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Global Titanium Mill Products Market 2018- VSMPO-AVISMA, Timet, RIT, ATI, Toho Titanium, Toho Titanium, KV-Titan, BaoTi

99strategy added a new latest industry research report that focuses on "Titanium Mill Products market" and provides in-depth Global Titanium Mill Products market analysis and future prospects of Titanium Mill Products market 2017. The research study covers significant data which makes the document a handy resource for managers, analysts, industry experts and other key people get ready-to-access and self-analyzed study along with graphs and tables to help understand market trends, drivers and market challenges. The research study is segmented by Application/ end users, products type and geographies like United States, China, Europe, Japan, Korea & Taiwan.

Global Surgical Robots Market 2018- Intuitive Surgical, Stryker, Restoration Robotics, Medtech S.A, THINK Surgical

99strategy added a new latest industry research report that focuses on "Surgical Robots market" and provides in-depth Global Surgical Robots market analysis and future prospects of Surgical Robots market 2017. The research study covers significant data which makes the document a handy resource for managers, analysts, industry experts and other key people get ready-to-access and self-analyzed study along with graphs and tables to help understand market trends, drivers and market challenges. The research study is segmented by Application/ end users, products type and geographies like United States, China, Europe, Japan, Korea & Taiwan.

"Construction in Northern China - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2016" - New Market Report

LogoOver the forecast period, China's infrastructure development is expected to be key to the growth of the country's construction industry. Specifically, in response to the country's rapid urbanization, the Chinese government plans to invest CNY7.0 trillion (US$1.03 trillion) into infrastructure development from 2011 to 2015. Moreover, the country is a preferred destination for foreign investors and manufacturing companies due to the high availability of cheap labor, with levels of commercial construction therefore expected to continue to rise over the forecast period. However, the Chinese construction industry may find it difficult to attain international standards due to continued controversy regarding forced land acquisition, poor construction quality, and corruption.

Market Report, "Construction in BRIC - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2015", Published

LogoDespite differing significantly from each other in terms of politics, geography, culture and type of economy, the BRIC countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China - were combined to demonstrate the growing importance of these nations in the global economy. Due to the developing phase of the BRIC economies, the construction industry plays a significant role for all member countries. The important and common factors significantly affecting the construction industry in the BRIC countries include growing population (except in Russia), rapid urbanization and industrial development. In addition, rising levels of disposable income are also driving growth with demand for improved facilities and public infrastructure.

New Market Study: "The US Business Traveler Survey 2012: Hotel Accommodation, Selection Criteria and Customer Expectations of New Technology, Promotions and Services"

Logo"The US Business Traveler Survey 2012: Hotel Accommodation, Selection Criteria and Customer Expectations of New Technology, Promotions and Services" is the result of an extensive multi-industry survey drawn from Timetric's exclusive panel of US business travelers. It contains in-depth analysis on US market trends in hotel accommodation and forecasts how expenditure patterns are set to change in 2012 compared to 2011. The report also benchmarks types of hotels business travelers choose, and identifies preferred modes and channels of hotel selection. This report also examines new technologies, green initiatives and socially responsible measures that appeal to business travelers, and also analyzes the key drivers and popular promotional offers which influence business travelers to choose a particular hotel. Survey results have been presented and analyzed into segmentations based on travel frequency, age and company turnover.

Recently Released Market Study: Reinsurance in the UK, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2016

LogoDuring the review period, premium ceded to reinsurance by UK direct insurers grew, with the exception of a noticeable decline in 2009 as a result of the global financial crisis. Following European financial liberalization, the UK insurance industry was opened up to international reinsurers and brokers. The UK reinsurance segment is dominated by domestic reinsurers, as well as reinsurers from other European countries such as Germany. Due to the impact of the global financial crisis, the European debt crisis and severe flooding in 2010-2011, renewal prices increased in the UK reinsurance segment. Previously, during 2009-2010, UK reinsurance brokers experienced increased demand from credit insurers keen to minimize their risk by sharing it with a reinsurer. Furthermore, with the forthcoming introduction of the Solvency II directive, many insurers are also expected to be dependent on reinsurers in order to ensure better risk management and retain their market positions.

