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Digital Phase Shifter Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2018 – 2024

Digital Phase Shifter Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2018 – 2024

Ransomware Protection Market Detailed Analysis and Forecast by 2025

Asia Pacific is likely to register a noteworthy CAGR over the forecast horizon. The growth of the region can be attributed to the increasing spending by enterprises on security and cyber protection. Countries such as Australia, China, India, Japan, and Singapore will be the major contributors to the growth of the region.

Electroformed Stents - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoElectroformed Stents Inc (ESI) is a medical device company based in the US. The company produces innovative endovascular medical devices. It invents, develops and delivers novel and workable endovascular solutions that meet critical medical needs. The products of ESI include, ESI O-Cluder, Pleated Stent and Porous Gold. The company holds electroforming and photolithography rights. Electroforming is an electroplating method, constructs freestanding parts produced from electroplated metals. It has received Patent for product such as, electroformed stents, cylindrical exposure machine and porous drug eluting layer. The company was incorporated in the year 1998. ESI is headquartered in Stilwell, Kansas, the US.

IRAMED - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoIRAMED GmbH (IRAMED) is a medical device company, based in Germany. It manufactures the products in the fields of endoscopy, urology, radiology and cardiology. The company’s products include movystar, easyflex, movytax, flexystar, angiomarker, drainage, nasal bile duct drainage sets, transpapillary bile duct, drainage sets, vasectomy, nephrostomy and intrauterine drainage. It’s Intrauterine Drainage-Set contains puncture Needle 19 Gauge, 25cm long with Pusher 5 French, 24cm long, hollow Needle 15 Gauge 20cm long with removable adapter. The company provides solutions and designs products for particular customer problems with special focus on minimal invasive devices. IRAMED offers intrauterine drainage-set for prenatal therapy. The company was incorporated in 1984. IRAMED is headquartered in Wegberg-Arsbeck, Germany.

Pluromed - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoPluromed, Inc. (Pluromed) is an early-stage medical technology company, based in the US. It develops biocompatible reverse thermosensitive polymers, or rapid transition polymers. The product portfolio of the company includes legoo endovascular occlusion gel, which is a new and simple device for clampless vascular and cardiovascular surgery; and backstop to prevent migration of renal calculi, which is a new and atraumatic device to prevent stone migration and stone fragment retorpulsion during ureteroscopic lithotripsy. Pluromed’s products are used in surgery market in cardiac surgery and vascular surgery, plastic reconstructive, kidney and liver surgery. Its products are based on the company’s patented rapid reverse thermosensitive polymer technology. The company offers its products in Europe and Canada. Pluromed devices are also used to control bleeding during surgery. Pluromed is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, the US.

LifeBond - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoLifeBond Ltd. (LifeBond) is a medical device company, based in Israel. It develops surgical wound closure and hemostasis devices for the surgical market. The company's products include surgical hemostats and surgical sealants. Its surgical hemostats products include lifepatch surgery and lifepatch heavy. The company’s surgical sealants products include lifeseal GI and lifeseal surgery. Its sealants and active hemostats are designed for a wide range of surgical applications. The Company is developing specific medical adhesive, surgical sealant, and absorbable hemostat products with consideration for regulatory guidelines and market need. LifeBond’s technology functions through the rapid and biocompatible in situ cross-linking of structural proteins. The company was incorporated in 2006. LifeBond is headquartered in Caesarea, Israel.

NewGene - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoNewGene Ltd. (New Gene) is a pharmaceutical and healthcare company, based in the UK. It develops, validates and delivers molecular diagnostics. The company’s services include tests for inherited disorders, personalized medicine testing services, haemato-oncology tests, research services and sequence capture services-nimblegen CSP. Its technologies include sequenom MALDI TOF and roche 454 GS-FLX and GS junior. The company offers accurate, cost effective results by using its technologies. Its expanding portfolio of tests includes hereditary cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer and various haemato-oncology disorders, common and rare inherited disorders and syndromes and stratified medicine tests including KRAS, BRAF and EGFR. New Gene is headquartered in Newcastle, the UK.

