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Weekly Marketing Podcast Gains Popularity

Most podcasts don't last more than a few episodes. When more than 40 episodes are produced, that's news. The "Market Your Business Like A Pro" podcast is hosted each week by Ken Countess, managing director of The Countess Group, a marketing consultancy based in Orlando, Florida.

Gold Nanoparticles Market to Reach Around USD 5.15 Billion by 2023: CAGR 17%

Global gold nanoparticles market was valued at approximately USD 2.01 billion in 2017 and is expected to generate revenue of around USD 5.15 billion by the end of 2023, growing at a CAGR of around 17% between 2017 and 2023.

Toronto Website Design Offers Responsive Design Service

Toronto Website Design, a full service design company, has added Responsive Website Design to the website design, mobile app design, online marketing, and website maintenance services it offers to its current customers.

Six Marketing Research Trends to Watch in Second Half of 2013

Insights in Marketing, LLC (IIM),a full-service marketing research consultancy based in the Chicago area, reveals six marketing research trends shaping the remainder of 2013.

Paramount Bathrooms Furniture Collection at New Affordable Prices

People wanting to level up their kitchens can do so while saving money with the style they want that can be found in Paramount Bathrooms. Their other furniture collection for the bedroom and the bathroom prove to be astonishingly beautiful that blends with contemporary design very well.

New Content Management System Integrates Social Networking and SEO Enhancements

[Uniwebb Software] Uniwebb has released a proprietary Content Management System with the goal of offering a “Social CMS.”

Wohl Associates Inc. Announces Availability of Used Pasta Processing Machines

Wohl Associates, a trusted leader in the used food processing and packaging machinery industry, has announced availability of several used industrial pasta making machines from the top manufacturers.

Drumming Workouts Come to Tuff Fitness Gym with High Intensity "POUND" Classes Announced

LogoTuff Girl Fitness, LLC announces a brand new cardio toning class called "Pound. Rockout. Workout". No other gym or fitness center in the Tri-Valley offers this unique workout which Tuff Girl sees as a full-body cardio jam session. "POUND" is a workout using Ripstix, a drumstick which is slightly heavier and shorter than a regular drumstick, colored green so the brain can better sub-consciously detect its motion. Even a non-musician can keep the rhythm during a "Pound. Rockout. Workout". A fusion of rhythm, cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and isometric poses goes into the 45 minute workout. Participants can expect to burn between 600 and 900 calories per hour while strengthening and sculpting infrequently used muscles. The moves are easy to follow and non-complex. These are cardio exercises using strength training and drumming. Tuff Girl says "POUND" is used to work the entire body and raise the heart rate to a fat-burning zone with moves as precise as a basic beat.

North Royalton Chiropractor Reveals Quality Treatment for Spinal Woes

Back problems stemming from injuries, spinal disc complications etc are not uncommon. North Royalton Chiropractor Dr. Patrick McCluskey has been employing innovative medical therapies to treat patients in Cleveland with his Breakthrough Herniated Disc Treatment Protocol.

Hanaya Inc Now Introduces All New Range of Damping Hinges for Industries

Hanaya Inc., an acclaimed hinges manufacturer now introduces all new range of damping hinges. The company aims at giving best quality products with perfection. Their designs are practical exemplification of excellence in manufacturing.

Fine Quality and Breath Taking Furniture Can Come in Affordable Rates with Paramount Bathrooms

Modular furniture has taken quite a rage in popularity and more people want them in their kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Paramount Bathrooms are one of the leading providers of modular furniture that ranges in so many types to give a good and pleasant look to home.

New Bathroom and Kitchen Furniture at Paramount Bathrooms Satisfied Many Customers

Paramount Bathrooms offer the easiest way to have fitted bathrooms or fitted kitchens with their good selection of furniture for both areas. Starting from the kitchen, they have several units available that also include complete packages. Their packages have 8 door styles with 60 different colors making combinations of more than 100. Not to mention that they are on a very generous sale with these hot kitchen furniture where quality is just as great as their style.

Debut Motivational Book Released from Hype Up Your Day Founder Nihar Suthar

Hype Up Your Day founder Nihar Suthar announces the release of his new motivational book "Win No Matter What". Hype Up Your Day assists corporations with motivation, productivity and employee retention rate. The "grind", as it's called, of repetitive tasks involved in most work days drives most of us crazy or to distraction at the very least. "Win No Matter What" takes the experience of helping motivate over 100,000 individuals and distills the essential lessons into a guide for how to break loose of mechanical processes.

Pulse IPL Opens Doors in Milton

Pulse IPL, a renowned name when it comes to treatments using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technique, recently announced the launch of its new salon in Milton, Brisbane city. The company also announced an initial launch discount of 50 percent on all IPL Hair Removal treatments. Speaking on the occasion, a representative of the organization said, “We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new salon in Milton and aim to offer the highest quality service with some amazing results to the people belonging to the area as well as surroundings.”