New Market Study Published: Malaysia Shipping Report Q3 2012

LogoTwo forces appear to be pulling the Malaysian ports and shipping industry in different directions this year. On the downside, the world economy remains somewhat troubled, and global demand has weakened. This means that Malaysian GDP and foreign trade growth is slowing down in 2012 compared to 2011. BMI predicts GDP growth at 3.3%, down from 5.1% last year, for example. But on the upside, the country's major ports (Port Klang and Port Tanjung Pelepas) continue to outperform for a variety of reasons. These include greater reliance on intra-Asian and local trade, which have performed better than global long-haul trade routes; the impact of fairly aggressive capacity expansion programmes; and relative success in attracting and retaining the custom of major shipping lines. As a result of these countervailing forces, we are holding our main projections unchanged compared to our last quarterly report. At both ports we see bulk cargo and container traffic staying up in the high single digits in percentage growth terms.

New Market Study: "The French Defense Industry: Market Opportunities and Entry Strategies, Analyses and Forecasts to 2017"

LogoThis report is the result of ICD Research / Strategic Defence Intelligence's extensive market and company research covering the French defense industry. It provides detailed analysis of both historic and forecast defense industry values including key growth stimulators, analysis of the leading companies in the industry, and key news..

"The Global Military Aircraft Market 2011-2021 - Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights: Market Profile" - New Market Report

LogoThe report provides a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape of the Military Aircraft industry. It provides an overview of key Military Aircraft companies catering to the Military Aircraft sector, together with insights such as key alliances, strategic initiatives and a brief financial analysis

Indian Foodservice: The Future of Foodservice to 2016 - New Market Report Now Available

LogoThis report provides a top-level overview and detailed market, channel, and company-specific insights into the operating environment for foodservice companies. It is an essential tool for companies active across the Indian foodservice value chain, and for new companies considering entering the market

New Market Study Published: Rum in BRIC to 2016: Market Guide

LogoThis report is the result of Canadean's extensive market research covering the Rum market in BRIC. The report provides a top-level overview and detailed insight into the operating environment for the Rum market in BRIC. It is an essential tool for companies active across the Alcoholic Drinks value chain and for new players that are considering entering the market.

Morrisons UK: Consumer Profile - New Market Report Now Available

LogoMorrisons UK: Consumer Profile is the result of Canadean's extensive online consumer survey Morrisons in the UK, presenting uniquely detailed data on Morrisons' end-consumers. It provides retailer profiles for both Main and Occasional consumers (determined by the share of their goods coming from this retailer) covering over 25 individual consumer groups, and retailer share at product category level.

"The Future of Retailing in Bulgaria to 2016" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoFuture forecasts and historic market data can improve market and strategic planning- Understand which channels and products will be the major winners and losers in the coming years- Know the share of sales between different products in your key channels and how this will develop- Assess the impact of economic recession and recovery on market growth

Devon Energy Corporation, Company Intelligence Report - New Market Report Now Available

LogoDevon Energy Corporation (Devon) is one of the largest independent oil and gas companies in North America. The company is primarily engaged in the exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas resources in the US and Canada. Its exploration and production (E&P) activities in the US are located in the Mid-Continent, Permian Basin, Gulf Coast and the Rocky Mountains regions. Devon's Canadian Operations are located in the Horn River Basin, Deep Basin, Foothills, Central, Northwest and Lloydminster areas and the thermal oil sands projects in Alberta. Earlier, the company was also involved in offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico and other international markets such as China, Brazil, Azerbaijan and other international locations. However, Devon announced its plan to restructure operations in November, 2009 by concentrating its E&P activities on North American onshore fields and divesting its offshore international operations. The company sold off its non-core offshore operations during Q4 2009-Q2 2011; since then, all its E&P activities are located onshore in North America.

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Free Offer From Opens Check Writing Software to Health Providers

LogoEzCheckPrinting PC check writer makes writing checks and paying bills fast, efficient and inexpensive. Small business accounting software provider,, announces the new version of check printing software, which will speed up check writing and cut cost for small businesses. The new version allows users to print unlimited personalized checks on the blank check stock which saves user’s money and time on ordering the expensive pre-printed checks.

Printing Missing W-2 and 1099 Forms Made Fast With EzW2 Software

LogoEmployer that needs to re-print a missing W-2 or 1099 form can turn to ezW2 software from New download links now allow ezW2 software customers to access all previous editions of this popular software for printing W2 and 1099 forms as well as the current edition. Jet Flight Demand Increases Nearing 22nd July Tour de France Finish

Nearing the mid way race point – the yellow jersey is still under fierce competition by the best cyclists in the world. Private clients with a keen sporting interest will be chartering flights to Paris around the weekend of the 22nd, in-time for the Tour de France Race Finish.