IR Diagnostyx - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoIR Diagnostyx Inc. (IR Diagnostyx) is a pharmaceutical and healthcare company, based in the US. It specializes in providing rapid, accurate, and painless disease diagnosis for functional diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. The company offers its services to regional medical and educational institutions and also for further studies for the other diseases. IR Diagnostyx was started through the Technology Entrepreneurship and commercialization institute at the Fisher College of Business. The company has set up a central CLIA certified lab in Columbus, Ohio to launch its operations. IR Diagnostyx is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the US.

AutoGenomics - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoAutoGenomics, Inc. (AutoGenomics) is a manufacturer of automated and integrated solution, based in the US. The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets molecular diagnostic products for the in-vitro diagnostic markets. Its products include INFINITI system which automates the discrete processes of genetic testing performed by clinical laboratories. INFINITI system consists of the INFINITI Analyzer and the consumable products used to run tests on its system, including the BioFilmChip Microarray and the Intellipac Reagent Management Module. The company’s products are used in the fields of genetic disorders, cancer, infectious diseases and pharmacogenetics. It is partnered with American International Biotechnology Services. The company products are certified with ISO 13485 for its quality management systems. AutoGenomics is headquartered in Vista, California, the US.

Debiotech - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoDebiotech S.A. (Debiotech) is a medical device company, based in Switzerland. It develops innovative therapeutic devices and diagnostic products. The company provides its products under four categories, electronic infusion systems, drug delivery devices, microsystems, and diagnostics. Its product portfolio includes iv expres, renal expres, debiostar, debiostent, debioclip, ct expres, nanoject, nanocoating, chronoflow, jewelpump, mip implantable, and nanopump. Debiotech also develops novel technologies for the delivery of vaccines, diagnostic and imaging devices. It develops products in the field of implantable and external drug delivery systems using micromechanics, nanotechnologies and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). The company’s electronic infusion systems are used in the renal replacement therapy for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. It operates as a subsidiary of Delphi Corporation. Debiotech is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Chronix Biomedical - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoChronix Biomedical, Inc. (Chronix Biomedical) is a healthcare service provider, based in the US. The company develops and markets DNA-based blood tests that measure breast and prostate cancer. It develops test kits, which are used for the detection and monitoring of various stages of chronic diseases in human beings and animals. The company provides sequencing services at its fully operational sequencing laboratory in Brookings, South Dakota to clinicians, universities, industry and government agencies. It is currently assisting in the development of tests in the areas of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, brain injuries and concussions, bovine spongiform encephalopathy and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The company operates in California, Brookings, South Dakota and Germany. Chronix Biomedical is headquartered in San Jose, California, the US.

Lithotech Medical - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoLithotech Medical Ltd (Lithotech Medical) is a medical devices company, based in Israel. The company designs, develops and manufactures kidney stones extraction devices such as the laparoscopic and endoscopic devices. Lithotech Medical product line includes Lithoextractors (stone retrieving devices), Lithotriptors (stone shattering devices) and LithoextractorTriptor (a combination of Lithoextractor and Lithotriptor). It has over five different stone extraction and entrapment devices in its product portfolio for the removal of foreign particles from the body. The company is into developing Lithotripter, a stone shuttering and crushing product. It operates through its R & D center in Russia. Lithotech Medical is headquartered at Katzrin, Israel.

Tissue Regeneration Technologies - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoTissue Regeneration Technologies, LLC (TRT) is a medical technology company, based in the US. It develops, manufactures and sells devices used primarily in urology, orthopedics and in wound care. The company’s products include lithogold, dermagold, cardiogold, orthogold, vetgold and sofrwave therapy definition. Its services include orthopedics, veterinary and coverage areas. The company’s proprietary technology is based on pressure pulse and extracorporeal shockwave therapy. TRT's patented softwave technology has a regenerative effect on wounds, bones and ischemic heart tissue. It operates in the US, Germany and Switzerland. The company was founded in the year 2004. TRT is headquartered in Woodstock, Georgia, the US.

