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Electrochromic Glass Market Size and Key Trends in Terms of Volume and Value 2015-2020

Electrochromic glasses are smart glasses that can alter its properties according to the needs of its environment. This glass modulates heat and spread light transmission. This glass can available in different size and it can be tinted, clear, colored, and opaque. Due to these attributes electrochromic glass is used in numerous applications such as buildings, corporate, commercial, and residential buildings, malls, restaurants and other outlets.

Global Contract Research Organization (CRO) Market Share by End-User Segment, 2014-2020

Zion Research has published a new report titled "Contract Research Organization (CRO) Industry for Early-Stage Development Services and Last-Stage Development Services: Global Market Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2014 - 2020." According to the report, global Contract Research Organization market was valued at USD 34.00 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach USD 59.42 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 9.80% between 2015 and 2020.

Angioplasty Balloons Market - Shorter Hospital Stay, Reduced Cost and Minimal Incision Fuel the Growth of Market

LogoBalloon angioplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that widens the obstructed blood vessels. This report is on global angioplasty balloons studies the current and future prospects of the market. The report comprises an elaborate executive summary, which includes a market snapshot that provides overall information of various segments and sub-segments included in the study. This section also provides the overall information and data analysis of the global angioplasty balloons market with respect to the leading market segments based on type of balloons, material used, and geography.

Future of Synthetic Diamond Market with Current Growth Scenario

LogoThis report analyzes and forecasts the market for synthetic diamond at the global and regional level. The market has been forecast based on volume (million carats) and revenue (US$ Mn) from 2015 to 2023. The study includes drivers and restraints of the global synthetic diamond market. It also covers the impact of these drivers and restraints on demand for synthetic diamond during the forecast period. The report also highlights opportunities in the synthetic diamond market at the global and regional level.

Updated Study on Furfural Market with Analysis of Growth Factors and Upcoming Trends

LogoThe report analyzes and forecasts the furfural market on the global and regional level. The study provides historical data of 2014 along with the forecast from 2015 to 2023 based on volume (Tons) and revenue (US$ Thousand). The report provides a decisive view of the furfural market by segmenting it in terms of application and region.

Natural Gas Storage Market augmented by Government regulations and incentives


Automatic Number Plate Recognition Market - Security and Surveillance Application Dominated the Global ANPR Systems Market

LogoAutomatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a surveillance system with primary capability of capturing the image of vehicles and identifies their license number. ANPR systems consist of high-speed cameras with IR filters, processors capable of performing optical character recognition (OCR), application software, user interface, and an alert capability to notify operators in case of a match. ANPR systems can be a standalone device or can be used with existing traffic enforcement cameras or closed-circuit televisions and are used by the police forces across the globe to prevent and detect crimes. These systems are also used for electronic toll collection on roads and for monitoring traffic activities such as red light adherence and speed enforcement. Additionally, ANPR systems can assist in the detection of stolen vehicles. The ANPR technology varies from location to location depending on the designs of number plates.

Future Trends of Combined Heat and Power Installation Market with Current Growth Analysis

LogoCombined heat and power (CHP) systems are used to generate both electricity and heat energy. In CHP, the heat generated during electricity generation is captured and used for heating purposes. It ultimately increases the efficiency of the system by avoiding heat losses. CHP systems can reduce carbon emissions by up to 29% as compared to conventional systems. CHP is used in a wide range of applications including residential, commercial and industrial where there is requirement of both electricity and heat.

Use of Solar PV Systems Has Increased Considerably in Commercial Buildings and the Residential Sector

LogoGrid-connected and off-grid are the two basic product types of solar PV systems. Grid-connected solar PV systems are utilized to cover the inefficient supply of electricity acquired from grids. Off-grid solar PV systems are gaining popularity particularly in South Africa and are expected to grow significantly. Both grid-connected and off-grid systems respond to different market requirements and applications and provide different incentives through the feed-in tariff. Solar PV systems are finding growing applications in residential, commercial and utility-scale sector. In the past few years, the use of solar PV systems has increased considerably in commercial buildings and the residential sector. They are one of the best alternatives that suit commercial and institutional applications including hospitals, hotels, and offices that have considerable electricity costs as a percentage of total operating costs and have a constantly growing need for electricity.

Butanediol 1,3 Butadiene and Methyl Ethyl Ketone Market - Latest Trends with Forecast by 2018

LogoThe global demand for 1, 4 butanediol was estimated at 1,805.0 kilo tons in 2012 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% from 2013 to 2018. The global market for 2, 3-butanediol was estimated at over 61.8 kilo tons in 2012 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.2% from 2013 to 2018.

Oleochemicals Market - Consumers' Growing Inclination Towards Environment-Friendly Products Is Stimulating Growth of This Sector

LogoThis study turns the spotlight on the global oleochemicals market by analyzing key trends and projecting its growth trajectory over the next few years. The report on the oleochemicals market assumes importance in the backdrop of an increasing demand for these substances in industries such as personal care, soaps and detergents, lubricants, plastics, rubbers, coatings, and paper. The modern applications of oleochemicals are decidedly different than most conventional ones, making this report a valuable investigation of the current and anticipated status of the oleochemicals market. The report is comprised of an array of tables, info-graphics, and analyses that offer a complete and realistic view of the global market for oleochemicals.

Aerial Imaging Market - Growing Popularity of Location-Based Services Boost This Industry Growth

LogoThe global Aerial Imaging market was valued at US$ 1,077.7 Mn in 2014 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 13.5% from 2015 to 2023 reaching a value of US$ 3,341.7 Mn in 2023.

