medicated Skin Care in Romania", Published

LogoThe highest share of sales in this category is held by lotion and cream/ointment acne treatments (over 90%). Pad and stick/wand products remained negligible, as they represented a new concept and Romanians continued to be conservative in terms of product formats. Meanwhile, while acne sufferers in the smaller cities and villages often tend to neglect acne unless it is very bad, when they generally seek a medical recommendation, the level of self-medication increased rapidly in Bucharest and...

New Market Study Published: Consumer Foodservice in Taiwan

LogoIn Taiwan, the popularity of eating out resulted in value growth of consumer foodservice in 2011. Because of busy modern lifestyles, consumers, especially working people, choose to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the working week. In view of growing demand, players in fast food, 100% takeaway and home delivery as well as street stalls/kiosks offer quick and value meal solutions.

Webber Wentzel Releases a Snapshot on the South African Protection of Personal Information Bill (2009)

LogoThe Protection of Personal Information Bill 2009 (POPI or the Bill*) aims to bring South Africa in line with international data protection laws. The impact of this legislation will be far-reaching and will significantly affect the way companies collect, store and disseminate personal information. Members of Webber Wentzel's Information Law and Data Protection Group provide insight into information law and the potential impact of the Bill on business in a series of Snapshots. Previous Snapshots have noted that the Bill sets out eight conditions that responsible parties will need to consider for the processing of personal information to be lawful. In this Snapshot, Information Quality and Openness, being the fifth and sixth of the eight conditions, are considered. Condition 5: Information Quality A Responsible Party must ensure that any personal information in its possession is complete, accurate, not misleading, and updated when necessary. In so doing, the responsible party must have regard to the purpose for which the personal information is collected or further processed.

Health Management Associates, Inc. (NYSE:HMA) Investor Alert: Lawsuit over Alleged Medicare Fraud Filed

LogoAn investor in shares of Health Management Associates, Inc. (NYSE:HMA) filed a lawsuit against directors of Health Management Associates, Inc. over alleged Medicare billing misconduct at Health Management Associates, Inc.

BioClinica Inc (NASDAQ:BIOC) Investor Alert: Investigation of Takeover Offer by JLL Partners, Inc

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors in BioClinica Inc (NASDAQ:BIOC) shares was announced concerning whether the offer by JLL Partners, Inc to acquire BioClinica Inc for $7.25 per NASDAQ:BIOC share and the takeover process are unfair to investors in NASDAQ:BIOC shares.

WMS Industries Inc. (NYSE:WMS) Investor Alert: Takeover Under Investigation

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors in WMS Industries Inc. (NYSE:WMS) shares was announced concerning whether the offer by Scientific Games Corporation to acquire WMS Industries Inc. for $26.00 per NYSE:WMS share and the takeover process are unfair to investors in NYSE:WMS shares.