Control Medical Technology - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoControl Medical Technology (Control Medical) is a medical device company, based in the US. The company designs, develops and markets medical equipments to assist physicians, nurses, technicians, and others. The company's products include aspire aspirator and drainage system, aspire biopsy and among others. Its aspirator devices are used to remove fluids, tissue, thrombus and other pathology for use in cardiovascular, oncology, spine, pain management, wound irrigation, lavage, and general procedures. The company is certified with ISO 13485:2003 for its quality management systems. It operates through its offices in Park City, Utah and Hallandale Beach. Control Medical Technology is headquartered in Hallandale, Florida, the US.

Alverix - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoAlverix, Inc. (Alverix) is a medical device company, based in the US. The company develops, manufactures, produces and distributes handheld reader devices with the accuracy of laboratory instruments. Its products include dx pro, dx mini, developer’s kit and assay simulation. The company’s technology capabilities are design, development and optimization of instrumented assay systems. It also provides complete, one stop service for POC instrumentation and system optimization needs. The company’s products are used in physician office labs, retail clinics, emerging markets and homes. The company has partnered with diagnostic and OEM manufacturers. Alverix is headquartered in San Jose, California, the US.

Bonovo Orthopedics - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoBonovo Orthopedics, Inc. (Bonovo) is a medical device company, based in the US. The company develops, manufactures and sells orthopedic implants and other orthopedic products to the Chinese healthcare market. Its products include spinal implants, hip and knee prosthetics, fixation systems, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) systems, surgical headlights, cages, instruments and other accessories. The company has developed strong relationships with established clinicians across China to offer a unique distribution capability. It operates through its manufacturing facilities in Beijing and Tianjin, China. Its manufacturing facilities are licensed by the SFDA to manufacture implantable medical devices in all areas of orthopedics. The company’s facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. It also manufactures spinal implants, hip and knee prosthetics, and device instrumentation. Bonovo is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the US.

The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoThe Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. (Draper Laboratory) is a pharmaceutical company, based in the US. It designs, develops and deploys technological solutions for challenging and important problems in security, space exploration, healthcare and energy. The company’s business areas include strategic systems, space systems, tactical systems, special programs, biomedical systems, air warfare and ISR and energy systems. Its technical capabilities include complex reliable systems, information and decision systems, autonomous systems, biomedical and chemical systems, and secure networking and communications. The company operates in Cambridge, Houston, Tampa bay, Washington and Huntsville. Draper Laboratory is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the US.

The Binding Site - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoThe Binding Site Limited (The Binding Site) is a privately-held medical device company, based in the UK. It develops, manufactures and markets immunodiagnostic assays for the in vitro diagnostic market. The company’s product portfolio includes freelite, hevylite, instrumentation, vaccine response elisa, immnoglobulins & subclasses, complement, other plasma protein assays, rid kits-animal proteins, and antisera, antigens and reagents. Its Quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003. The Binding Site’s operations are concentrated in France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Ireland and Austria. It distributes its products through a distribution network in around 62 countries across the world. The company has launched a new clinical trial Hevylite to analyze immunoglobulin heavy chain/light chain (HLC) pairs. It operates as a subsidiary of the The Binding Site Group Ltd. The Binding Site is headquartered in Birmingham, England, the UK.

Lenstec - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoLenstec, Inc. (Lenstec) is a medical device company, based in the US. It designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of intraocular lens implants and lens injection systems. The company’s products include softec1, softec HD, softec HDY, tetraflex, tetraflex HD, other acrylic lenses, PMMA lenses and surgical support products. It serves ophthalmic surgical markets in the US and internationally. The company’s surgical support products include pre-loaded injectors, viscoelastics and capsular tension rings. Lenstec’s products currently marketed in more than 60 countries. The company was incorporated in 1992. Lenstec is headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Florida, the US.