Switzerland Commercial Banking Report Q3 2012 - New Market Research Report

LogoBMI View: We reiterate that Swiss banks will continue to face significant challenges in the coming quarters, which will weigh on their asset growth and profitability. In addition to tougher regulatory requirements, a precarious global growth outlook, and the ongoing eurozone sovereign debt crisis, many Swiss banks now face the additional risk of indictment by the US authorities over aiding tax fraud. In line with our long-held view that the Swiss banking sector is set to face a growing number of challenges in the coming years, we believe that the sector's growth and profitability will remain weak in the coming quarters. The tough regulatory framework imposed on Swiss banks combined with an increasingly weak macroeconomic backdrop, and severe global growth risks stemming from the ongoing eurozone sovereign debt crisis have already weighed on the country's two largest banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, which collectively own around 52% of total assets, in recent quarters. As many of the global risks which weighed on these banks in 2011 remain unresolved, we believe that financial market volatility, and increasing calls for the Swiss government to loosen its strict banking secrecy laws (as many cash-starved countries seek to clamp down on tax evasion), will further harm the sector's profitability. Adverse Conditions Weigh On Grossbanken Both UBS and Credit Suisse posted weak results in Q411, with the latter posting a CHF637mn loss for the quarter (compared to CHF841mn profit in Q410) and the former seeing profits decline 76% y-o-y to CHF393mn (from CHF1.7bn in Q410). Credit Suisse's full-year net profits were CHF2.0bn and UBS's were CHF4.2bn. Both banks blamed market volatility, increasingly risk averse clients and the banks' attempts to keep up with regulatory and capital requirements as reasons for the weaker performance. In addition, the depressing effect of the Swiss franc's strength throughout 2011 has continued to weigh on both banks' overseas earnings. Indeed, this subdued profitability reinforces our long-held view that the Swiss government's insistence that Swiss banks raise large amounts of capital in order to bolster the nation's banking sector stability, would ultimately harm profitability. While under Basel III banks will be required to move towards holding 10.5% of total capital (7% of which must be common equity), the Swiss government's decision to implement significantly more stringent capital requirements on its banks, requiring them to hold 19% in total capital (10% of which must be common equity) will continue to weigh on profits. As we expect both Grossbanken to continue to restructure, looking to exit several of the more risky business lines and seek to further reduce risk-weighted assets, we reiterate our view that Switzerland's largest banks are set to continue moving away from proprietary trading in the coming years, and seek to focus their business towards private banking and asset management. While

The Peter Leeds Penny Stocks Guide Now Offers a 14 Day Free Trial Period

The Penny Stocks Guide, a comprehensive and impartial resource to investors interested in penny stocks investing, now offers 14 day free trial period for new customers. Investors will have instant access to Peter Leeds’ world famous penny stocks picks, daily updates, with full reports, buy/sell prices and more. The Penny Stocks Guide teaches the basic principles of penny stocks trading, including how to do it intelligently and safely. Investors can instantly find the under-valued penny stocks; buy/sell prices for the penny stock shares and receive daily updates on the best penny stocks to invest in.

Flooring Tiles - the Finishing Touch to a House's Beauty

One of the most important aspects of improving home is the type of flooring that one chooses to use. There are numerous designs and materials available in the market that can be used for flooring. Many people cannot differentiate between ceramic and porcelain tiles. If someone is very serious in choosing the best flooring for their home then it’s important to understand adequately the types of tiles and other things for getting beautiful floors.

Go Home OC Announces Participation in Orange County Home Buyer Education Workshop

Joining an alliance of mortgage lenders, real estate professionals and non-profit housing counsellors, Go Home OC today announces its sponsorship of a comprehensive home buyer education workshop on Saturday 28th July in Orange County. Products Harness the Power of Sound Frequencies to Aid Meditation and Alter the Mind

The effectiveness of meditation has been recognized for thousands of years. Meditation offers a rewarding experience to everyone who practices it by providing benefits to both the mind and the body. Recently, an exciting discovery was made about meditation and the ability of sound to alter brain waves.

Kris J. Ryan's Young Adult Fiction Novel 'SPOON' Now Available in Kindle Format

Having enraptured the minds of many young people, Kris J. Ryan’s ‘Spoon’ novel has seen steady success since its original release seven years ago. Hoping to expand his readership and make the title more accessible, Kris J. Ryan today announces its new availability in Amazon Kindle format. Awesome New Travel Site Lets Users Burn Rubber Among America's Hidden Gems

Having travelled America’s back roads hundreds of times, James and Tatiana Fisher were growing tired of the myriad of trip planning tools that only highlighted global restaurant chains, brand name stores and blatantly obvious tourist attractions.