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Podcast Episode 29 - 7 Principles for a Strong Brand

When it comes to branding, many businesses get focused on their logo -and leave it at that. A logo is important, but that is only one small component of a company's brand.

Global Titanium Mill Products Market 2018- VSMPO-AVISMA, Timet, RIT, ATI, Toho Titanium, Toho Titanium, KV-Titan, BaoTi

99strategy added a new latest industry research report that focuses on "Titanium Mill Products market" and provides in-depth Global Titanium Mill Products market analysis and future prospects of Titanium Mill Products market 2017. The research study covers significant data which makes the document a handy resource for managers, analysts, industry experts and other key people get ready-to-access and self-analyzed study along with graphs and tables to help understand market trends, drivers and market challenges. The research study is segmented by Application/ end users, products type and geographies like United States, China, Europe, Japan, Korea & Taiwan.

International Education Agent Signs With Gold Coast Institute of Tafe (Gcit)

LogoK M Visa Services Australia today announced they have entered into an agreement to recruit students for the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE, Queensland, Australia. Students from all over the world can apply to study at one of the premier destinations in the world, the Gold Coast.

Safe Weight Loss Pills Prescopodene Packed With Powerful Fat Fighting Ingredients

Prescopodene, a natural and safe weight loss pills is a powerful power packed formula with phenomenal fat fighting ingredients.

Most Effective Diet Pill Prescopodene Clinically Proven With Trial Results

Prescopodene is the new, advanced and the most effective diet pill clinically proven and scientifically formulated. The proven fat burning ingredients will help burn hundreds of kilojoules every day that is almost double the amount the body typically burns.

Champion Oil "Likes" Increases on Facebook

LogoKarl Dedolph, a marketing spokesperson for Champion stated, “Since the beginning, our main goal has been to educate the racing and performance community about our synthetic and performance lubricants. Facebook has served this effort very well.”

Champion Increases Speed With High Octane Leaded Race Fuels

LogoThe new Champion Race Fuels, are available in 111, 114 and 118 motor octane ratings and are designed for competition engines routinely operating from green to checker with high rpm, high compression, heavy load, or sustained speed. The Champion Race Fuels are blended to achieve a high motor octane number and fast burn speed to ensure engine protection. These fuels are not street legal and are intended for off-road and racing use only.

Burns and Roe Ranks #1 in Pacific Business News for Commercial Construction Projects

LogoPacific Business News ranked Burns and Roe Enterprises, Inc. #1 on their List of Hawaii’s Top Commercial Construction Projects. Burns and Roe was the Architect/Engineer for the H-Power Facility Expansion. Burns and Roe added a third boiler unit to the City and County of Honolulu’s existing waste-to-energy facility. This third unit expansion increases the capacity of the plant by 900 tons per day. Burns and Roe was responsible for the complete design of the Expansion Project constructed on the existing H-Power site.

Five Pet Place Completes First International Transaction

LogoFive Pet Place, a company specializing in producing attractive and functional products for cats, today completed its first international transaction with the shipment of a Food & Water Server and Scratching Pad to Australia. Seeks to Connect Home Buyers With the Best Deals in Durham and Surrounding Areas

Without the right realtor, buying a home can be an intimidating process. Whether buying a home for the first time or the fifth, there are a number of different factors to keep track of. Buyers have to find a lawyer, secure a mortgage, negotiate an offer, and deal with a number of other factors. For first-time buyers, buying a home can be an especially intimidating process. Provides Clients With Plumbing Services and DIY Resources

While every homeowner or business owner faces plumbing issues from time to time, it is important and cost effective to get the job done right the first time. For those consumers who prefer do-it-yourself plumbing projects, it is essential to know step-by-step the right way to address plumbing problems to avoid an expensive mistake. Consumers seeking plumbers in Mesa, AZ, or professional plumbing advice can now find what they need through one website.

Brochures Make a Great Advertisement Method

Hot Print USA is a company based in Miami, Florida that is offering brochure printing services. Brochures offer many benefits to companies, as they are one of the best forms of advertisement. Once the brochures arrive in the mail, individuals can pass them out to potential clients and watch their business start to boom. Hot Print USA is one of the best printing companies listed on the internet because of the price for their high quality work.

Company Offers Discounts for Brochure Printing

Individuals who are searching for brochures are urged to take advantage of the discounts being offered by Hot Print USA. Hot Print USA is a company that is located in Miami, Florida, but they are supplying discounted brochures (by order) throughout the world. The company is well known throughout the Internet for printing brochures, business cards and more for people - they have plenty of good feedback, so there "high quality" and "discount prices" are certainly shining through on the web.