Global Feed Binders Market 2015 Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2019

LogoThe Feed Binders market research report distils the most essential aspects of the market and presents them in the form of a comprehensive and cohesive document. The findings of this report have been obtained via a balanced mix of both primary and secondary research. Interviews of C-level executives in the Feed Binders market form a chunk of the qualitative analysis contained in this report.

Spine Surgical Robots Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016 to 2022

LogoThe worldwide spinal surgical robots market is $26 million anticipated to reach $2.77 billon by 2022. The complete report provides a comprehensive analysis including procedure numbers, units sold, market value, forecasts, as well as a detailed competitive market shares and analysis of major players' success, challenges, and strategies in each segment and sub-segment. The reports cover markets for surgery medical specialties and sub-specialties.

Middleware Messaging Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011 to 2017

LogoA new study on Worldwide Mission Critical Middleware Messaging Market. The 2011 study has 717 pages, 258 Tables and Figures. Worldwide mission critical middleware messaging is poised to achieve significant growth as this software is used to achieve transport of information between business platforms and applications. The markets are expanding in response to demand for real time computing providing productivity improvements across the board and improvements in efficiency of Internet transactions.

DSL and G-Fast Chips Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016 to 2020

LogoConsideration of DSL and chips market forecasts indicates that markets at $939 million will reach $4.7 billion by 2020. Growth comes as every industry achieves leveraging broadband to make social media and smart phones work to grow the business. DSL and are able to make the benefits of broadband available to consumers and support network flexibility for the modern enterprise. DSL and networks are flexible and able to reach customers on the go. Broadband is used for video and entertainment delivery.

G-Fast Chips Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016 to 2020

LogoConsideration of chips market forecasts indicates that markets at $31 million in 2014 will reach $2.9 billion by 2020. Growth comes as every industry achieves leveraging broadband to make social media and smart phones work to grow the business. is able to make the benefits of broadband available to consumers and support network flexibility for consumers, data centers, and cell tower backbone communications. networks are flexible and support broadband that is able to reach.

Optical Transceivers Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016 to 2020

LogoThe global optical transceiver market at $3.2 billion in 2013 is anticipated to grow to $9.9 billion by 2020 driven by the availability and cost effectiveness of 40 Gbps, 100 Gbps, and 400 Gbps devices. Next generation devices use less power, are less expensive, and are smaller. The adoption of widespread use of the 100 Gbps devices, and the vast increases in Internet traffic are core to change in the communications infrastructure markets.

Industrial Logistics Robots Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016 to 2020

LogoConsideration of Industrial Logistics Robot Market Forecasts indicates that markets at $16 billion will reach $31.3 billion by 2020. Growth comes as every industry achieves efficiency by automating logistics process robotically. Robots are unique because they can perform multiple steps without human intervention and they can adapt to different conditions and different types of devices to be manipulated. The sensors and the cameras in the robots make them flexible. Takes on Penny Stocks as a Risky Yet Rewarding Investment That Can Provide Remarkable Financial Gains

LogoOne of the infamous topics of today is on penny stock investments. Some people may have been made aware of this industry from broadcast media, the morning newspaper or from the internet. People should also beware of people with criminal minds like scammers and fraudsters lurking around in search of victims. This is what actually gave penny stock investments a very bad reputation.

Smiles Dental Announces Free Dental Day at 17 Locations

LogoDentists, hygienists and office staff volunteer to provide free dental care to residents in communities throughout Washington and Oregon.

Global Gyroscopes Industry Segmentation and 2016-2021 Forecasts Analysis Report

LogoThe Global Glucosamine Industry Report 2016 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Glucosamine industry. The report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure. The global Glucosamine market ( analysis is provided for the international markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status.

2-Furoic Acid Market for the Period 2015–2021, Report Examines by Persistence Market Research (PMR)

Logo2-Furoic acid is a carboxylic acid with aromatic ring and carboxylic group. It is categorized into specialty chemical. 2-furoic acid is generally used as a food preservative and flavoring agent. It is used in pasteurization and sterilization of food products. It acts as a fungicide and bactericide. In addition, it is also used in optic technologies, nylon preparation and as an intermediate in pharmaceutical industry.

Acute Coronary Syndrome Market for the Period 2015–2021, Report Examines by Persistence Market Research (PMR)

LogoAcute coronary syndrome is one of the serious medical conditions characterized by sudden and reduced flow of blood to the heart. The symptoms of acute coronary syndrome are the same as those of a heart attack. The most common symptoms of acute coronary syndrome includes chest pressure which patients feel during heart attacks and pressure in chest at the time of rest or doing light physical activities.

Aerospace Coating Market for the Period 2015–2021, Report Examines by Persistence Market Research (PMR)

LogoAerospace coating is a high performance coating material. it is designed to resist temperatures fluctuation, variable air pressure, and different air instability. Some of the most important features of aerospace coating include, protection versus temperature fluctuations, protection against Intense UV exposure at higher altitudes, Chemicals attack (such as fuel, cleaning chemicals, hydraulic fluid), humid conditions and Corrosion

Aerospace Coatings Market for the Period 2015–2021, Report Examines by Persistence Market Research (PMR)

LogoA coating is generally referred to as the substrate, is a covering that is applied to the surface of an object. The new technologies in aerospace coating which provide significant value advantages to the aviation industry in terms of longer service life, light weight products and improved application efficiencies. Growth in the aerospace industry can be driven by an emergent middle class in emerging economies and more and more people being able to travel for leisure. To fulfill this demand various airlines are trying to adapt strategy accordingly.

Topper Industrial Fork Truck Free Profiled in Quality Digest

LogoTopper Industrial, leader in the material handling equipment industry, is featured in the current issue of Quality Digest. Manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler authored the feature article, titled, "The Next Layer of Lean Manufacturing," examined how fork truck free systems drive improved throughput and diminishes cost of poor quality.