Localguiding Launches World's First App to Find Local Tour Guides

LocalGuiding, an online marketplace connecting travelers with local guides to find and book unique customized tours, announces the release of its first iPhone mobile application. The app is the world’s first travel app allowing users to discover and book any tour directly from your iPhone on-the-go.

Above & Beyond Counseling Academy Releases New Product for Deliverance Ministry - 'Deliverance Ministry: Plain & Simple' Video Seminar

Above & Beyond Counseling Academy, a renowned name when it comes to training and equipping people in areas of Christian Counseling and deliverance ministry, today announced the release of its new offering - ‘Deliverance Ministry: Plain & Simple' Video Seminar. The product helps one gain a better understanding of deliverance ministry and get an overview of a proven and effective five-step process related to the same. Sources confirmed that the academy, and related counseling center, has successfully used the process with thousands of clients and seminar attendees. Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary

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PublicAuctionFinder: Connecting People to the Auctioneers

Going to a live auction can be a great place to find a deal or a rare item for your collection, but finding them can be a time consuming and unproductive process if you don’t know where to look. By visiting you are able to find both the online auctions and the local sales that you are looking for in your area, and because the auctioneers can easily register on the website themselves there is more selection for you to find what you are looking for. When you’re ready you can come and search the vast listings of public and private auctions and find exactly the sell-off that suits your needs, and is within travelling distance, pay this website a visit.

Heinkel USA Now Offering New F Series Filter Centrifuge with Built in Contact Drying

As an innovator in the centrifuge and filtration industry, Heinkel USA has been able to incorporate new models and series into their line of products. With that being said, they are now excited to offer the new F Series Filter Centrifuge that has direct contact drying capabilities. The new model they are now offering has many different features that will help with filtering and deliver a thin cake like quality with their processing technology all in one machine.

John David Hyland Author of "Leading the Field: Strategies, Advice and Inspiration from World Class Experts" Is a Convicted Felon

LogoJohn David Hyland Author of “Leading The Field: Strategies, Advice & Inspiration from World Class Experts” is a convicted felon.

North Royalton Chiropractor Unveils Holistic Treatment for Aches and Pains

In its 21st year, the North Royalton Chiropractor has much to be proud about. Led by Dr. Patrick McCluskey, the clinic has successfully treated over 12,500 patients suffering from a range of physical problems and painful symptoms. Since its early days, the clinic has become a place for all Cleveland residents to head to whenever they are in pain and need for relief.

COD Wholesale Announces Expanded Selection of Tablecloths and Tablecovers

COD Wholesale, a leading online provider of party and crafting supplies, has added an expanded selection of colorful tablecloths and covers to their already huge line of top-quality party and event supplies, making the site an even more invaluable resource for professional event planners and individuals looking for the perfect solutions for all their party-planning needs.

A Look at Paramount Bathrooms Modern Designs

Expensive architecture designs are no longer the necessary ingredient to a modern-looking home as sophisticated furniture can now do the job. Durable and stylish furniture carries out a comfortable feel for people living in that house, and gives it an entirely stylish and modern look. Paramount Bathrooms have different packages of kitchens and bathroom furniture to choose from.

RPE Says Now Is the Right Time to Invest in the Supply Chain Process

According to RPE, a leader in retail management consulting, now is the right time for retailers to invest in the supply chain process. Even though many people are still struggling to make it through a sluggish global economy, there appears to be a growing optimism within the retail industry. Not only that, but the community is witnessing the return of a state of consumer confidence. Retail IT spending is facing an emergence in North America, with many opportunities to face better times ahead. Because of this, now is the right time for IT managers to address structural components that will provide process and financial efficiencies in the supply chain process. To read the full article, please visit

Web Host Pro - Best Web Hosting Site Available with Better Service Rates

Web Host Pro is an amazing website which has helped many small scale businesses get their businesses moved to a virtual platform via interactive and eye catching web sites and pages that catch the users' attention as well as provide complete service for SEO marketing and online small business web hosting. Since the competition has escalated to newer heights in the past few years, the technology era is on its full peak as more and more businesses are venturing into the digital world to make space for themselves. This is now possible as there are limitless options to creating engaging websites and appealing to audiences on the internet.

The Law Offices of Sidkoff, Pincus and Green, P.C. Are Now Offering Legal Counsel & Services to Businesses Located in the Philadelphia, PA Area

The Law Offices of Sidkoff, Pincus and Green, P.C. are now offering legal counsel and services to businesses located in the Philadelphia, PA area. Sidkoff, Pincus & Green (“SPG”) represents businesses of all sizes in litigation, business transactions and other corporate matters. Some of the matters handled by SPG’s business attorneys in Philadelphia include contract disputes, business torts, the drafting of non-compete agreements and shareholder actions. SPG does not have a "typical" corporate client, but represent clients of all sizes from large international, national and regional private and public corporations, to small, family-owned businesses. Its individual clients include doctors, dentists, lawyers, hedge fund managers, artists, musicians, inventors, and people engaged in just about every other type of endeavor.

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