Website Makes Food and Cookware Shopping Easier

Skillets and More’s website makes shopping for food and cookware easier by offering different recipes for cooking in the frying pan, on the grill, and for deep frying.

Beckertime Sees an 8 Percent Increase in Unique Visitors to Its Website Thanks to KOMI Marketing

Since the day it opened for business in 1998, Beckertime has strived to provide its customers with the best pre-owned luxury brand watches. Since then, Beckertime has developed a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s largest Internet sellers of pre-owned Rolex watches.

Leading Online Jewelry Retailer,, Launches Classy New Design

Nearly all women absolutely love a classy piece of jewelry to wear on that special occasion, but unfortunately, a high price usually goes hand in hand with that quality. Up until recently, this has meant that many women have had to settle for inferior quality jewelry.

New Jersey HARP Refinancing Specialist Uses New HARP 2.0 Program to Help Seriously Underwater New Jersey Homeowners Lower Their Interest Rates

Updated HARP 2.0 government program provides refinancing options to New Jersey homeowners who are living under negative equity by allowing them to refinance at lower interest rates. Is Now Offering Free Social Media Page Designs for Your Business announced today it is now offering businesses free social media page designs free of charge. The company was created and is currently managed by Todd Brandon Greenberg (TBG). Todd Greenberg is a tech savvy guy but also an intellectual (a law school graduate). He began his company in his bedroom when he was 15 years old. It was then when Todd realized his fascination with computers and hired his first web design artist to help him create his first website. Since then, Todd has helped design dozens of websites with for large and small companies through the help of several artists, programmers, and others. His main focus is providing his customers with Quality over Quantity.

Robotic Fabricating Changes Farm Equipment Repair and Customization

It might go against our preconceived idea of the hands-in-the-soil farm worker, but over the last decade, the American farmer has gone high-tech. GPS-unit-controlled tractors, computer-automated spraying, and CNC machine manufacturing are just three of the ways that farmers are squeezing out more productivity and increasing efficiencies by harnessing technology.

SEO Miracle and Sandberg Properties Promote Waterfront Homes on North Bay Road Miami

North Bay Road Miami is truly unique. That is one of the reasons Sandberg Properties decided to partner with SEO Miracle in promoting this Heaven on Earth.

At, Consumers Find Reviews on the Bella Teeth Whitening System and Many Other Products

A bright smile is important to many people, and there are now many tooth-whitening products available on the market. Consumers who are trying to decide on which tooth-whitening products to purchase, often consult reviews in order to make their decision. Decides Whether Investors Or Brokers Are Guilty When Investors Lose Money

Currency trading has become increasingly popular over the last decade. Today, people around the world trade currencies over foreign exchange markets in order to generate a healthy investment income. However, in order to trade currencies, traders must use a Forex broker.

Many Prospective Students Are Exploring Online Criminal Justice Programs at

Many people in the U.S. are searching for career paths that will enable them to maximize their potential and achieve high salaries. As a result, criminal justice is becoming a popular academic field. Criminal justice offers a wide range of paths, and it is even possible to earn a criminal justice degree online.

Australian Gamblers Rely on for Impartial Reviews

For hundreds, if not thousands of years, people have been betting on the outcome of races and other sporting events. Although the practice was frowned upon in ancient Rome, gambling was allowed at the circus and chariot races. It is widely believed that European settlers introduced gambling to Australia because no evidence has been found to suggest the indigenous people indulged in the pursuit. Helps Skinny Guys Gain Weight and Muscle Mass

Ectomorphs typically have very thin bodies with lean muscles. They usually have a very high metabolism which makes it difficult to gain weight. Ectomorphs need to follow weight training programs geared specifically to their body type in order to increase their weight and build muscles.

Marlton, New Jersey Mortgage Consultant Reveals Insider Loan Secrets Other Mortgage Lenders Don't Want the Public to Know

Marlton, New Jersey Based Mortgage Lender Nicholas Orapallo reveals mortgage secrets at a new web site that is full of free reports, a home buying guide and free mortgage calculators. The site is designed to give consumers all the facts so they can make an educated decision when obtaining a mortgage.

Air Ambulance America Partners With to Promote Flight Escort Services

Whether people are old, or in need of medical treatment and need to travel by an aircraft, Air Ambulance America offers a perfect solution to assist them with professional medical services. Their new service is called Flight Escort Services and includes two different options, arranged and private travel arrangement.