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Injured in East Providence RI? Call Injury Lawyers That Get Results

Dana and Dana, East Providence Injury Attorneys, Represent Clients in Injury, Med Malpractice, Police Brutality cases. Free consultations.

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East Providence, RI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- If you’ve been injured in East Providence Rhode Island, you need East Providence injury attorneys that get results. Dana and Dana, East Providence Injury Attorneys, Represent Clients in Injury, Med Malpractice, and Police Brutality cases.

It is easy, when injured through no fault of one’s own, to rationalize in the favor of the party responsible for the injury. Consider a common “slip and fall” scenario, in which a regular customer of a business might slip on some wet tile, linoleum, or wood. A simple matter… but one that creates complicated results.

Hospital bills. Time missed from work. Disability issues.

These are real consequences of “slip and fall” cases. Many in East Providence and surrounding areas are unaware that they have rights in these situations. If you or someone you love has been injured in slip and fall scenarios, you are urged to exercise your legal rights and visit Dana and Dana  -- East Providence injury lawyers who will fight for you.

The same holds true for medical malpractice cases. While the medical profession has many upstanding actors, and many procedures confer nothing but benefit, other operations and doctors are not beyond reproach. Again, if you or someone you love has been injured – or worse – because of a medical procedure gone wrong, do not delay – call East Providence Injury Attorneys at Dana and Dana for the recourse you deserve.

Dana and Dana handles other cases, including police brutality cases, too. If you are not sure what your rights are in a situation, take advantage of Dana and Dana’s free consultations. Visit them on the World Wide Web at http://www.injuryattorney-providence.com/ or call them at (401) 680-9753 to find out more about these East Providence injury lawyers.

After many years of working within the legal system, the attorneys of Dana & Dana realize that financial compensation will not bring back a lost loved one. However, getting justice from the person responsible for your loss can provide you with the closure you need to move forward. Getting a monetary judgment can also ease the stress you feel and give you stability, particularly if you've lost the ability to work

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