Akonni Biosystems - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoAkonni Biosystems Inc (Akonni Biosystems) is a diagnostics company based in the US. The company develops, manufactures, and markets integrated molecular diagnostic systems. It provides products for markets such as, clinical and life science research markets. The products of the company include, nucleic acid extraction kits, MDx tests and instruments and software. Akonni trudiagnosis systems of Akonni Biosystems which is provided for clinical markets enables rapid and affordable testing for a variety of molecular markers associated with human diseases on a gel-drop microarray platform. Akonni TruTip Kits provided for life science research markets provides life science research and molecular laboratories with an affordable, rapid and robust means of extracting nucleic acids. Akonni Biosystems is headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, the US.

Corentec Co - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoCorentec Co., Ltd. (Corentec) is a medical equipment company, based in Korea. The company develops and manufactures artificial joints and spinal implant solutions. The company’s products include spinal, hip, knee and the bone substitutes. It offers spine products such as, saddle mounted onto pedicle screws; sleeves to prevent the head from opening wider and bone substitutes include BDP granule, block, porous metal, and TZP or HA products. The company’s knee products include wide range of fixed and mobile bearings. It is certified with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 for its quality management systems. Corentec is headquartered in Seoul, Korea.

Palmaz Scientific - Product Pipeline Analysis

LogoPalmaz Scientific, Inc. (Palmaz) is a medical technology company, based in the US. It research and develops novel technologies in the field of interventional cardiology. The company markets its product through its brand name Palmaz Stent. Palmaz product Palmaz Stent is an expandable intravascular stent that has been created safe, more predictable implantable prosthetic devices, which improve the patient outcomes and quality of life. It conducts research and development operations in Fremont, California. The company has a strong intellectual property portfolio of patented and patent pending thin film metal surface technologies and processing methods. Palmaz is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the US.

Smartphone Market in China 2011 to 2015 - Latest Report

LogoThe Smartphone market in China is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.9 percent over the period 2011-2015. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the availability of low-priced smartphones. The E-commerce market in China has also been increasing use of smartphones instead of tablet computers and PCs. However, the high cost of production could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.

Global POS Software Market 2011 to 2015 - Latest Report

LogoThe Global POS Software market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.8 percent over the period 2011-2015. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increased adoption of credit and debit cards. The Global POS Software market has also been witnessing a growing need to improve customer payment management. However, slow adoption rate of POS technology poses a challenge to the growth of this market.

A New Exciting Line of Rolex Watches Offers for Promotional Strategy by Melrose Jewelers

Melrose Jewelers has come up with amazing new range of Rolex Watches including Rolex Datejust, Rolex Submariner, Rolex Oyster and others. The recent launch is a part of the company's promotion campaign in this season that caters people with ravishing wristwatches at year's lowest prices. People are reveling in the enticing and lucrative offers from Melrose Jewelers that is coming up with a new offer every other day to celebrate the season of love. Melrose Jewelers is #1 online retailer of Rolex Watches and diamond jewelry, across the nation.

Get the Best Boat Parts and Accessories for a Safe and Pleasurable Voyage

Boat parts and accessories are important to ensure a fun and safe day of boating. The boating industry has a huge market for boat accessories to choose from. Good accessories for your boat will increase comfort and safety while navigating. Boating accessories and parts are designed to enhance the boater’s experience and add a level of convenience and luxury to otherwise ordinary endeavors. Boating accessories can supplement the many features of your boat electronics and hardware and add to the comfort level on-board. There are some accessories that are mandatory for some vessels such as EPIRB and AIS systems while others are not but they add much comfort and convenience. Some of the other mandatory accessories include personal floatation devices, life jackets and life rafts. While selecting accessories for your boat you should keep in mind certain things like the type of boat and its purpose. There are many boating accessories stores that provide the best quality boat parts and accessories.

Clinical Waste Solutions Offers Quality Services of Clinical Waste Management

Clinical Waste Solutions, a specialist Clinical waste disposal company, offers quality services of clinical waste management that are available for both residential as well as commercial areas. They provide safe and easy solutions to all organizations for collection of sanitary disposal.